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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Travel food


Manchester United is one of le suami's team, but the old team la kalau tak salah.
so watching this video makes me feel like taking le suami to Manchester and visit the Old Trafford. i went there couple of years ago and the stadium is like a museum!
i'm sure aspidos will enjoy visiting it =)

when baby nadrah is not so baby anymore, i'd love to take them all there again.
plus, my aunt & cousins are there, so it's going to be fun!

just the other day, husband asked me what to bring when traveling - for the baby.

i mentioned stroller, bottle warmer, milk formula, and a lot of other stuff.

before baby nadrah was around, we packed lightly.
like when we went to South Africa.
now with nadrah, guess we have to strategise our luggages! my friend ada cite, dia pack untuk anak dia lagi perfect than dia pack for herself.

dulu, husband and i shared luggage. he doesn't bring much clothes. satu jeans untuk pakai berhari hari pun takde masalah. i, on the other hand, have loads of clothes. tudung, anak tudung, skirts, pants, long sleeved tops, cardigans, and jackets.
tapi takde lah banyak sangat. kita still boleh sumbat instant food like Mamee Chef Noodles (must bring wannnn!) and some snacks.

some toiletries. 
those free samples, yeah. i keep them and use it when traveling to save space =)

same like how my family travels. we share our luggages to save space.
the boys nya bags biasanya penuh ngan food =B

Perisa laksa kari Mamee Chef mmg kita punye favourite sbb cukup pedas and wangi hihihi

The husband kalau makan mesti kena 2 bungkus. tak cukup kalau satu packet je :P

guess when nadrah is old enough, maybe snacks kita pun ada Mamee Monsters. we all like them =B

can't wait for our first family vacation!


adni faiqa said...

have a safe journey Maria Elena :) may Allah protect all your family members, insha Allah :)

Unknown said...

Happy holiday sis and have a safe journey..!

Anasyg said...

ur mom dah start pakai tudung ke Mar? tahniah :) oh and packing abroad with baby mmg challenging. Good luck!

Fieda Redzuan said...

please please please share gambar baby nadrah kat blog! hehe

♥ aNNa ♥ said...

Posted about Mamee Chef a few days ago. I mean, oh yes, it was THAT good! :D

Aimi Farhana said...

Maggi? The best food ever.

ntahsapentah said...

untung laaa na visit OLD TRAFFORD ! so sad :'(
but why the OLD TEAM ? ta aci main tuka.tuka :P

Siti Hajar said...

Bila ada Baby, everything change rite? In a good way ;)

My Own Fairytale said...

Wishing you a happy holiday!


Unknown said...

have a nice vacation sis. mesti best kan... jelesnye...

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

lahh..kenapa daku lambat sgt tahu baby dah keluar?
tahniah! ;)

Sabar said...

takecare tau.for me mesti ada towel kecik sebab baby mesti ada muntah susu and kelambu kalo travel balik kampung.haha

fyza said...

baby stuff lg byk nk bawa dr barang kita. Normally klu i travel, satu luggage tu khas tuk baby je haha.

Unknown said...

Happy vacation sis!