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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

A book of Mine



For 2 years now, i have been writing and editting a book. My book. A book written by me.

It started because... Saje je. I had an idea and i wanted to go with it. And i went with it until recently.

It was an arduous journey. I had no experience in writing a book, but i have been an avid reader, a blogger, a caption-er (i used to write lengthy captions on IG...), so it shouldn't be that hard - was what i thought. Until i did it.

It is definitely not easy. It is so tedious, requires planning, plotting and everything i never knew!

But alhamdulillah, i think it's ok la. Kot.

My daughter did the illustration heheee 😁

Like i said, this book was in the works 2 years ago, a year in writing, a year in editting.
Gila la.

If you're bored, and want to read this amateur's work, please go to this link.

It's free, and i will be uploading a few chapters at a time.
If you want to leave a comment, sila kan. If not, it's ok also 😌
So nervous uhukkkkkk

As always, please keep Palestine in your doas, boycott all you can, and donate if you can.
I hope Isnajis and their supporters and providers will face their consequences asap.
The ongoing genocide needs to end and the occupation needs to be demolished!
I don't believe in 2 state solution. Not with crazy psychopathic isnajises who are worse than animals.
Palestine is the only state we all recognize!

May Allah grant the Palestinians liberation, accept the dead as syahids, give strength, resilience, comfort, support and more to the survivors, and destroy the enemies, humiliate and expose everyone who were directly involved in the genocide.

May Allah forgive us if ever we were complicit unintentionally and intentionally, may Allah accept our doas and the Palestinians, the orphans, the widows, the ones suffering and losing spirit. 

May victory be for the mujahids, for the Palestinians. 



Zhi said...

Honestly i feel like delusion macam dulu masa zaman muda2 selalu layan buku indie, macam ada pernah beli buku you. hahaha... ahh stress nak ingat title dia.. !

Maria Elena Zarul said...

eh? maybe mimpi tengahari kot hehehe!
I tak pernah lagi buat buku before this. Ni first time.
Kot? Ke i ada tapi i sendiri tak ingat? omaigoodness..

Hannisa said...


Lya Amie said...

Congratulations on publishing your book! Will read it nanti~

Farah Afifa said...
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Farah Afifa said...

Congratulations!!!! I love reading your blog since I was in primary school and been thinking of publishing a book. Now you're really motivating me to start writing on it.