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Friday, October 11, 2013

South Africa - Cape Town


sorry.. rasa cam nak habiskan je cerita travel ni cepat cepat biar hati tenang. hehehe!

so after our adventure in Joburg, we took a domestic flight from Joburg to Cape Town. it was about 2 hours flight (i think).

check out our ride yaaawwww! Air Force One!
ok just kidding. when we were in Joburg, Pres. Obama was there too. ada some campaign and to visit Nelson Mandela. coincidentally, obama & his crew were in Cape Town the same day we arrived.
ain't nobody wanna miss out hangin' with the Peliks!

Cape Town is super duper GORGEOUS!
it's clean, green, and so peaceful! and it was still cold. heheee..

i'm gonna share the places i find most interesting =)

1. Victoria and Albert (V&A) Waterfront

we stayed in an apartment, which to our surprise was so cool! the interior was nice & minimal and we had ample space! a lovely balcony too which overlooked the harbour.

pakai berlayer layer okay! sejuk gilos!

belakang tu apartment kitorang! hehee =D
good thing about V&A Waterfront is that kedai, mall, and the tour companies are all there! senang sangat =D

as usual, the first day is the day we spend to take a tour around the city, and try to cover as much touristy place as possible. we chose to get on the Hop On & Hop Off bus tour coz it's cheap and yeah, we get to cover the touristy stuff.

at one of the stops.
Cape Town is so beautiful, have i mentioned that?
orang duduk sana memang dapat the best of nature and civilization!
kat sini memang windy gila gila windy sampai i was shivering! had to peluk hubby or adik a lot to warm myself down. *alasan untuk mengada dengan hubby. hihihi =p*

they take cleanliness very seriously!

subhanallah, tengok tu.
the picture doesn't do this place justice! depan mata memang CANTIK sangat sangat!! bila dalam gambar, kurang menyerlah sikit.
papepun alhamdulillah sebab dapat tengok sendiri ciptaan Allah. =D

"eh bang, awak comel la"
haaa ni la Cape Malay zaman duluuuu!
sekarang, diorang dah mixed dah.

we met several cape malays there, but they don't call themselves that of course. most are muslims, with names like Haris, Ahmad, etc. they speak little malay though. oh, and we met one of them yang memang macam mat salleh tanned. blue eyes, brown hair, tall and tanned skin. coooooool~
jakun kan? hahaha! =p
because we knew there were malays there, we thought that there'll be like a 'little Malaysia' or something in Cape Town. unfortunately, takde pun. kita je high expectation. huhu.. 
nonetheless, it was interesting to know that there are generations of malays there. =)
even if they're mixed. heeee.

ni kawasan perkampungan cape malays, can you believe it?
so colourful!! geram je tengok!

ada banyak lagi places we went to, but as usual, it was all touch and go stuff, so nak cerita macam takde benda sangat la. 

for the next few days, we rented a van and GPS coz it's easier and more cost saving.

abang Ike paling banyak drive. =) thanks abang!

2. Robben Island (only for those who loves history & Mandela. otherwise, errr.. up to you la!)

we went to Robben Island because.. 
i don't remember. i think one of us wanted to see where Nelson was kept prison.
i wasn't interested in this kinda stuff, to be honest. but i enjoyed the view!

angin kuat gila!! tapi takpe. dapat mengada dengan suami. nyahahaha! =p

"mana Nelson? how come dia tak tulis 'NELSON WUZ HERE' coz i totally would!"
ni lah nelson mandela punya cell. small but the tour guide said he had a reading table, a bed, books, etc because he was good with the wardens. dalam penjara pun kena pandai politik uolls. huhu..

isn't it obvious he was getting bored?
eh, itu adik aku.

3. Table Top Mountain

we wanted to go on top of Table Top Mountain.
tapi sebab it was super windy, it was unsafe to ride the cable cars. sedihhhh!
Alhamdulillah though, we get to see the amazing view.
sunny and windy at the same time.
gila kan? hehee!

tangkap gambar pun nak tutup mata.
tengok tu si suami! kalau bergambo ngan i mesti buat muka takleh blah! cis.

masa ni tengah rehat jap kat kedai stall tepi tempat cable car.

ha ni ada satu cite ni.
as i was walking around the area, (there are some souvenir shops) a black girl with turban bigger than Yuna's from one of the shops said
"Masha Allah girl, i like yo skirt!"

i was so shocked and excited because, i love 'em blacks, ya know?
dalam my head, i was running through choices of replies like 
1. "yeah girrrllll, thaaaankkksss!"
2. "thank you maaaynnn!"
3. "yo girl i like yo turban!"
and more.
in the end, i said "errr.. thanks!" with a stupid smile and walked away as fast as i could. chicken.
ooohhhh i was so upset with myself that day coz i got tongue-tied. hahahah! kelakar gila bila ingat balik!

4. Boulders Beach

penguins? in Cape Town?
heck yeahhhh! 

kat Boulders Beach ni dapat tengok penguins! they're so cute!!!

tengok penguins kat belakang kitorang. bersepah!
semua tengah chilling and sunbathing. 
and us, still unable to open our eyes for a picture. =\

kelakar la diorang.
this was the first time i've ever seen penguins up close and personal.
cute tu cute la, tapi macam ganas pun ada gak diorang ni.

this one was threatening us. i could feel it then.

ni masa nak jalan balik to the car. windy sangat sangat!!! and the green of my tudung nak sama ngan the plants there. ihikk!

5. Cape of Good Hope & Cape Point

tempat ini agak mencabar nak pergi.
first, kena line up untuk naik hill railway (ala ala kat penang tu).
second, kena bersempit sempit dalam the railway.
third, lawan angin kuat gila bila keluar from the railway.
fourth, berlawan angin kuat gila sambil climb the stairs yang agak steep.
fifth, pregnant. ihik =p

kena tahan jacket sebab it was flying around like crazy! i felt like batman tengah terbang kot!
and behind me is the Cape Point's lighthouse!

so yes, i succeeded climbing the stairs and keeping all my clothes together (my jacket, skirt & scarf was flying like mad! nasib pakai seluar panjang underneath my skirt.)

see the edge of that cliff?
kalau tengok map Africa, yang hujung tempat pointy tu, ha sini lah dia!
the end of Africa!

we weren't fortunate enough though, coz they said there's a season where the whales will be chilling around this area. we didn't see any. wuuuuu...
so dah settle kat Cape Point, turun balik the stairs, the hill, everything and went on to Cape of Good Hope! 

ko excited sangat apahal?

my heater. *sayang dia*

can you see my brothers? diorang pi panjat sampai ke sana and ada hati nak panjat lagi!
i lak gayat tengok diorang.
there's actually a rainbow, just in front of them, but tak nampak sangat dalam gambar!! sad.. 
oh well. Alhamdulillah nampak dengan mata sendiri =)

the end!
to squeeze 4 days of sight-seeing and people watching in one post memang terpaksa panjang dan tak cukup detailed.
sorry ya! hope it's useful anyway =)

here's a couple of tips if you're planning to go to Cape Town:
1. Halal food, don't worry, there're plenty of restaurants there that are halal. you can find mosques too but they're not like our masjid, they're like a building je. 

2. souvenir shopping is ok, not too expensive, not too cheap. i bought most stuff at the V&A mall than at the streets coz i find that the qualities are different. shopping in general, emmm.. i think Malaysia lagi best. and lagi murah.

3. people there are very very nice & friendly. it's safer in Cape Town than in Joburg, and if nak mintak directions ke apa, they're ok =)

4. don't talk to the beggars, because they might follow you back to your place or hassle you some more with money. the tour guide told us so. we've experienced it too, where this beggar, came to me and said "assalamualaikum sister, bismillah hiehrakamajldkal;ala (he started reciting a surah which i've never heard of.) and he followed so closely sampai i jadi takut gila. good thing there was a patrol police and he took the beggar elsewhere. bukan kita takmo sedekah, tapi like in Joburg, they might use the money to abuse themselves. which is why kalau nak sedekah, baik pi kat organisations yang betul, not to the beggars personally.

rasa nya tu je la. 
the rest, sama je tips macam nak pegi Joburg. =)

Here are the links to my other South African posts:

Thank you so much for reading this super long post!
memang selies, wa lespek sama lu! hehe!

have a good weekend everybody!


Anonymous said...

Finally! Love all the photos! You must have had a really great time there. Yang edge of the cliff tu cool okayy ;D

Unknown said...

kak maghia cute as always! tak nampak mcm preggy pun. Brp bulan dah ea? :D

MeowMeow said...

I enjoyed myself walaupun tgk dlm photos jer. eh jeles iols orang tu asik gi honeymoon jer =p

Unknown said...

Bestnya dapat jalan-jalan di luar negara.. Menarik semua gambar Maria masa di sana..

NiGhTiNaNgLe_FARA said...

kak maria mcm tengan honeymoon??

tak penat jalan during pregnant ke kak?

nanadhoi said...

bestnyaa Cape Town!

Penguin tuu comel! :))

Unknown said...

wuuu honeymoon ngan bby kan..
nt baby besau tgk gmbar..
mana kite?
dalam pewottt

panglima harapan said...

hai kak maria :D , post kali ni x rasa pnjang pon. maybe, sbb byk gmbar. itu yg menarik. hehe... mmg cntik cape town tu. topografi dya mmg unik. tringin jgak nk smpai sna. :D

adibah said...

rase nak pegi jugakkkk..syok tu..untung baby dpt fly ke sne dulu.ihikkkkssss ><

nZaOdonut said...

even follow dlm belog tp mcm dh ikot skali g sane..ekekekeke :p

amacatlover said...

whoaaa i mishh cape town n joburg!! used to live in joburg since 1997 till 1999 (luckily takyah amek upsr at that time muakakak).. yup cape town mmg sng carik halal food tp in joburg kne p ceruk pekan nun where u hv to lock your car all the time! otherwise.. ehemm... anyway, mase g cape town dl, my family n i travel by car from joburg which took us 16 hrs (or more) to get there! mmg experience gile kentang punye... but too sad waktu tu xde digital camera lg but luckily abah ade dslr manual yg canggih (waktu tu la ihikks).. anyways, i pray someday dpt ke sana balik, both cape town n joburg.. great photos btw! =D


AAAz said...


Nak tanya, Sis Maria booked flight mane nak pegi South Africa?

Anasyg said...

Salam Kak Mar
1-Cute Penguins
2-Yes, u macam batman dalam gambar where ur sweater torbang kena angin
3-bout the black girl puji ur skirt and u imagined urself get nigafied, dat was hilarious
4-edge of cliff dgn peta africa, dat was cool :)
5-sama macam NightingaleFara tanya: tak penat ke preggy dan walking at d same time. Uhui..
itu saja. Take care of ur health kak Mar.

Unknown said...

fuihhh awesome gila tempat dia!!!!! penguin tu cuteness overloaddd!

Asyik Izas said...

seronok tgk gmbr2 maria..:)

Miz Dayah said...

cantiknye tempat ni

Unknown said...

Best yeeeeeeee :):)

Zharif Azis said...

one day akan sampai sana jugak >__< teringin nya !!

fiefaryulim said...

cantikkk sangat, wish one day dapat pergi situ jugakk. btw, kami student Universiti Malaysia Pahang, buat satu campaign awareness so that Malaysian will inspect their car regularly, mohon follow dan bantu kami :D

mujagirl92 said...

bila baca cerita u teringat ada satu drama or filem cant remember yang guna nama cape town,, hehehe,, btw, she was right about the skirt. it is nice :D

syamimihaziqah said...

Pingu pingu pinguuuuu! Cutenye. Biasa ada burung je kat tepi pantai, ni ada penguin. Ohmaiiiiigad!

Byzura Mj (By) said...

Oh myyyy bestnya!!!! Bila ntah sampai sana T__T

nhhas said...

Assalamualaikum wbt...
sister....bikin jeles bangat ini... hmmm buat rasa nak pergi... ur SIL dok promoting india pun buat saya rasa nak pergi... hehehe... btw, sis maria, share lah camna flight arrangment, i mean u naik flight apa, camna u solat on de flight or kat sana senang ke nak cari tempat solat... yer lah setengan negara ada sediakan prayer room, ada setengah tu curik p solat kat parenting room, kalau solat kat park, silap aribulan blh kena rush... huhuhu... btw, me, nak invite u to read dis, kalau u ada masa...

good experience kot...
k tu jer... tata....

Sheila Salim said...

Assalamualaikum awak.. subhanallah. cantiknya view dekat sini.. mesti best sangat kan dapat jalan sini :)

Af said...

subhanallah...indahnya...hrp dpt smpai sana jgk suatu hr nt :)

Mira Amirudin said...

what a nice place to be visit...insyaAllah one day :)

Nadia Johari said...

so beautiful that place..nak honeymoon sana gak..hehe..penguin comel betul

Pedy Shah said...

salam, kak maria.

Boleh kongsi sikit akak pegi sana guna agen atau pegi sendiri2 je?

zanna ibrahim said...

wohaaa!! cantik2 :)

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Izyan Masri said...


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