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Friday, September 22, 2017

#UnitedMomsClub : Mom & Depression


So today's our 2nd episode on AisKacang podcast (can download the app on your phone)!

And yes, we talked about depression after having our baby.
It's kind of sensitive kot sebab not many would wanna admit they are depressed, unhappy and having problems connecting to people (especially husband and child).

Kan kan?

Being a housewife meant i have to keep myself accompany. I've said goodbye to my social life years ago when i (with a heavy heart) realised that bringing my baby to social events or gatherings are not only physically tiring, but it's A LOT.

Stroller, food, toys, diapers, extra this and that, in case of this, in case that happens, oyemji.
Tu baru things. If the baby doesn't want to cooperate, memang penat la kena pujuk and stuff haha!

So my social life only happens online. 
Now i'm ok la but it took me a long time to come to terms with it.

I'm saying here:
Try, if you can, to find that balance in your life.
Kids shouldn't be treated like a burden, but we try to find the best way to make everyone happy.

Since i couldn't see my friends and stuff, i substitute it with going on adventures with my kids. Sometimes it's simple things like going swimming, playground or to my mom's house. Sometimes, it's going to parks, artsy places, and jungle gyms.

"Me time" is important. Once in a while, go for a massage ke, haircut ke, watch a movie.
I heard MBO at Starling mall in uptown damansara is super children friendly!
Can't wait to try that out, when there's a good movie!
And i watch some tv of MY CHOICE like twice a week. Kesian kan? Hahaha! My kids dapat watch everyday haha! I'm currently watching Chicago Typewriter (kdrama btw =p). It's light and ok la. I can't deal with drama and heavy shows.  

So yeah!

Hope you guys know that we're normal, going through the same stuff, but alhamdulillah, we're still able, we're ok and our kids are ok.
I wish all you moms the best!
I know some of you have harder struggles, dealing with disorders and special kids. I pray for you dunia & akhirat.

May Allah keep us moms strong in all aspects, keep us on the Right Path inshaAllah, and make our children soleh & solehah.
Amiiiinnn =)

Here's the podcast:

let us know what you think!
Share your comments at the website or comment down here =)

Take care moms!

1 comment:

Cik Siti Hajar said...

Hi, I just delivered baby on June. 2 weeks before raya. yes, I got depression and I wrote in my fb status (my mistake). Everyone judging me as "orang tak bersyukur sebab dah ada anak".

It's not like that. I actually not recover yet from babyblues. My baby is not easy to handle during 44 days. When she wake up, automatically her mouth singing. I remembered when my nephew in 44 days, he only sleep and wake up for milk. So different with my baby girl.

And yes, people around me not supporting at all.

Alhamdulillah, now she's 4 months and I glad we (my husband and I) manage to handle her by ourselves.

I believe more new mom like me outside. I'm not alone.

Thanks Maria!