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Thursday, August 18, 2022


 Banana is green.

"Ummi, have you cooked the banana yet?", my son asked.

"No, we have to wait for it to cook itself", i answered, "when it turns really yellow, then we can eat it".

But the next day, he asked the same thing, "Ummi, when are you gonna cook the banana?" 😅

Skuad negara yang terdiri daripada Izz Naqiuddin Putera Islahuddin, Syabil-Azam Syamsul-Azam, Airel Amri Suhaimi dan Shaqeem Izwan Teh Shahrul Hafiz Teh mencatatkan 5,240 jatuhan pin malam tadi, manakala pingat emas diraih oleh skuad Hong Kong A dengan catatan 5,299 jatuhan pin, dan Singapura B yang mencatatkan 5,060 jatuhan pin merangkul pingat gangsa.



Years ago, i showed my daughter my highschool as we passed it. 

"Look, there's ummi's highschool!", i said, and i told her about some of the stuff i did with my friends back then.

"Ohhhh.. So when i go to your highschool, i'll see your friends too!", she said.

"What? Why?", i asked.

And then it clicked. She thought that we're the ones growing up while everyone else just stays their age 😂 like her friends from standard 1 will stay at standard 1, my highschool friends stayed at highschool.. the concept of growing up 'together' didn't occur to her! 

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