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Monday, January 12, 2015

Chiang Mai experience


so... we were supposed to be in Bangkok today.
Instead, we're back at home, in Malaysia.

which is really ok. preferable.

ok here's the story: (be prepared for extra long post and loads of pics coz im too lazy to edit them)


Husband, Nadrah & I shared a huge bag for our first family holiday.
our holiday trip ni bukan holiday je, it was for my cousin, Ami's wedding reception in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
i guess we can call it a 'family day' then kan? haha!
don't know why there of all places, but oh well. we went there anyways.
our plan was, go to chiang mai, stay from Friday till Monday, then off to Bangkok till Friday.

... i guess it was a good thing we only had one huge bag!!


selfless~~ hahaha!

it was my first time at KLIA 2, and ya Allah!! besar gila!! macam shopping mall!!!
pastu, mak aih, bila dah check in tu, nak jalan ke gate punya lah jauh! boleh tahan semput gak la sebab jalan laju. i don't know why we always feel pressured to reach our gate as quickly as we can.. as if we're gonna miss our flight.. -__-'

at the gate, we sat at the first row nearest to the door since my grandma was in a wheelchair and Nadrah with her stroller. she got restless, and so we let her walk. and Nadrah being Nadrah, she went and tegur people like she's a Menteri.
she went from row to row, and played "Chak!" with aunties and grannies, and even stared at a boy to the point he got embarrassed! i can tell she wanted to play with him, but she doesn't know how to initiate it. hence the staring game. perhaps she was trying to connect her wifi into the boy's mind. hahaha!

i la kena kejar dia and pull her back to the front. but she kept insisting on 'visiting' people by screaming and throwing her upper body out of the stroller (i know it's hard to imagine. haha!). sampai orang pun nak ber-selfie ngan dia. -__- oh em jay nadrah..

i was actually worried about nadrah during plane take-off. it's our first time kan, and i heard many stories and even experienced cranky babies throughout the flight. sampai ada baby kena bagi ubat tido! takut gak nadrah kena camtu kan but alhamdulillah, she was ok!
she even did her rounds in the plane! sempat.

alhamdulillah, we reached chiang mai safely and went straight to the hotel. it was raining and rupanya, it had been raining for a few days. on the day we arrived, it was raining the whole day!
while we were all ok, Nadrah's body felt hot. and i was starting to panic coz i didn't bring any first aid stuff for Nadrah except for her bear-rub (which is like vicks la).

Nadrah tu pun satu.
masuk bilik hotel, terus dia nak masuk bathtub coz it was HUGE and nadrah is a fan of bathtubs. haha!
i pun thought it should be good for her, sebab hujan kan. takut dia kena hujan punya pasal.
after mandikan dia and all, she seemed ok.

...or so we thought.
malam tu, when we went out for dinner, her body was hot and she had no appetite! paniccccc!
alhamdulillah though, i managed to give her a few spoons of nasi and sup.

and ALHAMDULILLAH for Hunny!!
she gave us Eva's first aid kit and good thing they had voltaren suppositories. malam tu jugak kita sumbat bontot nadrah sebab her temp climbed to 39degrees!!


i couldn't sleep that night, i kept sponging her and checking her.
nightmare ok. anak sakit kat negara orang. ='o

the next day, she seemed fine and normal. except for her runny nose la.
she was active as usual, and we thought the fever is all gone. sebab macam i ni, fever will only stick for a day. tak pernah demam more than a day. i mean, since i can remember la. mom said i used to have really high fevers that lasted for days.

serious tak ingat. haha!

after breakfast, we went to see the elephants la, apa lagi!

Nadrah look! Elephant!

nadrah knows elephants coz some of her story books have cartoons of 'em. but when she saw them 'Live'...

she got scared and demanded me to carry her away. no! nadrah, you must face your fears! 

ummi.. how can you ber-selfie when that elephant is about to beat me up with its humongous trunk?
sorry nadrah.. we don't have that many family pics, so bear with this!

dah dapat tengok elephants up close and personal, we went to see the elephant show pulak.

it was ok la. nak kata best tu, takde la sangat. 
i felt bad for the elephants je..

Nadrah was amused for a while, after that she was more attracted at the dogs yang tido kat depan the audience stand. haha!
she kept saying
"Doh (dog)! Oh! Oh! (woof! woof!)"
oh well. if it makes you happy and right in your seat, we're good!

after that, my brother and i went on the elephant ride which took us about an hour.
and all the while i was worried of nadrah coz her temp was high again and she looked weak then..

bila naik tu, i was wondering like how come ada bau nasi ayam ni?
rupanya our driver was eating while 'driving'.
pun boleh..

mom and brother also joined the ride. camni la rupa dia.

and here's why i can't enjoy the whole thing - the show, the ride..
it's their 'weapon of choice'.

i know elephant's skin is thick and it's probably the best way to train them, but still.
rasa kesian!!
i felt like kicking the guy when he puts the sharp side on the elephant's head.
i siap marah dia!
"woi! dah la tu!"
"ko pehal!?"

wahahah! macam dia paham je kan. but usually we can tell what the message is from the body language, facial expression and tone of voice. so he kinda did slow a bit on the hitting, but still does it anyway. ish, rasa nak tampar dia sampai pengsan!!
dah la dia boleh buat pit stop untuk kencing! good thing he went behind an office. kalau tak.. ish!

after the elephant tour, we went to Tiger Kingdom pulak.
but because nadrah's body was really hot and she started coughing with phlegm, As and I took her to the clinic while the rest of the family took pictures with the tiger. they said it was docile.. probably drugged so that the tiger won't bite off anyone's hands..
good thing i wasn't there.
kalau tak entah nangis ke apa kang. i kenot la these kinda things...

anyway, nadrah got to see the doctor and she got some meds.

we went straight home after that.

oh wait! ada pit stop kat thai silk factory coz mom and aunt wanted to see it and buy stuff.
i bought some scarves too.. ahahahaa (gelak guilty sebab sepatutnya jaga nadrah)

after that we went straight back to the hotel.
by then memang dah tekad, nadrah needs to rest and we're going back on the same flight as my brothers to Malaysia.
Alhamdulillah dapat tickets! we just had to. burn la tickets to bangkok and hotel. demi nadrah! 

that night was ami's reception, and although we couldn't attend, we heard the fun =)

i do hope they had fun!
we did came all the way for it! hehehee! (minus us of course la)

the day after, tengah tunggu taxi to take us to the airport.
Nadrah in her stroller with a wet cloth on her forehead. kesiannnnn!!! huuuuuu...
and that's me writing in my travel journal. buehehe =p

Nadrah, as usual, doing her rounds when we were at the airport.
seriously this girl. 
i think she just doesn't know how to be sick!
alhamdulillah =')

i've seen some babies, even kids yang lemah longlai when they get sick. they won't even bother to walk around or just attempt on being active. i'm so grateful that nadrah is still able to walk and laugh while her body is weak and feverish.

in the plane, she studied with her dad and slept a lot.

we reached KL safely yesterday, alhamdulillah.
sampai sampai je terus gi hospital to see the doc and get second opinion on her meds and stuff.
when we saw the doc in chiang mai, we couldn't really understand what he was saying coz the accent was kinda complicated and he wasn't really good in english.
we just nodded as if we understood anyway.
i don't know why we do that, like we just dont want them to waste their time to make us understand coz we need something urgently, so we just nod and pretend to understand. this applies to anything, really.

so the doc said Nadrah's ok, and he suggested the meds that Nadrah should continue from the ones that the doc in chiang mai prescribed. imagine, that doc prescribed 5 bottles!! nak bagi satu ubat pun punya la wrestling, ni 5!
so the malaysian doc said only 2 can be continued, the rest are redundant.


still have to wrestle with her to give her the meds, but at least it's just 2. not so tiring la. hahaha!

and so, that's all la our Chiang Mai adventure!
not so much of tourist-y stuff, but definitely a real good lesson for me and hubster.

for you first timers, make sure you bring first aid kit for your child k!
1. nasal spray - in case stuffy nose
2. voltaren - in case demam panas. note that this is just a pain killer, so it's not meant to cure their fever, but just lower their temp for a while. this can give you time to see a doc.
3. plasters
4. thermometer
5. bear-rub (sort of like vicks) 
6. diaper rash ointment
7. insect repellent - we all don't want our child to get dengue in a foreign country kan...
8. minyak gamat

this is just the basic stuff. please, do bring whatever ointments or meds you have for your child. lagi lagi yang ada allergy or asthma! extra precaution is better than lacking them!!!

this trip was an experience, and honestly, i felt really bad..
felt like a bad mother for taking her for granted..
i really really don't want any of you to go through the same experience!! SO TAKE NOTE OK?!

husband and i couldn't enjoy ourselves even coz we're always so worried and panicking. ahaha!
padan muka =p

k la, tu je!
night all!


Unknown said...

Thank god everything went fine.. and u and family back in malaysia
Yeah basic needs for the kids is essential.. kang kat negara orang kot tak jumpa naya.
Definately a checklist to do la..
and hey i never had a travelling journal something i could apply soon like seriously.. enjoy reading your post!

. : Nusaibah : . said...

Anak saya pun kalau demam, aktif sangat. But, Alhamdulillah dia aktif. ^^

Till now we travelled nearly 10 times on plane (he's 1 year and 4 months) to numerous countries. (Me and hubby are travellers). Very tiring but fun! Tapi setiap kali sampai je menyesal taknak travel dah. Haha. Kemudian, travel lagi.

Pernah je sampai tahap nak bagi ubat tidur atas plane, tapi tak bagi-bagi. But my friend did! Memang kerjanya jadi YB menyapa orang. Ada anak tak boleh nak enjoy sangat tapi banyak good side yang lain :)

Alhamdulillah for the experience.

nhhas said...

Alhamdulillah dah selamat...

tapi seriously i tak percaya u lupa bawak meds for ur kids.
hihihi. its a must things to have in your check list dear.

even ur own meds. kena bawak tau nxt time.
btw, take care sis...

Mya said...

maria, akak nak pegi chiangmai next week. risau pulak bila awak cakap musim hujan tu huhu..

cepat sembuh nadrah comel!

Unknown said...

Asslm maria,

Maria, minta maaf nak tegur, sebenarnya tak selamat utk kendong baby facing out. Maria boleh klik link ni baca artikel psl tu ye. :)

Umie Nadhirah said...

lama x jenguk blog ni nadrah dah besar huhu

wani ezryl * said...

nadrah is soooo cute. kirim salam!!! and what an awesome trip you guys had! ^^

i just knew about this virgin coconut oil cream for babies recently, it helps to ease and protect babies from cough and runny nose. tried to use it on my baby daughter and alhamdulillah mmg jarang dah dia batuk selsema (sebab dok nursery senang jangkit dgn bdk2 lain). the name is tropika - baby herbal cream. you can try it or you can read about some testimonies b4 trying it. hv a great day!!

Unknown said...

menarik je...nadrah sangattt chumelll

Unknown said...

sedih la pasal gajah tu. dulu pernah attend satu talk by Leo Biddle, an english conservationist. dia cerita di balik tabir macam mana gajah2 tu di pukul di seksa in order to train them sampai boleh buat apa yg manusia suruh. he even showed us pictures yg dicuri2 tangkap as a prove. kesian sgt. kayu yg org2 tu pegang tu salah satu sbb nak remind gajah2 tu how painful dulu time gajah2 tu kena train. and the most important point he said....if there's no demand, there will be no supply and those elephants wont need to suffer for such things ='(

ShemaSinbei said...

nadrah copy paste muka bapa dia . hahaah !

nurul huda said...

Chummellnya Nadrah!Hi Maria, sy silent reader je sebelum ni. Happy to see when you and husband are into babywearing your child. But it looks like, it is not a suitable position and carrier to carry her. Perhaps you can join FB Group Page MALAYSIAN BABYWEARERS, there are a lot of information about ergonomic carrier which is good for you and your baby. By the way, happy babywearing! (^^)

FadMN said...

hahahah i baca tu mula macam nak kesian kat nadrah.tapi baca ur whole funny entry,terus terlupa.boleh tak.hehe.btw, mmg betul ,benda kena considered masa holiday bila bawak anak ni ,is their medicine.


zinziemeewah said...

blum kawen so tak tahu apa rasa anak demam kt negara org.. apap pun still kena beringat kan..
but ur whole trip still e best juga... :-)

Tornado Assassin said...


Ahmad Sadli Ibrahim said...

putihnya Nadrah.

Liyana said...

nadrah sooooo comel... putih gebu

kesian gajah tu isk isk

Unknown said...

Cute nya Nadrah :D

Afiqah Azmee said...

nadrah comelnyaaa alahaiii.

thanks for the info kekna! ekeke

Unknown said...

dari segi kebersihan sekitar bandar macam mana ya? adakah sama macam di Malaysia?

alongmirza said...

Thanks kak maria...u kinda influence me to go to chiangmai.Macam best je .Do write about other places tooo mana tau nanti along pergi ke semua tempat yang sis pergi :)

P:s send my regards to cutie nadrah

Anasyg said...

Mar, ur trip was a wonderful story to be shared, but then pasal gajah and harimau tu, same boat with Haiza Aziz, if there was no demand.. yguys shud've gone to somewhere else tho, then ol n ol, it's d effort Mar. true sad story. -sorry *poutmouth

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Unknown said...

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