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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Taking haters lovingly

Assalamualaikum wbt, ukhti & akhi sekalian!

how gangsta am i? i've blogged quite frequently lately!
*claps to myself*

anyway, i've had time to make a video the other day.
yes, dah nampak video kat bawah terus click play pastu tak baca kan mende i tulis ni kaaannnnn!!!

ha, tengok la. pastu baca sikit apa i tulis kat bawah yaaaa! ada cerita di sebalik bideo. thanks! =)

ok here are the reasons why i made this video:

1. because i get tweets about how to handle haters
2. because i get messages about how to handle haters
3. because i feel like i owe haters an apology and give them my thanks

ok? so yeah. i've been receiving messages about this and please peeps, i tak sedih sebab haters!
i'm not sad, depressed nor hurt by the haters! if i looked sad, it's probably coz i was sad at myself (for personal reasons which i wont story mory here la. heeee..)

i wrote in the description of this video too about how these 'haters' are actually my saviours, but i guess people don't read that bit. hahaha! oh well. my bad gak la sebab i didnt mention it myself. i was talking spontaneously kan. takde script mende pun. buahahaha! =p

i can't believe though, how many people asked me about this. and i macam "kamaaannn, takkan la ramai sangat orang ada haters neeehhhhh?"
like i said in the video too, there are 2 types of 'haters'.
one species just wanna troll.
one species just dont know how to give their honest brutal opinions nicely, but they mean well.

kids, teens, and young adults, 
why so serious?

my mom used to slap me when i did something wrong and scolded me, but i love her more for that. if she hadn't done that, i'll probably be some messed up person now. before you say things about my mom, i totally deserved all that coz i was a very stubborn child.
same applies to these 'haters'.
they might be very angry or something at you, but there must be a reason why they're like that. probably you did something wrong but you're just too proud to see it.

drop that ego!

chill and learn je.
i memang la ada terasa sometimes, i am human after all. a girl, with feelings, with harry potter bantal and cats. and dresses and flowers. motip? ok, you get the gist. =p
but oh well. we can't win over all hearts.

okie dokie?
milo ais? teh tarik? neslo?
pergi mamak, cakap hello. sekian pantun dua kerat.

so dah dah la k nak down down coz of 'haters'. if you happen to have haters yang jealous of you or whatever, then stay away from that person la. if the person cari pasal ngan you, you just bagi dia jumpa pasal yang baik about you. how's that for an awesome advice? you just have to trust me, coz i'm an engineer. hahahahaah!! (sorry ter-9gag jap)

chill k?
the world needs us to keep on improving. and to my 'haters' who happen to read this, you need to improve too =)

thank you all!


✿INA AINAA✿ said...

yup2... kita tak dapat nk puas hatikan semua org...tak mengapalah, yang baik kita ambil, yg buruk kita buang dlm tong sampah.... sebb dlm dunia ni tak semestinya semua sukakan kita dan tak semua tak sukakan kita...yeay, itu lumrah..

Say Hello to Haters ^.^V

Cik tikah said...

thanks to haters coz they jealous to our specialty ^^

Anonymous said...

haters ,iloveyou muah muah .HAHA .

haters tuh jeles sebab die nak jadi macam kite tapi tak dapat .kan :p

nad said...

couldnt agree more ! WIN !!

asmiezaharis said...

haters ni kdg2 buat org jadi sedih. bknnya sedih apa, but their words tu kdg2 harsh, kak maria awesome lah dpt tangani dgn haters tu :) good luck kak maria.

Unknown said...

i love this post and how to put things in words...and yes...haters in just a supporter who will bring us thanks to them:))

mujagirl92 said...

tq kak maria,, dah bagi benda ni untuk muja and yang lain :D

Miss Moon said...

hiks i love this post so much ...and i dpt lihat hows Maria grown up ....tahniah dik ...btw i love u no matter how berterabur u are hahhahaha ai love masa u gila gila and i love u more now ....hahhahaha

tahniah Maria ........

basuh tangan sebelum makan n minum air suam banyak banyak hahhahahahhahahahahahhahah sweet sangatttttttttttttttttttt

muahs muahsssssssssss

BetiZaini said...

true :)

Nana Tarmizi said...

kak maria . sedangkan sy yang tak seberapa nak feymes nih pon ade gak orng nak jdi haters ..nie lgik kak maria kan .. but i agree with u .. kita tak akan rasa down kalau kita boleh handle haters kan ..:)

Puteri Gunung Ledang said...

eh. tu phone yang untuk iphone kan.
ok. tak pernah bace plak komen.

CikAnoN said...

true! mmg sakit hati dengan ape haters cakap, tapi kalau kite nak improve, take it! ^^¥

Zharif Azis said...

just ignore them . kadang teguran dorang tu tak masuk akal langsung pon ada .

ayumi_shaari said...

don't give up kak maria..i like read your blog at least i can improve my english ... just ignore the haters ... haha...

deDetz said...

remember this ;


kih3..itu kalau versi kejam sikit ;p

Ezam said...

okay. good perspective. part last tu, tetiba basuh tangan before eat ? minum air suam bebanyak. ok itu lawak. HAHA *thumbs up

ayut said...

haters??toksah la buang masa membenci..tambah dosa je kot.oppss :) ok additional advice.*basuh tgn before eat,minum air suam bebanyak* for you again :)

Hardy Boy said...

bykkan bersabar then fikirkan sure yg menyokong saudari lbih ramai drp yg hate.hehehe..

yg penting famly saling menyokong & xhate saudari (^_^)

jonyewu said...

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Unknown said...

maria.. maria.. comel :p

beaty said...

hater ada d mana2...dorang tu dengki tu

Violet Grace said...

Awesome thots! Takpe, always think positive Junjungan Rasullulah yang perfect pun byk haters...

syitah said...

yup. stagnant water stinks!

you have the power to influence many youngsters..
and with great power,
comes great responsibility..

use it well :)

Syira Lokman said...

suka ni ^_^

Aisya J said...

at least you changed to a better person Kak Maria!~ :D

oh and do visit my blog too! :) I tried making French Macarons :)

K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ireminisces said...

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Kathy Rospin said...

hey listen..listen (buat gaya gangsta mcm dlm video Random)
saya pernah x suka dgn u Maria. mula2 tgk video u dulu i rasa mcm "Ya ampun pls la minah ney kan. dah la bertudung tp perangai x senonoh."

tp bila I baca entri u yg lama, br i tahu yg u br berhijrah. u bukan pompuan yg dah start akhil baligh terus pakai tudung. sejak tu i mula suka u. i mula faham, bila kita berubah, x semua benda kita dpt ubah totally. and fyi, i 'berhijrah' a year after u pakai hijab. 1st Ramadhan jugak. may Allah bless u always =)

Farhan said...

nak try to break ur ego?

cuba try jual spagetti/nasi lemak bilik ke bilik dan jumpa kawan n junior siap.

egos gone! habes. huhu..

zainatul abu bakar said...

thanks kak for this video..u r awesome!

yaumil hidayah said...

best! ;D

me suya said...

Chill Maria Elena.. U just rock in ur own way.. at least ur rock, for us.. the minor one..Lady Ingineur is always rock!

saywho said...

i pon ade haters sis. Semua org ada. hihi..chill k sis? Haters, they are just jellyyyyy

Hawa said...

who cares abt hater..they just paranoid..

Eiya Farihah said...

i like this post :))

rAIHan said...

bukan sng nak layan org yg benci kita lovingly..tapi apa salahnya cuba..=)

= RATU CRiSTAL said...

Be strong....^^

Indah Musa said...

take it easy.We only have to do everything for God sake.Thanks fr inspiring.;> yes,i've got what you tried to tell.tehee

Yaya Hafiza said...

From now just say hello to hater..

kedinkyst said...

Maria,, camne awak pakai tudung ni ? leh tutorial tak ? ni tudung 4 segi sama kan ?

Unknown said...

being positive always its cool.. teach others also about that sis mars :D next: how to be positive person ?? !!

ruru said...

we can't satisfied everybody in everything we did. but, u must remember that every single thing we do have a risk. so things that u facing now is part of the risk in blogging world. chill and just ignore.

FEDO said...

Sabar je la..

supergirlliciouss said...

haters will hate. we should love them sbb merekalah yg make us realise salah silap kita. sbb kekadang mulut takdak insurans is osem. menyedarkan kita sentiasa. :)

Unknown said...

you are fine girl! just ignore them black hearts...i personally think you rock. keep up the good work

RIZZNA said...

Actually I just knew that antara blogger pown ada hate menghaters, OMG (oiii mak gelinya)

Kenapa nak menci2 org u thk that u are great? .

Takpalah Helena erkk, yg penting kita gorgeous. heheheh...

Aleda Boyd said...

good time don't bother about those haters. just be you.

Unknown said...

i,m not your haters. ekeke

GuguCloset said...

this is my first comment after quite long read your blog.
i admire the way u bring your self.
keep it up n just ignore the haters. just b yourself.

Pak Rimau said...

maria elena.ahaha.i dnt know u and u dnt know me. but, i just wnt u to knw i really wnna puke to see ur video in you tube. How i regret and wasting my precious time.

sya rossa said...

lama sangat2 xkomen.. the 1st and last time saya komen rasanya akak 1st time berhijrah dulu kot :)

just to say, saya sangat setuju dengan entry ni. nak berhijrah memang banyak halangan. ambik dengan positif setiap apa yang dikata orang. kita manusia sentiasa tak sempurna. pray for u ..insyaallah:)

Fifa Nasir said...

gojess lahh you !

nora azalin said...

u r so rite Maria...ada jer org yg tak puas hati kan...hehe u juz carry on wif wut u r doing okay!i love reading it!

nora azalin said...

u r so rite Maria...ada jer org yg tak puas hati kan...hehe u juz carry on wif wut u r doing okay!i love reading it!

sarah said...

Thank You Maria. You are quite an inspiration.

Annisa Mulia Razali said...

Your video sounds funny, your expression makes me laugh :D Cute!
Those haters will become more angry looking at how you handle them.
Good luck and take care, dear :)

Shahirah Zainol said...

one word. alhamdulillah :)

Ao Li said...

dont worry maria elena. biaselah tak semua suke pa yang kita buat. but to me, u r great=)

Mohd Ruzaimi said...

xpe.. awk yang terbaik...
meh kat blog ni..
tampil dengan lebih keyakinan dengan keharuman..
dapatkan di sini.. Murah-murah je

Orang Bukan Hantu said...

Biar je la dorang, asalkan tak buat susah kat u dah la. Standard manusia ada je yang tak puas hati

Cikgu Vina said...

assalamualaikum..kak mar singgah lah blog saye...=(

Kim Yoora said...

akak, bile nak update lagi? hoho

Daughter said...

assalamualaykum, i hope this reaches u in the best way and may you be in the best state of iman and health.
I would like to randomly but sincerely apologize to you bcs in the midst of the hijab-fashion phenomenon i also had negative thoughts and comments about a few bloggers. but at that time, i also didn't know better. I don't think I've personally attacked you in any way but i guess since u're well known there were people (including me) who have made comments about you. So therefore, I'd like to apologize. May Allah have mercy on us.Ameen. This might come off a little random but yea, sorry. I also occasionally dropped by your blog and found changes in you. I find it admirable mashaAllah. May Allah keep maintain ur eman. Ameen. Anywho, I also caught on that you like learning about islam, so umm here's a really good link which talks about fatawas and everyday issues, supported by quranic verses and hadeeth. I hope this will help you. InshaAllah. oh and also (this is a site for free islamic online books. iBook of Tawheed by Abd Wahhab is good!)

so yea, keep strivingfor Allah, sis. And again, sorry :)

Daughter said...


eVa said...

inspirasi utk sy.. ;)

::BudakaCamaTa:: said...

bile haters xsuke ngan kt means dorang snts ambik berat pasal kt....btol x sis?

Unknown said...

baru tadi dapat komen yang ARGHH !!
but now dah ok since baca ur entry . .
abaikan jerr apa yang diorang nak cakap . .
apa apa pun chill
tengs ok

Scha Natasya said...

totally agree with you sisk maria.Kalau free boleh lah visit my blog ni ya sisk ^^

dRopPuc!noo™ said...

Haters makes our life..!! Love the haters, they will feel guilt to hate more.. HAHAHA!

What?? K-pop 2AM mentioned Malay Muslim Women.. Memalukan.. =.='
>> <<

Anonymous said...


Asillah Lidros said...

kak maria.

seriously, before this I also hear about the comment about you from my friends. "maria elena tu x padan dgn pkai tudung buat annoying mcm tu".

you know, I'm just zip my mouth because I think that your personality, attitude, that yourself. why we have to be other people on video right. for me, from that people know you. "oh, maria elena yang annoying tu ke?" see? something that people said it negative actually it will give positive things for you. thing that happen like this is normal matter especially for famous person like you. manusia ni tak akan puas dengan rezeki orang lain. dengki thats the word. kak maria, you have to be tough. I know you will. biar lah orang nak cakap apa pun. mulut orang kita tak boleh tutup. bila mereka penat, mereka akan diam. so, let them go. kuatkan semangat. minta pentunjuk Allah. Allah always with you kak maria. I will pray for you.

I love you so much. keep it up kak maria. you can. biar kan orang lain. :)

Bunga Roses said...

You go girl! Just ignored them ;)

sandycai said...

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HabibahSRamli said...

waa... kak maria... so impressed..

satu je :

kadang orang benci kita sbb dia syg kita, tp sye tak tahu the true story, tp yakinlah setiap yang berlaku ada hikmahnya.

keep it up! go.. i'm know you are strong sis!.

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Aina Syafiqah said...

Assalamualaikum,K. Maria~


alvynna said...

I'm not a muslim and I think you're amazing. :)

Farina said...

Haters everywhere.. saya rasa ngn cara kak Maria ni,, mgkin dapat ubah haters kepada followers.. good job Kak Maria..