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Monday, March 21, 2022

Kdrama & Buku

 I am so hooked on the kdrama 2521 😂

Dah 12 episodes so far, and i have not watched the 12th episode because i want to watch it closer to the weekend so that it won't feel like i've waited long for the next episode buahahaha

The characters have growth & development, the plot is not so romance centric but also follow along friendship & family drama, there's that semut semut scenes, and also really sad scenes.

Haih. I think si Nam Joo Hyuk ni pandai pilih drama. I loved Weightlifting fairy, Start Up, and now this. He's really that actor that can make "charm" something you can see and feel. That "charm" la yang orang fall in love with. Not just good looks and no substance 😝

Ok, enough about the drama!

I also recently started reading Puteri Bunian Bulan, by Aliff Mustafa. Baru sampai bab 20, and wah...

I haven't read malay books for a while because my youth was filled with reading Aisya Sofea's and more, because our school library banyak buku novel melayu, and a lot of them were romance yang aiguuuuuuu...  Lepas habis sekolah, i remember wanting to buy more of those type of books, pastu.. i couldn't. I macam, insaf sangat pastu dah tak pandang dah novel melayu. Yang buku bahasa melayu i baca pun, non fiksyen je.

So reading Puteri Bunian Bulan ni, macam a breath of fresh air.

I bought it on a whim je pun sebab curious. Tengok title je pun rasa cam.. what about puteri bunian ni ek?

Pastu my mom pulak pernah go through a phase where she was addicted to watching all this supernatural stuff (not addicted la, but it's her type of favourite genre when it comes to stories etc) on youtube, and among the stories she watched tu, ada la pasal orang bunian.

Ada one story tu my mom told me, a lady bunian fell in love with a guy di dunia reality ni, but of course she can't marry him and stuff. He also don't want to be taken to the bunian world. But she took care of him la, like protected him and stuff. And then he fell in love with a girl, got married etc, but before he got married, he asked the lady bunian to let him go, but she couldn't, so he made her promise to not disturb his family and basically restu la his life. She agreed and continued to protect him.

Who knows la benda ni real or not kan, but i believe in kuasa Allah. 

But anyways, the book is a fiksyen and i love that the author made it so that eventhough dia pasal bunian, tapi tak lari aqidah. So far, i'm loving the book. But we'll see la at the end macam mana =)

To be honest, it took a while for my brain to get used to reading bahasa melayu yang very proper.

"Di dalamnya penuh dengan arca dan replika senjata-senjata lama yang dijadikan bahan pameran. Melewati rumah lama yang bertiangkan kayu jati itu, para pengunjung dipersembahkan dengan tarian kebudayaan........"

But now, i've come to appreciate it. Rasa cam tak sabar nak habiskan this book so that i can look for more books like this.

This is such a random blogpost ek...

Oh well.

Seung wan best girl.


Dids F. said...

Haha I read this one and liked it!

Maria Elena Zarul said...


ain.ya.nun. said...

Haha. Tak sangka ME layan Kdrama =p

Aulea said...

Tak tengok lagi cerita nih sebab takut tertunggu2 epi yang latest hehe..tunggu habis baru tengok sekaligus

Maria Elena Zarul said...

"Tak tengok lagi cerita nih sebab takut tertunggu2 epi yang latest hehe..tunggu habis baru tengok sekaligus"

-- Betul betul!! Good idea. Sebab nak tunggu seminggu tu... ADOI!

Zakiah Nurmala said...

I've had that book in my cart for sometime. Now is the best time to check out. Thanks for the review, kak. And please keep em coming. Tertarik betul baca bahasa macam tu <3