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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

#UnitedMomsClub : Let's talk about Education!

Assalamualaikum Moms!

Welcome to the Club!

So episode 4 is up since last week tapi i forgot to update about it haha and it's all about EDUCATION!

So here's a true story. Not too long ago, i bumped into my high school friend at a shopping mall. She was with her daughter and was just after taking her entrance exam for standard 1. Sekolah kebangsaan ok.
She said that the exam takde la susah, but just imagine this:
kids, all about 6 years old, sitting at tables arranged like dalam exam hall, and all have to listen to the examiner's instructions for each questions. So kalau diorang tertinggal or terlambat, they'll have to just do their bestest.
It sounds cute, but i'm nervous for my kids already! Haha!

What i'm worried about is that the changes that they have to adapt.
Right now, Nadrah is in kinderkaizen, a playschool. I love the concept of play-learning because it teaches application mostly.

Spot Nadrah =p

So bila nak masuk sekolah, suddenly it's all exam-based je, and i don't like that we study to pass a paper.

I dah go through all of those years of doing just that - study to pass exam, and i hardly remember the things i learnt. What made me really understood what i was learning, were the times i spent as an intern and when i worked.

Anyway, enough mukadimah, and here! Have a listen!

What do you think though?
You have same concerns as i do?
How should the education be so that our kids can live up to their fullest potential?

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