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Monday, December 24, 2012

Girl Talk Part 4: The Nikah

assalamualaikum =)

last week on my 25th birthday, was the day i got married to mr asfirdaus =')
i can't believe it, and even after a week, it seems very surreal!

this year, many of my dear friends got married and my friends yang kahwin dah and yang belum all said the same thing about me.
"mesti you nangis masa nikah!!"

and i did!

here's my nikah story =)

our nikah session was to be at 11am. so that day, after subuh prayers, i got myself ready.
mom dah ready kan breakfast for the whole family sebab we know masa nikah and after pun mesti susah nak makan.

masa tengok pelamin pagi tu, rasa excited sangat!
"ya Allah, this is really happening!" - i thought to myself sambil makan karipap.
pelamin dah la cun gila! my mom & chenta weddings came up with the theme! i never knew how it looked like until they finished it! punya la tak involved ngan ceremony sendiri. heheheee..
and after eating and mingling with my family, i went upstairs for makeup in my lil bro's room. sorry arief. haha! =p

my cousin, Nina Faressa, yang makeup kan. she did my engagement makeup too! she has really good soft hand skill (not many have this. banyak kali i rasa cam kena seksa bila di-makeup kan) and she knows the kind of makeup i like; not heavy and not too bright.

anyway, after makeup, i went straight to my mom's room to wear my dress, which was made by my cousin, Nina Natessa. Faressa and Tessa are sisters btw =)
i don't know much about designing so at the designing stage a few months ago, i just told my mom the kind of dress i want, and mom conveyed it to Tessa. coz to me, i just want simple and nice dress/baju kurung. shape, colour, length, blablabla, sume tu i leave it to mom and Tessa. i was working and studying kan, so i hadn't had time to think about the baju.
alhamdulillah, the dress was exquisite, made with such intricate beadings yet simple and lovely!

dress, tudung, veil by Nina Natessa
makeup by Nina Faressa

so after getting ready, we all sat and wait. well, not really. while waiting, i had to do a lot of poses for the cameramen. haha!! it's good anyway, i was already nervous. posing awkwardly to the camera distracted me from my jitters =)
and then... rombongan pengantin lelaki sudah tiba.

mom and i went down, and the moment when i reached the downstairs, i saw Asfirdaus, in white baju melayu and black songkok. we looked at each other for a while and then we looked away. that moment, all i could think of was "this is it"
i whispered "bismillahirahmanirrahim" all the time while walking towards the pelamin.
annnndddd.. i was fighting back tears =)

photo by Project2Pi (via instagram)
*tengah tahan tears*

unfortunately, when i sat at the pelamin, i cried. couldn't contain it any longer!
but takde la teresak esakkkk! tak cute la kan. hahah!

i cried when i saw my dad.
i'm the only girl among his children, and he's letting me go to Asfirdaus.
i had so many mixed emotions then, but what really made me tearful was the thought of how i wished i could do more as a daughter. i wished then that i could give back to my Abah, who have struggled so hard and so much when my brothers and i were younger.. 
the night before the nikah, my dad came to my room. he hugged me and said "i'm going to miss you". as i was looking at him then, on the pelamin, i really really felt that i will miss him. a lot.

and then i looked at mom, who sat next to me.
mama, mama.. hehe! 
since ages ago, mama always said "i won't cry la. i'm not emotional." and always "mesti abah yang nangis!"

oh how wrong was she!!!
when i looked at mama as she wiped my tears, she cried!!
and then i took the tissue and wiped her tears!

and then tiba tiba dua dua gelak, sebab it was funny.
photo by Project2Pi (via instagram)
*tengah lap tears sambil gelak*

i cried looking at mama crying and she cried looking at me crying!
i just felt so much love for my parents at that time. i just want to pause everything and tell them how much i love them. just for five minutes at least. but i don't have such power. all i could do was smile (tearfully) and pray in my heart.

my parents have done so many for me, for my brothers, for their families. my mom planned everything herself, from nikah sampaiiiii reception.
i did only 1% of the whole thing, which was to be there.

i think all this emotional rollercoaster was just about 2-3 minutes but it felt like ages.

and then, ustaz started the ceremony.
session power transfer, from my father to Asfirdaus began.
photo by Project2Pi (via instagram)

alhamdulillah, dengan satu kali lafaz, sah la kita sebagai suami & isteri =')

i was so proud of abah and asfirdaus. abah was so calm and steady, asfirdaus was confident. both were articulate =)

i cried again of course, because i was both relieved, happy, sad, and all bunch of emotions. that's being a girl! haha!!

ultimately, i was grateful to Allah SWT, for allowing all this to happen.
syukur alhamdulillah, i can't even give words to describe how grateful i am!
Allahu Akbar =')

akad nikah selesai in one brief moment, and when Asfirdaus, my husband, went to perform his sunat prayers, i just sat there, trying to digest what just happened. i tried to put back my thoughts together, coz it seems to be buzzing all around, and i just want to remember everything. =)

my hubby came back, we signed the documents, and alhamdulillah, selesai sudah! 

and then, it was salam salam session between me & Asfirdaus =)

i was so shy masa tu! nak pegang tangan dia rasa cam was-was je! 
i was like "eh dah boleh pegang, tapi nak pegang depan orang ke? eh eh eh?"
pastu dah pegang nak salam tu, macam "WAHH INI SERIOUS NI WEHHHH BOLEH PEGANG!!!"
hahaha! macam jakun!

pastu bila diorang suruh my hubby cium dahi, rasa malu gila yang teramat sangat!!
dia cium pun kat atas tudung, sebab i elak. hahahaha!

we were all smiles that day!
i was so happy that i didn't even feel tired! wait, it's not that i did not feel it, i felt tired, but i was ok with it. sebab i had so much fun!
with all my closest friends and families, with my in-laws and families, and of course, with my husband, how can i not be happy? =')

*bersanding after nikah*

*can't help it. when someone says "FREESTYLE!" masa tangkap gambo, i can only make faces. =p*

*majlis ambo ambo*
*muka takleh blah please*

and that was it in the morning =)
there're more majlis after that, but i'll take my time telling them.
just because =)

 my family ada extra one son! ahakk!

by the way, Project2Pi is with CST Breed. CST Breed is my official videographer, fyi =) so Project2Pi is this new service by CST Breed where they will upload the pictures ON THE SPOT via instagram, twitter, and facebook! so those yang cannot attend my wedding got updated with the whole event even without being there! i think it's such an awesome new service, and it's a good thing i took it =D 

and here's the video, by CST Breed, of our wedding =)
(and they made it so brilliantly that even i cried when watching!)

*i love you too mom =')*

alhamdulillah it was a beautiful day, blessings from Allah SWT.
everything went well and smoothly!

ohhhh.. i can't thank everyone enough!
may Allah SWT reward your kindness, your kind and lovely wishes, your prayers, your presence, everything! moga Allah swt membalas berganda ganda!!
love you all lillahi taala,
my families, my friends, those who read this.

salam from Puan Maria 


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Unknown said...

akak :D u just know about ur marriage.. huhuhu, feel very happy for you. my cousin pun sama dah menamatkan akhir bujang mereka tahun 2012 ni. and same goes to you. feeel sngt gembira tgk org yg dah kahwin ni. hihihi.. and ya, my tear drop jatuh sikit.. huhu, terharu kak (: again, congrat kakkk..

restlessness said...

congratz maria elena , u look gorgeous, moga bkekalan smpai ke anak cucu n i will always wait for your upcoming story :)

fatin adawiah said...

ok u make me cry puan elena.

congrate & may Allah bless ur masjid =)

Unknown said...

tahniah kak maria & abg asfirdaus. serious bace post ni pon dah rase sebak & nak menangis huhuhu.

WinaWarz said...

kak maria, tahniah,, dari sy n pihak 'hati' sy.. doa2kn kmi menyusul pula ye.... in shaa Allah....

Nana Farhanna said...

gojes bila pakai shawl time wedding. i like!

AmiRuL zikRy said...

Wah! Kak Maria dah kahwin. Tahniah! :')

Unknown said...

OMG! Im crying! Sedih tengok part akad nikah and part your mom tahan nangis tu. Touched. Anyway, congratulations Kakak Maria sayang! Semoga bahagia hingga ke syurga! May Allah bless you and your family! :)

Aunniey Noel said...

aww.. congrats on ur wedding sis,,sebak baca this post since i pun the only daughter so ada gak terfikir am i going to feel the same way..i watch ur nikah vid like twice and i cried everytime..haha..even my cousins yg got married before2 this pun i susah nak superduper happy for u

xoniisa said...

haaaaaaaaaaa...sedihnyaaa...u r d only girl gak rupenyeeee...anyway, tahniah sis :) so happy for u!

Unknown said...

hey sis,

sorry bru wish..
congrat to u sis...

my mom with me always watching ur reception on astro...
it's so nice and u have a great & sporting family...

ara rara said...

thaniah puan maria (:

Anonymous said...

salaam maria elena, i'm a new follower to your blog. lama dah tak buat kerja ni. after reading your latest entry, i kept reading. pastu i nampak the column kat tepi sebelah kanan tu, i kept clicking. sampai this one post. i can't believe how your entry switched my emotions dari envious to wistful to happy to sedih to happy balik! i love how you talked in details about your gratitude to your parents... bride usually tak ckp pasal tu dah: mesti pasal laki ku hensem, bunga pelamin ku lawa, baju ku yang gorjes. but the way you narrated your revelation on that nikah day about your parents and all, that just blew me away. sangat berkesan lah, bak kata cikgu bm i kat sekolah dulu. barakallah, maria elena. in sha Allah, happiness will be yours always :)

yna fazlyna said...

tahniah,, seronok baca kisah nikah you...

Nor Adzwaty Rokkafella said...

bila baca pn menahan sebak...almaklum la, buka blog di tmpt kerja...kalo meraung karang, mau org opis panggilkan aku ambulans hehehe...terus teringat kembali detik2 sy diambil suami sy di hari pernikahan mom was crying too since i was the last daughter that left...all my 3 elder sisters sdh kawin...hehe...sdh la sy mmg anak ppuan yg paling manja dari suma org...haruslah nangis di hari bahagia...anyways, congrats to u...n semoga selamat melahirkan cahaya mata yg comel...all the best maria

Dear Irnaaa said...

congrats akak. walaupun dah lama sebenarnya and pregnant (or maybe dah bersalin pun) hehe i cant stop crying reading your post. rasa macam omg how lovely you are and how lucky he is dapat akak. the best part eh dah boleh pegang ke tangan dia. i was crying rasa macam nikmat pernikahan tuuuuuuuuuuuuu :') anyway may Allah always bless you and your family. always pray for you. love <3

Unknown said...

Assalam . erm , kak mars , sy rse sy penah pegi kowt wedding akk . tp belah pengatin lelaki . kat england garden kn ? kowt laa :3 ayah dy kwan mak sy .

Anonymous said...

Kak mars i wanna view the vid again but cant find it anywhere puas dh google..

Nfteyah said...

BarakAllah ya Ukhti. moga dilimpahkan rahmat,redha n kebahagiaan dariNya

wan said...

takut untuk nikah ni. tanah gambut bagus untuk tanaman

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