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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Flower Sensation Fan

assalamualaikum =)

so now that i'm in confinement, dapat la fikir pasal business kite.
yes bebehs, La Kayena is still active, cuma amik cuti pantang je =B
sabau ye!
new designs will be practical & opkos comfortable =)

last time i went into my office was masa pregnant 37 weeks. 
i've forgotten how stuffy it was in there..
since baby Nadrah pun dah keluar dari perut, ada la time sket nak upgrade office to create a more conducive environment for productivity.

all i needed was just one thing:

a fan 

fangirl pun boleh la, but i prefer the kind of fan that can keep me cool and un-stuffy-fy the store. i mean office. ahaks!
we make do with what we have kaaannnn *wink skeettttt*

dengan pertolongan rakan, saya dapat sebuah kipas yang olololoooo tomey tomey nyaaaaaa sebab kipas ni comes with 3 sets of blades and ornaments of red, orange and green. boleh tukar tukar blade dia, easy to install and it looks like a flower!
thus why it's called Flower Sensation Fan by Khind!

ni rupa dia. tak ke tiut? hehehe!

so pretty!

this is how the Living Fan looks like. =)

- study dalam dorm or hostel kekadang boleh stress sebab panas and takde mood, kan?

with the help of this fan, it'll make your working area more cheerful!
sometimes, a simple thing like a happy looking flower fan can change our mood =) and of course, it keeps us cool. heeee =)

it has full function LCD control panel (which has temperature indicator - senang nak control) too. 

for your information, Khind Malaysia is having a photo contest from 30 Nov to 3 Jan 2014, where you can stand a chance to win 8 weekly prizes & a grand prize of RM1000 travel voucher!
check it out at their Facebook page: Khind Malaysia

here're more info on the fan:

Khind Flower Sensation Living Fan (retail price is RM 195)

Khind Flower Sensation Table Fan ( retail price for 14" is RM 183 and for 16" is RM 199)

keep your head cool bebehs!


Syira Lokman said...


1.Segmen "I will follow you" by Syira Lokman. (TAK PERLU BUAT ENTRY).
2.Percuma kalendar bergambar sendiri.
3.Penjaja cerita dunia.

Anonymous said...

comelnya fan tu...ble tukar2 blade lagi

Anonymous said...

soooo nice!

Cik Pinat said...

cantik kipas tu .. mau satu la :D

Time Traveller said...

Comel betul kipas ni.. tapi tak sesuai anak kecik.. tunggu besar sket baru boleh beli :D

adibah alwee said...

comel je kipas.

share link meletop ! not spam.

mujagirl92 said...

confirm lawa and cute giler bila pasang,, haissyyy,, jelez,,

Unknown said...

Comel jer kipas ni..

Unknown said...

comel sangat kipas tu.

Congrats dear...Nadrah sgt comel...

Unknown said...

salah satu innovation.. hahaha..

R S said...

That is too cute..

MissNadia said...

N pun ada satu kipas comel kat office.. keadaan panas mmg tak besh, xleh nak wat kerja

Cr. Siti Hazreen Shahrom said...

cantik giler

ruqayya said...


I have been your silent reader. I haven't read your blog for quite some time and suddenly you're a mom? Congratulations dear! Rest well. Eat well. Breastfeed well. Hugs and kisses to baby Nadrah.

Take care!

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ninalevitt said...

super cute maria! hehehe skang dh ada idea for my room..tq bebeh!