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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

On mistakes

 Don't you (I) just hate making mistakes?

I don't mind the kind of mistakes like accidentally spilling food/drinks on my favourite clothes, tripping, knocking on the wrong door, saying the wrong names, those mistakes psshh. Nothing.

But the kind of mistakes i despise are the kind that involves people. For example losing your child in a crowded place because too complacent, giving someone food/drink that they're allergic to because take things for granted, these kind of mistakes.

Due to carelessness, ignorance, and perhaps selfishness...


Nauzubillah min zalik.. Moga Allah jauhkan dan lindungi kami semua dari melakukan kesilapan, kesalahan yang irreversible & harmful to others, dan moga Allah lindungi kami semua dari kesilapan orang lain.

It's so strange how i can develop paranoia because of something i watched or heard. I used to love watching all this psychopaths, mystery thriller shows until i started imagining me & my family in that situation. I can go the whole day not thinking about it, but just when i'm about to drift into sleep, i get flashes of images in my mind of the 'scenarios' that 'could' happen and then mata tebeliak balik macam spotlight and then start panicking. The paranoia is real.

I don't want to be a helicopter parent but i'm scared. Honestly part of me is glad my eldest child doesn't have to go to school (thank you, sort of, covid) because i had a few scares with her in that short period that she did went to school. I even cried once to the makgad out of panic which caused her to panic too! Heh Heh...

Sorry makcik.. 

I used to let my kids go out to meet their friends by themselves, but now, i have to accompany them. I don't ever want them to go in the lift by themselves. I shudder to think all kinds of possible scenarios of things gone wrong. 

What is wrong with me T_T

So, I hope i can protect myself and my family as much as i can, and i can only hope & pray that Allah swt will also protect us from harm, seen & unseen and keep us safe.


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Zhi said...

Keep on posting. I'm a fan.. =) Take care . ..