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Monday, October 18, 2021

We went to the beach and then

 시험이 끝났다!!

piu piu!

We got back from our weekend getaway yesterday.


Yeah. Right now i'm in the process of washing the clothes and we have heaps of it. Saki baki from last week and from over the holiday.

It's a lottttt~

The holiday started off ok, but the weather was so humid that we all just don't want to be outside so much. We were all sweaty and dehydrated, and there were so many human at the beach that we just don't feel comfortable to enjoy ourselves.

The sweat from our own selves + crowded place = rimas

To be honest, after many years of going to the beach and experiencing it, i have already concluded that i don't really like the beach. I prefer the trees, walking on tanah, flora and fauna kinda thing like parks, cameron highland... 

I don't like the sand. It goes all over the place, and it sticks.

In other words, i am mengada.

Tapi my kids and husband suka the beach. (Isaac kinda have the potential to be like me though.. but still too early to confirm)

Majority wins the vote so i gotta be patient and prepare as much as i can!

Here are my tips to non-beach lovers but gotta go to the beach because of familial responsibilities.

1. gotta have em swimming socks or scuba socks. I bought mine online for cheap many years ago and am still wearing them. Get with the thick tapak tu so that you can just wear them without slippers if the road's not dirty huehue. They dry fast and covers the aurat too.

courtesy of google

2. Get a picnic mat yang besar

3. Always always have plastic bags with you. For wet clothes, wet and sandy toys, to sit on, to put stuff on, rubbish, you just never know what kind of emergency you'd have, so plastic bags.

4. Pack snacks and water unless you want to buy your food there. Better be slightly satiated than being hangry because you gotta go through so much process to go have breakfast/lunch/dinner. (balik bilik, mandi, tukar baju, pilih restaurant nak gi makan, kalau ramai orang, kena tunggu dalam line......)

5. Have like kain yang boleh buat tutup badan & kaki in case basah2 tu, baju lekat kat badan pastu taknak cooperate lak tu. I have pareos i use to cover myself up or to use on the kids. I don't want to get the towel wet unnecessarily because nanti the sand will stick on it. Takde pareo, pakai kain batik pun boleh, or apa2 kain lepas yang ada. Kain pelekat pun boleh.

6. TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT CLOTHES TO THE BEACH, as an aurat-concerned person. 

- Choose black coz it's safe.

- Wear swimming suit underneath your baju if your baju is the type to naik-naik or float around bila masuk air. 

- Wear pants yang ada cekak kat ankle. That way it won't float around sampai nampak betis...

- Kalau takde swimming suit, then pakai baju lengan panjang, and then pakai macam a cardigan on top. I don't know if people have it but chiffon cardis used to be the 'in' thing many years ago. They dry fast and can cover the body shape. Pakai pin or whatever so that depan dia tak terbukak. 

- scuba/swimming socks as mentioned earlier

- tudung tu, pakai yang jenis sarung & material macam nylon tu. Boleh jumpa merata, macam kat tesco/giant tu kan ada stall2 orang jual tudung kan. Cari yang sarung pastu kain nylon sebab dia cepat kering. Tapi it also can fall back easily so be careful la. Pakai headband or inner cotton. 

I think that is all when it comes to clothes.

Now back to tips for other stuff.

7. SUNBLOCK! I cannot stress this enough. Beach's sun is not to be underestimated. Pakai sunblock and reapply once in a while. Maybe every 2 hours? If you're a mom, remember to put sunblock at the back of the neck of your husband and kids. My husband.... leher je sunburn hehehe!

8. Have a waterproof bag to put your stuff. If you don't have anyone to look after your spot, then bring your phone, money etc etc in a waterproof bag that you can hang around your neck or body.

I think that's all the important stuff.

Last but not least, have fun! As much as i don't enjoy the beach, it is a memory and a good family bonding time kan =)

Some pics from our beach getaway. I didn't swim in the beach this time because like i said, it was crowded and i had my period. Of all times kan... but blessing in disguise hehehe! Takyah basahkan diri hehehehehe!

Nobody wanted to take a pic of me... husband phone lagi canggih tapi dia bukan nak tangkap gambar bini dia yang serba kelebihan ni. nyeyhehehee

Suami buat presentation pasal coffee kat drive thru

Ni hao ma?

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