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Sunday, October 1, 2023


We were in the car, talking about how my phone case was peeling off my screen protector.
Husband was suggesting this and that, I was like, uhuh, yeah, ok.

And then i opened my phone and was just looking at a video, and then, keluar ad for a phone case, which 'coincidentally' solves my problem!

me: omaigah yang, look at this.

Showed him the ad.

him: oh good la. At least the phone was listening to you.

me: ?

him: since the kids don't.

ps: of course, i laughed at his frankness 😂. i mean, where is the lie? memang takde huhuhuhukhukhuk
pps: i already did whatever i could so that the phone doesn't 'listen' to me, but guess it might have bypass something or some app... ugh.


Zhi said...

Masalahnya sometimes, i didn't say it out loud pun my phone suggest ads yg related to my thoughts then i was like ..

"whutt?" (confused face) said...

Hehe, lama tak singgah.

HER said...

No wonder u tak active in other socmed. U're still blogging <3. Now what about vlogging :(