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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The kids baru baik sakit


Last week, and the beginning of this month, i have been hitting brick walls, and obstacles and carelessness.

My kids got Influenza A and for a week, it was so emotional for me. What hit me the most was when my kids wouldn't eat anything! Isaac at least minum susu dia eventhough tak makan.. tapi Nadrah.. she wouldn't eat! In one day, 4 bites je! Tu pun kena paksa. Pastu when she finally had like one proper meal, muntaaahhhhhhhh~

First visit to the doctor.

It was heartbreaking. She was so weak to the point that she just lay down on the floor, and watches tv the whole day. Nak pergi toilet pun tak larat T_T
You can really really see how thin she'd gotten!
I cried tau.

Mata dia bengkak due to one of her medication. I forgot which one, but doc said the ubat memang causes eye irritation and that it's ok. But still. Gambar ni tak nampak sangat, but if you'd look at her face to face, memang nampak macam kena tumbuk or kena gigit lebah.
Sedih tengok..

Here's the weird thing. When i dah set my mind nak bawak the kids pergi hospital, they somehow will become ok again. It doesn't happen to my kids je. Even my grandma, bila duduk rumah dia macam sakit sakit, tapi the moment everyone dah set nak bawak dia hospital, terus ok. Sakit dah macam takde dah! Magic betul hahhaha!

So that day yang Nadrah macam lemah longlai, i told my husband.. "yang... jom, bawak the kids to the hospital..", teardrop.

Pastu my husband pun "ok jom" je. I dah siap packing sume, and it was already like 9pm camtu. But! We ended up not going to the hospital, because the paediatrician won't be around late, and paling paling pun jumpa MO. So we stayed home the night, and planned to go and see the paediatrician the next day.

Tetiba la Nadrah & Isaac dah ada selera to eat. And they were both running around as usual!
Bahahaha! Husby and I were so happy, i sampai nangis bila Nadrah finished her food!
So emo. =p
Ni bila dah almost sihat.

Isaac tuuuuuu bersungguh betul! Bahahaha!

But memang bila kids sakit, i pun rasa sakit for them. And memang penat sebab kena pujuk diorang to eat ubat la, eat food, even had to force them to mandi or tukar diapers kot.

ALHAMDULILLAH dah habis episode diorang sakit ni! Nadrah sampai makan 2 round nasi, and can finish 2 small koko krunch packets in a day! I try to boycott Nestle products, tapi dah sebab anak suka koko krunch tu.. terpaksa longgarkan boycottism (if that's a word ehek!). Yes, i tried different brand jugak dah but dia memang dah kenal the taste.

I really hope bila i sakit nanti, my kids will look after me as how i looked after them.. 

Now that that episode has gone, now i'm facing a new episode and i am sooooo unsure of what to do next. It's like when i've passed one obstacle, and see a 10feet high wall that i'm supposed to climb, i want to climb it, but i don't see any rope, or another person to help lift me up, or anything for me to get over it. So i just hang around kat bawah tu and stressing about, sebab tak tau nak buat apa.

Have you ever, macam prayed for someone to just appear in your life, and assist you in every single obstacle you're facing, just so that you know what you're supposed to do, instead of wasting time figuring it out?
I do really wish i have that person, but then.. I would be dependent on that other person la kan? Sepatutnya i depend on myself.
And i think, i mean, i believe that that is what Allah wants me to be. My own hero.

What i learnt though throughout my kids sakit ni... how much the parents suffer when the kids aren't well. Imagine those yang anak ada penyakit kronik? I bet they also pray for someone or some petunjuk to help them go through the ordeal.. When the child is in pain, parents jadi macam mati akal tak tau nak buat apa. Unless they're expert in some medical field related to the child's syndrome. Tapi kalau tak, memang boleh jadi blur kot.

May Allah bless you with all His help and protection, inshaAllah!

Ok i don't know how to end this.
*salam tangan*

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