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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Dream House~

 To dream is free kan.

There has been times when i like to ask my husband things like, "what kind of house would you like?", "when you have the money, what kind of things would you buy?", "what would you invest in when you're rich?", material things la basically, because it's an open topic. 

... sometimes i don't like asking opinion-related, yes or no, right or wrong questions because i hate getting into a disagreement.


I realise that both of us don't really want lavish, but we would splurge on comfort.

My dream house for example, is a house that has 

1. A big storage room where we can store big stuff like boxes and suitcases, paperbags, plastic, vacuum, entahpape la benda yang menyemak dalam rumah!


2. A library where we can put our books, files, manuals, whatever paper stuff

Something like this la. I want closed cabinets instead of opened ones sebab tanak habuk lekat atas buku. Hawau.

3. Rooms with toilet for the kids... or maybe they can share one so that i have lesser toilets to clean 😉

4. A nice view

The view camni la kot, and i kinda like the aesthetic. No white sofas sebab kalau kotor, aiguuuu... 

5. An underground carpark

Honestly i just like that it feels like it's from a spy movie 😆

6. A nice (and maybe covered) backyard - it'd be nice to have a nice space to air dry some stuff, and takyah pakai tudung bila lepak kat luar

7. A living room that's nice, spacious and open so that we all can play indoors, and tak rasa cramped up.

It's not exactly a photo of a living room, but i like this idea of tv closet thing! I can put whatever crap behind there, maybe like small boxes, videogames, ketip kuku ke, minyak2 angin, muahahaha!

8. A kitchen that is organised, easy to clean, ergonomical, airy, with a little patch of herb/vege corner so that i can just grow our kobis, bawang, cili etc

Uuuuuu~ this looks nice~~~ i like that the sink is on the island, not at the window. Tapi kalau fikir realistic, i think memang lagi senang la kalau tempat masak sama side dengan sink. Kot?

9. Natural light banyak and at the same time, orang tak boleh nampak kat dalam

This looks nice ek!

10. A parking space for the bicycles, scooters, scateboards

Senang nak organise, boleh walk around without having to evade one thing after another. Wah! 

Also what's important as the house is the neighbourhood. I'd love a neighbourhood yang jaga privacy but still friendly, ada good amenities around, schools, clinics, shops. Playground or park nearby pun best gak. Safety pun very important. My area ni ramai orang criss-crossing the road but no zebra crossing, can you believe that? Dah la banyak kete, moto, trucks going all over.. Haih..

Best gak buat blogpost ni 😋. Looking at pinterest and seeing all the pics fills me with inspiration, but at the same time, thoughts like "cantik tapi susah nak kemas" keeps coming 😂

Of course, i can say this now, but who knows what the future holds.. i (for now), don't want to have helpers. I prefer if i can clean the house myself. 

And that's why.....

With a big driveway, and sort of secluded and closed sebab aku nak gantung cadar kat luar in peace and harmony without membungkus myself so much. Malaysia panas kot. 


Oh well! Like i said, dream is free, so this is my dream house where i can be comfortable, i can do the chores easily, kids can play indoors and outdoors happily and safely, and i have a place i can lepak in the house. Fuh! So nice 😻Manifesting it now haha!


Kalau you bosan2, try dreaming of your dream house! Mana tau ada rezeki inshaAllah for you to make yours 😊

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