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Friday, January 13, 2023

Scones for 1

Have you ever just want to eat scones, but just one (or two) without breaking bank?
I love scones but i don't want to eat it everyday, which would happen if i buy a packet from the bakery, kan? Or have one at some coffee shop that costs a lot.. I just want one to satiate my craving, that's it.

So if you also like scones, here's how i make one!

1. Get Yogurt. Just a small cup yogurt would suffice. I always get the one with berries coz it tastes nice and i don't need to add on sugar or whatever. But if you want plain ones, sila kan. There's no right or wrong way to do it. (Whatever brand yogurt does not matter. Me though, i take whatever's cheapest)

2. I usually take 3 teaspoons of yogurt. If you don't like to keep count, just a palmful of yogurt should be good.

3. Use self-raising flour kalau nak senang, about the same amount, and then mix it. If it's still wet and gooey, add bit by bit of flour. Kalau takde self-raising flour, just use normal flour pastu tambah like a bit of baking powder & salt. (the tip of your teaspoon's worth)

4. Use your hands to mix them up. It is for you anyway kan. Nak malu apa heheπŸ˜‹

This is how it should look like. The flour and yogurt can gumpal together, and the mix should feel dry but still cold (because the yogurt from the fridge kan huehue)

5. Add stuff. Sugar, cinnamon, berries, whatever. You are free to add any filling(s) you want.

Here i added raisins and sunflower seeds. 

The self raising flour i've been using.

6. Dah gumpal, put a bit of butter on the top. You can completely cover the whole thing in butter, but i don't. I just spread the butter on the top with my finger.

7. Put in your Airfryer, set it to 200degC for 10mins.

Takde parchment paper tu pun takpe. It doesn't crumble.


The Result:


After 10 mins, you get a scone for yourself!

This is how it looks like inside πŸ’‹

Of course, this scone takleh lawan the ones bakers make. It's not buttery, nor crumbly but fluffy at the same time, but like i said, it's enough to just satiate that craving, especially when you just want 1 piece.
I usually eat it with marmalade jam and butter, or peanut butter, or cream cheese. 

A warning though, this scone tak sedap sangat bila dah sejuk. So make it when you wanna eat it. Don't need to make a lot and save them in the fridge, coz even after heating it up, the magic is gone. πŸ˜” Proceed with care.

Hope this works for you too! 😁


Dalila Zamri said...

Wahhhh easy peasy ya! Nak try buat jugak sebab the same reason with you. kadang nak something dalam kuantiti sikit je tapi kalau beli, either banyak sangat atau mahal..hahaha

Ora Adzlin said...

suka makan tapi tak pandai nak buat scone ni....tq share resepi !

Tinsyaz said...

Wahhh impressed! Still ada update kat blog laaa