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Monday, April 2, 2012

so you say you care.

tak lama before, there was this Joseph Kony video that went viral. it was about this dude in Uganda taking children as his 'slaves'.
the video: here.

i watched the video, i felt sorry for the people there, but mostly, i admire the founder of ni. i find him very passionate and consistent with his goal: to capture Joseph K. (amboi glamour dah nama. ahak!)
anyway, after watching the video, i felt very low about myself.

orang orang kita yang needed our help and deserves our attention.. i forgotten about them.
those people in Palestine yang tak habis habis till today can't have peace because of the attacks that comes without warning.. and they have no where to go! their lands are stolen!! forcefully taken by the israelis! and we here, duk lenggang goyang kaki, tengok movie makan popcorn, duk gi event sana sini.. astaghfirullahalazim..

i remember when Gaza strip was terrorised by the israelis..
what did i do then?
i changed my profile picture in facebook and donated beberapa ringgit. that's it. and that was years ago!
what impact have i made by doing that??
setakat tukar profile pic and then donate bila nampak tabung for Palestine. tu pun donate bila rasa ada duit lebih je! support la sangat =/


bukan malu sebab kedekut ke apa. malu sebab i wasn't as dedicated as jason (the one in joseph kony video), malu sebab i tak istiqamah, malu sebab i didn't EDUCATE myself about the issue!

after how long i've questioned myself about how i can contribute, alhamdulillah Lyna told me about a talk to be held in cucms (med school in cyberjaya) about Palestine and getting our facts right by Prof Madya Dr Hafidzi Mohd Nor, Pengerusi of Aqsa Syarif.
it was a brief talk, but i cried buckets.

"if i can stomach 1.5hours watching stupid chickflicks, hantu bonceng yang entahpape tu, or matsalleh movies yang banyak maksiat tu kat movies yang takde benefits at all, why can't i spend that time watching this video?" - i questioned myself. imagine if it was me there, and if my child was killed. nauzubillah.. i admire the kids in this video too. no grudges, no hatred.. want to be a doctor to treat the injured.. *nangis* Ya Allah.. protect them..

so i urge you (yang reading this, thank you btw) to just watch and question yourself; what have you done to help?

this is not just a religious war, this is a fight for human rights!
no one deserves to be kicked out from their houses! no children deserves to be killed the way these children were! no one has the right to use deadly weapons on people who can't protect themselves against it!

the israelis have crossed the line.
we have to get ourselves educated and do something about this. stand up for what's right!

to contribute doesn't mean giving money, but if you can, be a volunteer, help spread the word, up to you. selagi mampu, jom tolong =)

get to know these organizations that have been dedicated for this cause:

they have facebook pages too. Aqsa Syarif offices are all over Malaysia, fyi.

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!!

ps: please let me know if you have anymore information sebab obviously, i noob. =) thank you!
pps: "so you say you care. tell me how much you know about the sufferings of the palestinians." - insert meme. this was what i thought about myself when i was at the talk. yes, being sarcastic to myself seems to give me more drive to get my arse moving.


Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to be a sukarelawan since I was a kid hehe..

Nisa Kay said...

Ouhh setuju sangat sangat dgn u Maria..
I ingat derma bape ringgit dah cukup, dah besar sangat sumbangan.. But they need more and we need to do more.. I mean, bukan takat duit je...
Ouhh entry ni best and sangat menyedarkan..
Thank you Maria :')

Akim Iqbal said...


Yuyu Zulaikha said...

sangat sangat suka entry ni.. kadang rasa macam, berkira sangat pulak kia ni.. macam mana kalau jadi kat diri sendiri.. letak diri kita pada tempat dorang.

Umie Maisara said...

follow @palestine at twitter sis if you want to know the latest news about the palestinians. insyaAllah.

sy pun kadang2 terlupa jugak saudara kita kat gaza tu. adooyy..

but sis, please care about the Syrian too.

they also needs us.

Unknown said...

thanks kak :)
syria jugak memerlukan kita kak :(

annie abd ghani said...

Getting goosebumps watching the video... Thanks kak maria~

annie abd ghani wrote her latest post:

Askrie Hishamuddin said...

Why I am crying while reading this entry?

Now, I realized, i never bagi any bantuan kat diorang. :'( please forgive me.

inoue aki said...

the Invisible Children foundation is actually a scam.

those 3 founders of that organization earn more than 80000 dollars. and one of them recently caught masturbating in public. nothing to be admire..really.

and of course thank you for sharing all those info bout palestine.

C i k P i p i T e m b a m said...

kalau i kaya , dah lama i sumbangkan duit.. tapi duduk malaysia ni lebih kurang je.. sebab skang brg2 dah mahal... tp dgn keadaan mereka ni lah kita sedar siapa kita di bumi Allah... Lebih ramai lg org yg susah berbanding kita... Syukur dgn apa yg ada... Btw , tringin sgt2 nk jd sukarelawan...

zoeLa said...

mungkin ada yang tak mampu nak menderma, tapi kita mampu berdoa untuk mereka di Palestin and Syiria too :) sama lah jugak, kita tak mampu nak angkat senjata berperang bersama saudara kita, tapi kita mampu doakan keselamatan mereka dari jauh. InsyaAllah :')

Fatimah said...

arh! selain donate some money,dan menjadi sukarrelawan di palestine sendiri..kiya juga boleh membantu dengan jadi macm spokesperson larr tu family and friends..yang tak berapa aware dengan this issue.. noleh friends dgn dr Hafizi mohd. Noor-presiden aqsa syariff.he always update the latest news and programe for the palestinian..

Amalin Rosly said...

Dear , really touched reading this entry . It make me realise how forgetful i am towards the needy . Thanks :)

p/s: U're my blogger idol <3

enn chung said...

u know what maria....Dr.hafidzi was my lecturer...
he one of the most amazing person i've ever known...
untill now on he still fight for the Palestine....
nak buat sesuatu mestilah kena istiqamah...insyaAllah bersama-sama berjuang untuk palestine

mujagirl92 said...

takutnya kalau dok sebelah orang palestin di akhirat kelak dan dorang tanya napa tak tolong dorang,, nak jawab pe nanti??

apricot pie said...

"this is not a religious war, this is a fight for human rights"..??..hmm..i'm not really agree,as muslim..we not only help them due to human rights,but it's all about ISLAM too..our religiuos,we must know why they really want palestine if not bcoz of islam.btw,such a good entry for youth.:).actually not only money that they want,i've read an article about plstine.."kita risau tentang mereka,tp mreka lg risau tentang kita,kerana masalah akidah dan ibadah kita",so to be truth..not only money yg kita kena sumbang,tp do somtehing untuk ISLAM.!

Cik tikah said...

berdoa pun salah satu usaha kita :)

aneff.marhfiz said...

semampu-nya kita tolong , kita tolong . InsyaAllah ada berkatnya :) gunakan senjata mukmin , berdoa . Allah itu Maha Besar .

^ FA NORIZAN ^ said...

tak tau pulak akk ada kat sana..
kalo tak bole jumpaa! wuuuuu ^____^

baru terperasan gambo akk kat GMJ ari tu..

Myra Abdullah said...

sedih.pilu. bila dikenangkan nasib mereka.
andai tak mampu utk menderma wang ringgit,sudah cukup dengan doa yang dipohon kpd yang ESA agar suatu hr nnti palestin akan bebas, sudah cukup menyatakan niat dihati.

kita di sini perlulah ingat, bahawa masih ramai yg tidak bernasib baik.jadi hargailah setiap yg kita perolehi dan bersyukur.

Anonymous said...

and also, Aman Palestin [u cn go to amanpalestin(dot)net] as well. they've done quite a lot to not only raise funds and raise awareness but also to help establish some infrastructure in palestine.
i didn't know much at the bginning, but i got to know a lot about palestine frm their joint roadshow with isma Australia, it was great^

!~ Dolly Auliya ~! said...

betul, kita seronok kat sini pdhal saudara kita kat sana menderita mengenangkan nasib mereka... best entri ni kak maria... :)

dzuchan said...

Hi..this is my first time commenting at ur blog..

I have a friend live at Gaza (previously he is my classmate at Uni)
Even Malaysia is a peaceful country, he tend to go back at his hometown to serve at his nation (I respect him the most for his decision). His sister was shot at head during Israel attack 3 years ago.

We keep in touch via FB, and he always updated situation at Gaza.
Reading his FB status everyday, made me grateful with our condition that we live in..

Lets pray for them and the peace for our country :-)

* But maria, I think ur entry getting more matured and informative..

Paradise Gal said...


Jejary Halus said...


Anonymous said...

I like this entry. You know what? Jst merely by posting this is a contribution ! I support you... Sgt rare bloggers nowadays to discuss such important topics. Whats important is not how much we long as we try our best...and the rest... it is for allah to judge.. Kdg2 nilai kt bg sumbangan tu mungkin sgt kecik pda pndangan besar bg pndangan allah.and pndgn allah lah paling utama!

As muslims, selain dari sumbangan yg lain2, kt boleh salu doa... And keep ourselves updated..
Yep..doa tu mungkin nampak simple... But doa mgkin sgt bernilai bg mereka! Kalau kt berdoa utk saudar islam kt , malaikat akan mengaminkan doa kite..n doakan utk kt skali..insya Allah...

Im here studying somewhere in middle east.. So mmg sini all the time ade je program or peringatan psl saudara2 kita di sana... Alhamdulillah..

Hari tu bila pergi satu ceramah ni.. Ade la dorg cite..psl ade wakil palestin yg pernah pergi ke malaysia n jumpa ngn wakil2 org msia... Mereka berkata..
Jgn risau dgn keadaan kami di sana... Sesungguhnya kemenangan itu berpihak pd kami... Tapi risaukan lah keadaan kamu di sini!(msia)

Masya allah..bila dgr tu... Mmg terasa... Sungguhpun dorang susah n sntiasa fight for their own rights... Tp bila kita kira2 dorg lebeh baik dari kita... Kalau mati pun mati syahid...

Tp kite? Tgok la anak2 muda zmn skrg...mostly dlm keadaan lalai.. Dgn arus kemodenan ni...
Mgkin kt rasa senang susah 'di sana'.. What i mean is.. Pd waktu bila anggota bdn kita yg berckp...fhm2 la....

Teruskan post entry yg informative.. I like;)

Lagipun ilmu yg kt smpaikan pd org lain boleh mnjd bekalan kt kelak.iA

Fieliorate said...

just smthg to share...but yeah!! great entry, we Muslims shud fight harder and stay united

Judh said...


aidayusni said...

I wish I'm old enough to be one of the volunteer. I'm just fifteen ): Hmmhh..

GadizGula said...

i was never think serious about the issue till last Sat after got back frm umrah and after reading a newspaper telling about this issue. suddenly i cried. and now i promise to myself to help and contribute as much as i can. insyaallah. and thanx for reminding us about this ;D

AinBMA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AinBMA said...

salam..haritu ada ziarah aqsa syarif HQ kt kajang, kat situ nnt ada penerangan pasal penaklukan palestine dri dulu smpai skrg and anything u want to know 'bout palestine inshAllah ada jwpn..
lg satu,
w/pun dh event ni dh lpas inshaAllah akan jd event tahunan, mungkin bg yg xdpt ikut last friday blh ikut next year inshAllah..both 4 muslim n non-muslim..

AinBMA said...

monster_buncit said...

seriously I wanted to help them and guide them and I want to adopt them as my own children but I can't do that because I don't know how and after reading this you made me realise of how dull I am of what happened to them because before this I couldn't careless but now I do wanna help just please guide me to it. :)

monster_buncit said...

Ya Allah lindungilah mereka Ya Allah..

p/s: kak maria can I have the link I wanna share it on my blog :)

unidentified said...


i'm a silent reader.

selain dr contribute duit and volunteer, saya rasa kita anak muda,ramai2 perlu perketatkan boikot ke atas coke and mcd.

they don't have any benefit pun in the first place
fast-fat-food,and a water added like half cup of sugar and caffein.
yet,org kite kalau kluar je g mcd,kalau minum je nak coke.

kalau maria letak poster boikot,n more people come and see,I think at least like 50people stop eating mcd and coke is a great start insya ALLAH.

tapi nk boikot mmg perlu pelan2 lg2 utk penggemar mcd dan coke.

all after all semoga Allah terima niat kite utk raih redhaNya=) in any ways..

Anonymous said...

crying :'(

Aimi Zafira said...

salam.i've been in one of the talk by P.M Dr.Hafidzi too recently. actually there are so many things regarding our history of tanah melayu that are related with what happened in palestine today.because the history book that we used to read in our school time never mentioned on the rights as muslim.the only thing they touch is about the rights as malay,the independence and freedom that they fought about.however its not only that.the thing that they actually fought was the right as muslim.all the kejatuhan melaka was actually the starting point of what had happened in palestine today.wallahualam..only Allah knows how much facts that has been undisclosed.

Glosses Galore said...

For your reference on the video. You may need to do further research to prove its credibility.

Despite that, I wont criticize the message given. It is definitely a good message to be given across to the public. However, the intention of the organisation (Invisible Children Foundation) may have misled the public with their video.

And as for "Khalifah" who disagreed with the statement, do note that it states, this is not JUST a religious war. This statement does not mean this is not a religious war. It implied that there is more to it rather than just a religious war.

Dr Nazatul Shiha said...

Assalamualaikum Dear Maria

It's nice to know that some of us do care. When we care it means that our heart is still open for hidayah. May Allah grant all of us hidayah always.

But I do feel awkward with this statement:
"this is not just a religious war, this is a fight for human rights!"
I really thought that it should be the other way round, no?
" this is not just a fight for human rights, this is a RELIGIOUS WAR! ".

IMHO, religious war should be our main priority because that is what stated in the AlQuran over and over again (jihad fisabilillah). But ofcourse, Islam is also about human rights because 5 priorities in Islam and being a muslim are agama, nyawa, akal dan maruah serta hartanya.

Stand to be corrected. Wasalam and Peace! :)

jonyewu said...

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Anonymous said...


My Harmonica Zine said...

just read this article..
and since my latest post related to palestine..
mind if i`m share it here??
enjoy reading~

may Allah bless, :)

Siti Nuridayah Udi said...

rasa stress x punya kekuatan untuk habiskan menonton video ini...

enonimes said...

Responding to the "ps: please let me know if you have anymore information sebab obviously, i noob. =) thank you!"

Here are some simple piece of writings that may give you answers and whole lotta Qs.. :)




Semuga Allah tunjukkan jalan. In sha Allah. :)

nhhas said...

Dear maria and all readers,
boleh join aman palestin juga.

+ apart tenaga and volunteer, for those yang betul2 nak jihad, bagilah sumbangan kewangan secara konsisten. Ada banyak program penajaan; anak yatim, keluarga miskin, sumbangan pelajaran.

semoga bermanfaat ya...
salam all...

nhhas said...

Dear maria and all readers,
boleh join aman palestin juga.

+ apart tenaga and volunteer, for those yang betul2 nak jihad, bagilah sumbangan kewangan secara konsisten. Ada banyak program penajaan; anak yatim, keluarga miskin, sumbangan pelajaran.

semoga bermanfaat ya...
salam all...

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Md. Shoriful islam said...

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Thank you for kind information.

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Farina said...

Walaupun Palestin tidak ada bangsa Melayu,, tetapi kita dalah bersaudara.. Rakyat Palestin saudara kami,, kami juga erasa kepedihannya.. tq kak maria, mgkin rmai yg blom tahu,,
Selain duit mnjdi sumbngan,, kita msti tingkatkan doa kita untk sluruh umat islam,, this entry shows your humanity kak maria.. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice post.. salam....

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wan said...

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