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Thursday, September 7, 2023

Komputer Si Adik Was Threatened

 The other day, ada kekecohan kat rumah my mom.

This is the story:

So my mom's house ada helpers. Now, before anyone assumes the worst, my parents dah πŸ’«golden citizenπŸ’« and my uncle, who's also a golden citizen is living with them, so dengan masalah kesihatan masing-masing, it was best to have helpers to essentially help around the house. And mind you, the helpers begged to stay with them k. So takde bad vibes or whatever k. My mom takes care of them really well too. Ok?


The helpers are indonesian, and our language, while they're almost the same, they're also still not the same. There's the accent, the 'same word different meaning', and there's the sentence structure yang sorta different. 

So that day, my brother was at my mom's, and X came to him, asking him where my younger brother's computer was.

My brother ni pelik la but he didn't think much of it. He said, "Dia bawak dengan dia la kot". Then, she saw my brother's computer. "Ini komputer si adik ya?", dia tanya.

Bro said, "Tak. Ni saya punya". 

X ni pun gelabah la. Tercari-cari computer adik dalam bilik dia. 

Sebab tak jumpa, dia pergi tanya Y, "Eh, mana komputer si adik ni?"

Y tanya balik, "Loh. Napain kamu cari komputer si adik?"

X jawab, "Kok ibu (my mom) suruh bersihkan komputer adik".

Y pelik. Nape ibu suruh bersihkan komputer?

Y ni sensible sikit, so dia cari my mom and then she asked. "Ibu ada suruh X bersihkan komputer adik ke?"

Mom was like, "Ha?"

X came and said, "Iya kok. Ibu suruh saya bersihkan komputer di bilik nya tu".

Mom was baffled.

"Saya suruh bersihkan comforter bilik adik".

X angguk, "Iya".

"Comforter la. Selimut yang ada isi tu".


Mom was astonished. Also a little bit grateful that there wasn't a computer in my bro's room! Sebab si X ni tak tau comforter, pastu dia ingat it's komputer!

When my mom, X, Y told the story to me, my brother and i laughed sampai nangis! Sebab muka si X kemain innocent! And my mom pun tegur dia, "lain kali bila tak paham, tanya dulu!"

sikit lagi nak jadi camni πŸ˜‚

//Ps: the conversation was not accurate, but the gist remains the same.//


Syafiqa Hatta said...


Zhi said...

Nasib baik dia tak rendam komputer tu semalaman. ahahaha .. and lepas tu basuh dan sidai rileks je ..hahah lagi.

aisha said...

uuu.. X helper 1, Y helper 2? hahahahhaha kalau betul pemahaman laaa... brother is the abang to adik la kan?

haahhahahah kita plak debar baca.. tajuk threatened tu saspen..

Maria Elena Zarul said...

X = helper 1
Y = helper 2
i have 2 elder bros, and 1 younger bro. so the 'bro' in this context is my 2nd bro =p

Sorry i tak describe the ppl =D