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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

nak professional kena ada email professional =)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, Maria Elena, am hoping to get a job at your establishment as a Blogengineer. Please see the attached resume for your perusal.
You can contact me at 6789998212 and
Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Maria Elena


ok, this is just a mock cover letter! all the details are just made up but if you can draw your attention to the email, sounds silly isn't it?

andddd that's why i want to share this tip!
i know it's convocation season now which means all you fresh grads will or already have started looking for jobs!

that's great!

so about the email~
i pernah had the task to filter resumes to help my boss in my old company.
and a few potential employee he immediately rejects because of the email address. if he finds it too long, too complicated and weird, dia tanak tengok pun the rest. coz well, usually we put our emails at the top kan.

it's first impression.

according to his philosophy, if this person who wants to be employed, can't even have a real email address, how would he know this person is matured enough to work with him?
well, that's his philosophy. whether i agree or not, dia dah boss kot. means dia lagi tau pasal kerja dari saya yang noob ni kan. then, who knows brape ramai lagi yang thinks like him kan?

so that's why, it's really important to have a real email address.
and i strongly recommend myemail because your email address will be based on your name on your MyKad! if you don't understand why, well it's because you have to register with your real name and IC and then your email will have to be authenticated by JPN. ha, amik tu. serious gila!

myemail ni pun actually very good for those yang dah ber-family, working professionals and those yang nak start business because its got unlimited inbox size, dia punya e-billing system is very systematic and safe because they have tracking features that will make sure you receive the bills, save the environment because you're not using papers kan and so much more!!

you can check out other ways to optimise your myemail at Facebook too! =D

in conclusion, get one important thing right, which is your email address! and when you get on to the interview, then that's a different type of first impression!

good luck!!! =D 


AZRI said...

uit,jadi promoter myemail nampak..hehehehe

visit mine:

Unknown said...

kak maria,kalau masih student di universiti,boleh start guna ke emel tu?

Maria Elena Zarul said...

better that way dear =)

SoLy SoLicious said...

bsenye org duk buat emel love2 la, sweetpinky la..mak oii... haha..

Athirah Zaradi said...

baru saya tahu pentingnye emel . kene buat emel bru la lpas nihh .

cik gojes :) said...

true ! i had a seminar with professionaL HR b4 diz bout writing da resumes n aLL sorts of things, emaiL pon memainkan peranan 1st impression...jgn tkejut if company yg nak ambiL keje tuh wiLL check your name / emaiL or ID through googLe..biasanya akan Link kpd FB dan jugak, jangan Lah merepek2 =)

Atiqah Wadiah said... lec oso said dat emel add is important..n don't put weird emel add for resume..

Siti Mas Hidayu said...

emel tu sebaik2 letak nama sebenar dalam IC.. baru prof..bukan nama nickname..sebagai contoh

Sharing is caring =)

Unknown said... to use that???

Cik Puan Tim said...

kak elena pun ade buat jugak ke myemail 2...?

cam takot je nak letak no ic serius kan~

edlidza said...

good tips ;)

Cik Amni said...

yey! Dulu kat kampus pun lecturer pesan macam tu.. so skang semua email memang email profesional jer.. tak de email budak-budak.. hehehe

Unknown said...

owh...penting gak ye...

♥ Fatisya Pinky ♥ said...

jln2 sini jap

INI belog CT NURAIN said...

kelassss ko maria!! hehhehe suke kak maria lah ^_^

FarhanaLicious said...

what about pointer? memang kena 3.0 above ke? sorry lari tajuk ;p

Uji Rafizan Hussein said...

Email tu baik ada dua, satu yang formal guna nama sebenar, satu lagi yang tak formal, untuk kawan2, untul laman sosial, gunalah yang nick tu tapi jgn guna yg terlampau mengarut contohnya

Teratai Ibunda Catering said...

wow!!br tau

catering services for ur BIG day..

Aqilah Azmi said...

Thankyoushooomuch Kak Maria <3