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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Eyes and Knees

 I've been busy lately doing.... entah. Macam banyak benda tapi now that i think about it, doesn't feel like a lot...

Anyway, i think it's a mother's superpower that i am able to find things. It's like i can see beyond my vision range and see the unseen, which are the things that my kids or husband are looking for.

"Yang, where's xx?"

Me, not moving an inch, "Cuba check kat xx tu", and true enough, it is 90% there.

The success rate of me finding things are so high that whenever i said that their eyes are on their knees, they can't deny it. Sometimes when i'm angry, i tell them that their eyes are at the knee-pit (the back of the knees tu). Muahahaha! They can't even be offended nor get angry by it!

Because. It is true.

So yesterday, my daughter was looking for her entahpape, and as usual she couldn't find it. She described it as her 'small round brown bag'. Eventhough i wasn't sure what is the item, i asked her to look where she last put it. 

As usual. She couldn't find it. And i was at the kitchen prepping our dinner.

She said, "Ummi, because my eyes are at my knees, can you help me find the bag?".

I was like, "..... kan? Ok fine".

And true enough, her eyes are at her knees, and my success rate had increased to 99% because i found her small round brown bag without breaking a sweat.

Alhamdulillah, i may not have superhuman power like spiderman and stuff, but i consider this as one of my special power 😆


bib2426 said...

HAHA...sangat betul ni. dia macam magik dan anugerah buat mak-mak!

Sintra blogue said...

NadiaJamhari said...

Haha comel. Dia terus mengaku dia punya mata dekat lutut hahhaa