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Saturday, September 30, 2017

#UnitedMomsClub : Kids & Safety


I was a bit toooooo emotional talking about this topic sebab i feel like i'm constantly being judged by the choices i made for my children.

Sorry ekkk!

This episode, we talked about safety.
These days punya kids memang lain from our time, and i think it's given. Newer generation kids are more advanced than us 80's babies, and they will face different challenges during their time.
And one of the things i rasa cam "sayang nyee.. my kids won't know what this feels like.." is being able to roam outdoors freely.
I don't think i'll ever let my children ride their bicycle on the streets by themselves. I used to, and it was such fun! I went on a lot of adventures with my friends on our bikes. So... it's kind of unfortunate that my kids will probably have to take uber/grab to have adventures with their friends bahahahhaa! (habis duit parents la hahaha!)

But yeah.

And don't get me started with harness ni!
Eventhough i don't have one for my kids, i do want to sometimes, to get one and use it for Isaac, because he likes to walk away from me instead of walking with me. Bahahaha
Nadrah is already old enough to know that she needs to follow me. =)

Here's our podcast for this week! Have a listen k! =D

So, moms...

Do you take your child(ren) to outdoor playground or indoor?
What safety precautions do you take when you take your kids out?

Share your experiences and wisdom! =)

Thanks moms!


Darleen Md Ramli said...

ya Allah Maria. we are sailing on the same boat here. i always wonder, is it only me becoming over protective. because as far as i can recall, i always walk out from the gate by myself, walking alone to the playground and play with other kids without supervision from my mom/dad. but today, i just get too traumatised. i can't let my children out from my sight, not even for a second.

thank you for sharing this topic..

BLOG ANAK MAMA^^ said...

Indeed Maria...rupanya kita sama. Bila difikirkan betul kesian anak-anak ini tak bebas nak cycling bicycle. Tak macam kita dulu bebas pergi rumah kawan-kawan berdekatan, pergi kedai belikan apa yang mak pesan. Zaman tu macam ok selamat je. Memang tak berhenti berdoa kepada Allah minta selamat anak-anak. Nowadays cabarannya lagi hebat