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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Is Blogging Dead? (In Malaysia la)

I wondered, and then i googled, and then i found that, No, It's Not Dead.

But it did lose a lot of readership since many have switched to Instagram, TikTok and maybe Twitter? Twitter tak sangat kot. But then, i don't know.

Anyways, i was looking at how bloggers are like nowadays. I have been blogging for a really long time now. Although i did step out for a while - instagram punya pasal, but now i think blogging is my thing

So back to my google research. So many bloggers in Malaysia revolves around parenting, reviews (food, fashion, beauty & health products), traveling, entertainment and recipes. Interesting ek... I also wondered about why blogging isn't a thing anymore in Malaysia. Those were the days when bloggers were abundant, and people jump from blog to blog.  =')

Those days were good, to be honest. But of course, times have changed, people have their own ways to express their creativity, personality and stories, and i too have changed.

Instagram and Tiktok are thriving because of how short and instant they are. You don't like it, you skip it. You can opt to read their lengthy captions, or watch them talk about it. Consuming media information is faster, easier and more visual. 

I, however, love blogging because of how unchained i am to whatever happens here. I'm not bothered about what's trending and i write because i want to. When i was an influencer, i was put in a niche, a category: parenting, review, blablabla, and i made myself to fit into those categories. I needed to have a niche because i needed those readership. 

Now, i don't care about it. I don't want to be forced into writing or sharing about something i don't care about. I don't want to put pictures if i don't want to. Sounds selfish but i have my aib to jaga and my family's.

Sometimes i do wonder why i'm blogging when i know not many read it.. Just to put it into perspective, back in 2016, 2017, i had up to 120k people visiting my blog a month (even i was shocked 😧.. tengah skodeng my stats). Year after year, the numbers trickle drastically to 4 digits, 3 digits and now... well, paham paham je la πŸ˜‚

But i write as if i'm talking to someone, and it's strange, even to me.

My blog isn't a diary for me. It's not a journal too. It's more like a place for me to share since the things i share here aren't usually a topic you can talk about in person. So yeah.

Ok bai. 😜


TNH AR said...

Salam, betul sis. All my blogger friends dah outdated blog2 diorang since years ago. Semua dah migrate dekat socmed lain. Sedih jugak kadang tu..sebab nak blog walking dah tak boleh..hehe. Even I sendiri pun jarang2 juga log in...ralit dengan FB IG Tiktok hehehe. Tapi update juga entry sekali sekala sebab sayang blog since 2009 created.

Hanamiko Sakura said...

kawan-kawan blogger semua dah lama menghilang. kalau ada yang lost contact which is takda sosial media diorang tu, rasa macam lamaaaaaanya nak tunggu diorang update story. tapi diri sendiri pun sama.. entah la, writing blog mungkin?

Maria Elena Zarul said...

oh well =')
diorang dah move on, kita pun move on je la hehehe! =D

Ahmad said...

i enjoy reading your blog since i was kid though i am a man, these all started because i was surrounded by my kakak kakak sedara way back 12 years ago and they exposed me to your blog and i once was active buat blog budak budak umur 10-12 tahun and stop when i get into asrama time f1. now oledi 22. hahaha

TNH AR said...

Your blog ni I followed since zaman you bujang lagi..lepas tu blog 'Keknis' Hanis Zalikha pun follow since dia bujang, adik² dia kecik² lagi sampai la sekarang haa dah besar masing² dah nak kahwin. Even dia pun dah tak aktif sad.

Dulu the whole family aktif. Yeah..need to move onπŸ«°πŸ˜…

PearlKaz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cleminate said...

you do you sis,kita follow you dri 2012 tau,hahahaha.We want more.

syaheerasanusi said...

Hi Maria! I have been following you since forever jugak :D
I love reading blogs, and i still do! so sad jugak dah ramai bloggers convert to other socmed and honestly dari yang ramai-ramai dulu, your blog je yang masih updated. and i still enjoy reading it! my own blog pun xberapa nak update jugak sebab macam tak spend time on writing much. apa pun, your writings remind me of how sometimes, i am too focused on being perfect but forget to take time to appreciate little things. Thank you!

Marjana Darus said...

Im sooo happy that someone still writing on blogs. Huhu. Rasa mcm dah tua sebab zaman now org dah tak pakai blogs kan

amirakhaulah said...

compared to medsoc, memang undeniable blog dah kelihatan hambar (idk if i put the correct word ahaha), maybe outdated to some people. tapi you got the point. kadang2 penat nak care what is trending or not dkt medsoc. bila i dah stop using ig, i rasa happy, rasa bebas haha dan saya bersyukur, alhamdullilah, saya tak perlu generate income dari medsoc, if not, nak tak nak, suka atau tidak, i need to be part of them which is no wrong. tapi not for me at this moment.

Zhi said...

I definitely agree with everything you said. I enjoy blogging sebab nak simpan moment or story yang sendiri nak baca in future. Sometimes when i shared about things that made me sad, rasa proud dengan diri sendiri because I boleh hadap benda tu and then i share the things yg jadi after that sampai I rasa happy now. Phase dalam hidup yg i simpan and nak baca balik.

Love blogging and please keep blogging.
I'm a fan.

Jocelyn Lum said...

I enjoy reading blogs, especially yours! :)

farhan hasanah said...

kak maria, i just want to say that we are the sameeee! idk why i write on my blog still, but it feels kind of liberating with how little care i put when i write there haha is it weird? and yes i am veeery very glad that you are still around as I am! although im just a nameless blogger who writes when she wants to! i simply don't care. and i just wanna tell you that i love you. for putting my thoughts into words in this post! hahahahaha

Maria Elena Zarul said...

awwwwhhhhh =')
This is heartwarming~
bloggers 4eva~~
marz wuz here~

Syafiqa Hatta said...

I selalu rasa overwhelmed bila scroll socmed. Kadang-kadang rasa mcm penatnya tengok socmed. So i come back to blogspot sebab mcm tenang pulak kat sini takde orang kenal personally. Update blog pun sebab nak keep the memories je. Kini, giliran socmed saya pula bersawang. IG tu buat follow butik baju je.

Zafirah Ripin said...

Kaaaan. Blog masih relevan!. Keep on writing Kakena, I still adore you and your writings and your videos too! <3

Average Jane Lara said...

Yes...thinking the same too. Rasa macam blog ni untuk sistur-sistur, kakak-kaka or makcik-makcik (like me) menulis. The vibe dah tak sama macam dulu. But still, blogging ni memberikan kepuasan tersendiri pada saya. Dulu pernah ada blog lain, then konon rasa macam blog dah tak relevan, i delete the blog kemudian rasa ruginya. Then sekarang baru start blogging balik walaupun blogku sangatlah sendu. Yang penting nak keep memories yang boleh dibaca 1 masa nanti.

Anyway, keep on blogging Maria. Kamu tetap menjadi sumber inspirasi.

ama said...

Hi kak maria!

Believe it or not, I have not been blogging for years (I started at 14 and I guess I stopped less than 10 years after that, and now, it's been almost years too since then - I'm almost 30. Sorry for the unintended math puzzle).

But just shouting it here that I randomly checked on my blog and the list of blogs I have on its sidebar, and found that you are still updating.

This update in particular really resonates with me. I really love the good old days of blogging. We were just really doing our thing and expressing ourselves, and catching up on other people through whatever they expressed also. It's very different to social media now, where you feel other people's lives are shoved under your nose. Not really, but it took me a while too to get that healthy balance of healthily shoving my nose onto things deserved to be shoved onto.


I've been thinking about blogging again. I'm just not sure if I should do it here on blogspot, or do it on the more mainstream updated social media. Say, IG because I feel it's more convenient and not just more relevant. Post occasional rants on IG not just photos. But even photos rarely make it on my IG these days. If anyone has the same thing wandering in their minds, please let me know. Anonymously befriending each other like the good old days is also fun.


(BTW I'm posting this comment using my work email and not my blogger email because I'm at work, and it is lunch break hence me blog-hopping around, but trust me I barely get a break - sorry just complaining. okbye)