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Monday, October 16, 2017

Unique Holiday On A Cruise!

Want a holiday that's unique and memorable?

I bet a cruise holiday had never been on that list of "things to do before ..." kan because it's very rare in Malaysia.
Well now, put it on that list! Because it is now possible!
Costa Victoria is coming to our side of the world and they're promising loads of fun stuff to do on board!

I think it'll be cool to travel from one point to another in a cruise rather than by other means of transportation. Unique kan?
And then, on board, there are live show entertainments, dancing and cooking classes, and even play activities for the kids!

Oh ya, did i mention that kids under 13 years old can go on for FREE?
I know right!!

There are many destinations you can choose from too!
Just go to their website, link is >> here<<.

And in case you're wondering, the cruise is muslim friendly! Which ultimately means, halal food!! Woooohooot!
Being on the cruise, passengers will feel the italian aura because it's themed "Italy at the Sea". So expect italian cuisine! 

They are starting sail this November, so please do check our their website and book a cruising holiday for you and your family =D

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nadhie wueen said...

Wow bestnyaa! n of course memang unique