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Tuesday, January 17, 2012



last weekend, i emceed a fashion show (for ladies, mind you naughty boys) called Reflection.
honestly, i don't know how it went because i was the one talking and hanging around backstage, trying my utter best to repel my nerves. if it was me watching the show, probably i can tell how it went.
but from what a lot of people said, it was good. alhamdulillah =)

it was my first time emceeing events like this. i've done emceeing before, tapi memang fully scripted la. diri belakang podium pastu baca jeeeee. easy peasy lemon squeezy. making videos is way easier! cakap depan camera sorang2 as if i cakap dengan the whole world! and yang best nya, i boleh edit and re-take kalau i messed up! haha!
but this time around i kena jalan sambil cakap, kena announce itu ini and fill up awkward silent moments. nyeh.

i don't know how hosts/presenters/emcees do that effortlessly.
tabik hormat!

i only hope i delivered my best. i don't have pics because i didn't give my camera to anyone and i don't think people wanna take pics of me pun.
oh and i know there're guy readers here so i takmo bagi korang opportunity to tengok perempuan showcase baju atas badan mereka. not from my blog anyway. their badan is not for me to tayang free free. =p

just wanna say, it was a great experience on my part, the designers have shown their creativity at best, and the event was hopefully entertaining for all guests =D
shout out to AmmaraHijabi & the Insiders for trusting me to be the emcee for their event!!

enough about the show!

just wanna share something i've learnt last night.

when performing your solat, please try to slow down and recite the surahs properly. kita ada something called makhraj. tengok sini for reference. kalau salah sebut or tinggal huruf or salah tajwid, the meaning might be different. maka, tak betullah surah anda baca. maka rugi lah solat anda.. sayang kan? praying 5 times a day won't mean much kalau surah yang ada 4,5 ayat jadi satu je (sebab baca laju2).

so sabar dalam melakukan solat.

pastu, niat kena betul. ni fundamental. and then takbiratul ihram jangan tinggal. sebutlah "Allahuakbar" and remember it's meaning: Allah The Almighty. girls are encouraged to say it too but not out loud! asal diri sendiri boleh dengar, ok la tu. Allah is Mighty, we shouldn't be scared to admit that. =)

lastly, bila tahiyyat awal and akhir, jangan la baca laju laju! sabarrrrrrrrr~
sebab again, kalau salah sebut, salah makhraj, salah tajwid, mungkin maksud jadi lain.

please read up on Rukun Solat if you want to know more on do's and don'ts' when performing prayers.
and do share if you want here! or in your blog or wherever la! dalam Islam, sesama manusia, tak perlu lah kedekut ilmu =)

ps: ini lunch hour post. mueheheheee =p

Have a great day ahead!



MUZAK said...

Ali sokong . ish2
Ali sokong lagi

chimidama said...

oh..I bet the event was amazing to have you as emcee kan?

and tq for the link..especially al-fatihah. even ada dengung pun akan jadi maksud lain.

Azira Y said...

eee bagus sgt ckp psl solat ni. i pernah perasan some people solat tapi mulutnya xgerak pun. bacaan dlm solat, sekurang2nya mesti didengari oleh diri sndiri. xboleh baca dlm hati. just sharing ;)

cik gojes :) said...

i saw your picture with my cousin fatheen nabiLa and you Look amaxingLy beautifuuuuuuuuL =) keep it up kak maghia !!

aishah amin said...

Thanks for the reminder.

P/s: you did a great job emceeing the show;)


enn chung said...

sgt betol.....sokong2..
same2 beramal dan menimba ilmu...Alhamdulillah

Ila Aqilah said...

maria, thanx for this reminder :)

saling ingat-mengingati, kadang kita ni lalai..huhu..

nice to follow u :)

Syahida Rosli. said...

Thanks You ;)

Anonymous said...

terima kasih kakak :D

Azizah Omar said...

Dear , thanks ! (:

Fuadah said...

Congrats to you Maria. You did awesomely well!

And thanks for sharing the link. Alhamdulillah..

LittleGurl said...

nice sharing! ;)) thanks sis

Qazfashop said...

nice try..nice ilmu..=)

Myra Abdullah said...

thanks for remind me, sis. My ustazah also had told me about this.
lumrah manusia,suke ambik mudah..huuu
insyallah i'll more aware about this =)

Anis Anira said...

nice peringatan there Maria. thanks :)

Cik tikah said...

btol, x perlu kedekut ilmu :)

anak ayah said...

1st tima baca entry kak maria dengan verbal mulowt & act like your video..muehehe..just acting like you sista! i miss dat.. :p

perkongsian yg sgt best. refleksi diri ^^

Mek Onie said...

and yang pasti onie pon nak tabik kat kak maria :)

Syuhada said...

thanks for reminding . :D

Syuhada said...

thanks for reminding . :D

Halo Hasta said...

thankyou for sharing Maria, its a good post for us :)

Syuhada said...

Don't rush during solah, but rush to solah!


amal said...

Very nice sharing kak Mariaa;)

Allahu yubarik fik !^_^

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing:> kena beringat selalu NI!

Nizam Ijam said...

sharing is caring kan :P

AmirahSM said...

thnks kak maria =)

Scha Nazri said...

trying harder to work out my mistakes in solat.

cik beLLanan said...

thanx for the reminder sis. :)

dilakochan said...

sabar dlm melakukan solat.

I must keep that word in mind.
Sbb selalu dkt office, solat sy caca marba :(

NyssaSaad said...

thanks kak maria for the info..

munamuni said...

maria, tringin nak tengok u mengacara,huhu love to see ur clothes at the event.

zati toti said...

pasal makhraj 2 mmg sgt pnting mcm aper yg sis ckp...pasal hukum tajwid plak, klu sesaper yg x braper mahir mcm sy ni,skrg ni byk bku pasal tajwid ad kat kna berguru jgak cbb nk tau cara sbutan kn...cth ea kes sbutan panjang pendek...cara sbutan yg btol bg ALLAHU AKBAR adlh tiada cbutan kpanjgn dlm AKBAR...ader sesetgh org cbut AKBAAAR...jgn2 ok...mksud dah jd bkn ALLAH MAHA BESAR tp ALLAH BEGUK BESAR something like that pon x tau mksud ALLAH beguk besar 2 mrilah kta sebut baik2...bkn susah mner pon kan..sajer nak share sikit ilmu yg x seberapa...^_^

Daughter said...

Jazakumullahkhayr for sharing this :) And may Allah grace you for choosing not to expose photos of those beautiful ladies.

I am not a follower but I would visit your blog from time to time and I've seen a lot of changes in how you think and how u write. I must say, I wasn't a fan before , but now, I'm still not (haha! chop coca cola! lemme explain why) because saying that I am would just mean to idolize someone and noone should be idolized except Allah. My point is,Maria Elena, the changes that Allah has brought to you and you unto yourself is mashaAllah , an inspiration :) I'm sure you would be a great friend to anyone who knows you.

Anyway, about prayers, I'm glad you touched on pronunciation and giving the meaning during recitation. I think what all muslims should do is try to get to know Allah first. The first time Jibril came to Rasulullah SAW, he didn't tell Rasulullah, he didnt't tell him to pray. He told him to READ. Rasulullah was given the wahys regarding Allah (Meccan surahs) for ten years. It's not until that the Isra' Mi'raj happened and Nabi was commanded to tell the people to pray. Allah is All Wise, He let the purpose be known and the reason be justified before He commanded us to worship Him. Isn't that Beautiful? So yea, khusy' in solaah comes from knowing Allah and knowing &understanding every word recited in it. :)

Anyway, I would like to recommended you a book if you haven't known about it. It's called Prayers According to Sunnah by Darussalam (publisher). It's available at MPH and even web.

Barakillahufi. I apologize for anything that I've done wrong.
and hey, at first I thought you're not awesome, well guess what, I just found out, you're awesomer ;)

"He said: Surely you cannot have patience with me and how can you have patience with a thing which you don't know(understand completely)?" - al-Kahf (Part II-IV-XV)
take care. :)

alfsfr.ali said...

Part rukun solat yang selalu org salah jugak ialah toma'ninah laju bebenor sampai kekadang macam takde pun rukun tu.

AyuAdzum said...

At least you have the courageness to do that..Yala,kawal Rasa gementar bukan,yeah..well done..:)

diANa hARiS said...

i like the part about solat..thanks for sharing this maria...
really appreciate :)

Hanie Dew said...

that was nice sharing about the solat. ada satu rukun lagi yang org jarang ambik berat sangat; iqtidal. lepas rukuk pas allahuakbar terus sujud. lupa plak kite kene iqtidal dulu. betul tak maria elena?

Wawa T said...

tq for remind me/us.. u did a great job.. thumbs up! :)

Jay said...

Hi.. jom kita tukar2 blog.. seronok i baca blog u... ni blog i: see u..

MUZAK said...

istilah greek helen tu apa eh ? sirius tak tahu

Unknown said...

i cant wait to see u on tv( kalau u ada rezeki kan?) i heart ur style babe!

Aliff Haikal said...

nice entryyyy !

Unknown said...

hahahha,, giler comel kalo sara ada kat sana tgk kak maria jadik emcees .. kah365 (sataun aku gelak tak habeess) .. tgk yg video sal social stuff tuu pun 2-3 hari duk tringt.. kah365.. lawak larr.. eh,, nervous kejap or sampai habess eh kak??

nasha sanza said...

akan ingat nasihat akak tu!:)

belle said...

Thanks maria. U post a great post nowadays. Love you and have a blast maria.

Unknown said... slalu amalkan..wee..jum singgah belog baru saya..

Unknown said... slalu amalkan..wee..jum singgah belog baru saya..

hC said...

dear maria ,
once , my big bro told me ,
"jgn jadi mcm maria elena , she is so annoying and gedik" *sorry ,big bro mmg cmtu*
and I never obey that . I always adore you.
I hope, when he read all your recent posts , he'll think like 10000x time before ckp yg you gedik .
I suka all your post about Islamic things ;) from your twitter too :)
you are AWESOME and COOL

Unknown said...

Thanks sharing KakMars.

Sue Ummi Syasha said...

nice topic ...ingat mengingati sesama kita...jemput jenguk blog saya.

Unknown said...

Sangat bermanfaat...
Jom singgah blog saya...newbie dalam berbloging hehehe..saya dah follow awk ye..Thanx... Thanx for ur support

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