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Monday, September 25, 2017

Holiday on a Cruise!

Have you ever been on a cruise?
Seems like fun kan?

I haven't but i just recently discovered COSTA VICTORIA CRUISE, which is actually a leading cruise company in Europe and are now operating in Asia!
Best part?
They're muslim friendly!

How amazingly awesome is that?!

Without further ado, allow me to entice you even further with this 'cruising' holiday.

Like i mentioned earlier, they're from Europe kan. Italy, to be exact. So they are providing passengers with authentic italian flavour, "Italy at Sea". Mammamia!
Imagine having fettuccine beef aglio olip (which is halal) on board Costa Victoria with the family... Wait, did i mention that... KIDS UNDER 13 CAN GET ON BOARD FOR FREE?!?
(Let's shriek together, moms!)
So anyway, imagine having fettuccine beef aglio olio with the family, overlooking the majestic sea.
Sounds so breezy and a unique experience, wouldn't you agree?

There are many activities that can be done while spending your holiday on the cruise too because they have all sorts of facilities, like gymnasium, Spa, Saunas & Turkish baths, and of course they have onboard entertainments and live shows, like acrobatics show. AND, they also have italian cooking class! Kids can also enjoy dance class and play treasure hunts, so yeah, they'll be quite occupied =)

They have a night called Carnival of Venice, and that sounds fun!

I remember when i was in Venice, my family & i missed the carnival because we were too tired from all the baggage-carrying-searching-for-halal-food-and-cranky-nadrah-sebab-jet-lagged.. *sob*
I bet experiencing the carnival on the cruise will be super fun because tak penat. Hehe!

So there are holiday packages for 3 nights, 4 nights and so on. You can actually check out their itineraries here, where you can see the package destinations and cost!
Like this for example:

You can see they move from one place to another. We all can go off board and go explore in the cities, and then come back on the cruise.

The cruise holiday will start in November, so better start planning!!

Since sharing is caring, here's a list of travel agents to contact for booking:

Best Experience Tours
60 3 62015177
Chan Chee Kheong & Brothers Travel
60 5 254 1244
Hwajing Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd
60 3 9200 2929
Jebsen Travel & Tours Services Sdn Bhd
60 3 2148 5583
Reliance Shipping & Travel Agencies
60 3 7726 4488
TLC Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd
60 7 2362667
AF Travel Sdn Bhd
60 7 300 8081

You are most welcome! =p


aisha said...

seriously under 13 free? maknanya bayar tuk mak bapak je ke?
sukanya.. thanks for the info

Nurzakiah Hanum said...

drop n follow u