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Monday, May 8, 2023

Seafood Gang

Selamat Hari Raya!

So haritu kan.. alhamdulillah dapat makan seafood 😂

Bukan apa, in my family ni, i je yang suka makan seafood. Because of that, i don't usually cook them at home. Places like Shell Out would be out of mind la since it won't be fun if i'm the only one who would enjoy it kan. Dah la mahal kan...

Then last week, we went to eat at Just Seafood. After many years. Husband said it was probably around 7 or 8 years since we had a seafood spread like that..

Anyway, i was happily eating, and i was surprised to know that my kids also liked it! Alhamdulillah ada gang! Except they don't know how to kopek the udang and ketam, which i happily did for them. Excited punya pasal.

They don't eat the kepala udang kan, so i amik la of course! The best part of the udang is the head!

Although, i know people said jangan makan kepala udang, well....

Check this out then and judge it yourself la hehee: Kepala Udang, elok ke makan?

// Conclusion is, it's good as a source of protein but don't eat too much la. I mean, everything pun kena eat in moderation~ //

Like i said, we don't usually eat seafood at home, other than fish la i mean, so my son mungkin jarang la nampak i makan kepala udang.

Haritu, i kopek kopek dengan penuh semangat, pastu bagi anak anak makan the body of the udang while i sedut kepala udang kan.

Then my son said, "Ummi, why are you kissing the prawn?"

Tersedak mak!

Sampai sekarang la kalau dengar je bunyi menyedut (drinking from straw, sedut taik gigi), or even that day when i told him that he cannot kiss other people (just a general topic which i have no idea how it came about 😅), and then he asked me, "how come you can kiss the prawn?".


I guess it serves as a reminder to sedut kepala udang dengan lebih berhemah lepas ni so that tak jadi fitnah hahahahahaa!!

They said that prawns yang manis, but honestly... i don't know. Ye kot?
But when buying prawns/shrimp, memang shrimp will shrivel smaller, and prawn will be lagi mampat, gebu gitu. So kalau you guys nak beli udang, ikut la kemampuan masing2~ 😁
FYI tetibe kan..


amirakhaulah said...

Salam and hi Maria! Actually nak cakap thank you sebab inspiring me to publish my 1st post huhu lepas tengok blog you dan latest post was in early May 2023, saya rasa ter-inspired haha jemput la tengok blog saya :)

haneelah said...

Part yang pasal kiss udang tu kelakar. Unexpected habis >.<