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Monday, June 5, 2023

Why Are Ticket Prices For Adults So Expensive?

 It is so baffling to me..

I admit that i have some weird relationship and understanding with money, value & worth.

For example, the other day i was explaining to my husband that Twinnings (the tea brand tu) is too expensive for its worth. And then he said, "Ok what beli RM 20ish (tak ingat the price). Padahal beli teh tarik or teh kat kedai pun satu cawan boleh up to belas belas ringgit".

And i was flabbergasted.

I mean, he kid me not.
Thai Iced Tea from Absolute Thai (is just a random pick fyi), pun dah RM 12.
But is worth the RM 12? In my opinion, no. It's just a regular teh ais, lain sikit la kot sebab dia pakai powder kan. So maybe Twinnings yang RM 20++ for a few packets is worth it la kan.

Anyway, back to ticket prices.

It was Cuti Sekolah kan recently..

And like i said, the ticket prices are so baffling. And again, maybe it's my weird perception of value and worth that i don't understand why it's so.

For example:

Kat Zoo Negara, adults' tickets are RM 27 more than kids. What i don't get is, why? Why do adults have to pay that much more?

Ok, wait, here's another one:

Adults' ticket is RM 20 more than kids.

Another one:

Adults, RM 20 more than kids for citizens. 

I've been to Zoo Negara & KL Bird Park, and some other similar parks, and I don't remember being treated with more privilege or anything. When there's an activity, they're always targeted for kids. As a parent, i wasn't offered a fan or a place to sit. Never. Not even a complimentary tissue to wipe my sweat. 

Perhaps i am being entitled but is it our physical size that makes us have to pay more? because we breathe in more air and take up more space than kids?

Why can't our tickets be the price of the kids'? Can't it be the same price? 

Jap. Let me ask my husband.


He said something along the lines of 'because maybe it was made for adults first, and then maybe the attractions grew into a family activity, and then maybe these places offered 1/2 price for kids just to get the crowd in and then they got stuck."

They have already formatted their prices that way and no one is making a progressive change. And people like me only use our voices to question and complain. Honestly, i also don't know how i could make a change with this. I even googled it but no result. πŸ˜‘

Unless you have a better reason and explanation for this, please do share. Till then.. Compain and rasa tak puas hati je la kot. Huhu πŸ˜…


Zafirah Ripin said...

Eh ha ah la kan! Selama ni redha saja lepas baca baru rasa macam ya tak ya juga kan? haha

Hamba Allah said...

i think maybe we're adults take more space than kids..🀣

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