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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Omelette vs Telur Dadar

 Yesterday masa dinner, my husband asked me if he should make 'omelette' for himself & nadrah.

The dishes were: kangkung belacan & ayam green curry.

Melayu & thai gitu.

So bila dia kata 'omelette', in my mind was this:

photo source: simplyrecipes

So i was all question marks la kan.
Why would you eat omelette with nasi, ayam & kangkung?

Pastu he was question marking me back.
He said kitorg selalu makan omelette bila makan thai food kot, he says.

Omelette tu Telur Dadar la!, he said.

I was like, why can't you just say that? Nape nak omelette omelette? Cakap la telur dadar., i says.

So perhaps the conversation macam still in my subconscious mind, tadi masa beli nasi lemak, i bagitau pakcik tu i nak nasi lemak biasa dengan telur dadar.
While pointing at telur mata.

Pakcik tu pun question mark kat kite.
Telur dadar?, he says.

Ha ah, i says.
While pointing at the telur mata.

Nasi lemak telur mata 2, he says to his partner.

Terus rasa nak sorok sebab malu. Nasib baik pakai mask!


photo credit:

Ni telur dadar la ngok.


aswaleyla said...

its same things but not by the time hahahaha. morning called omellete, dinner called telur dadar. omg

aisha said...

hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhh.. really make my day... boleh terbayang muka confident kat pakcik nasi lemak tu.. nasib tak cakap nasi lemak dengan omelet...
yeahh lain ar telur dadar and omelet... taste pun lain...

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