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Saturday, September 16, 2017

#UnitedMomsClub : Momma Dilemma


So my first podcast with sister Sue Anna Joe is up on Ais Kacang!
We've been planning for quite some time and alhamdulillah jalan jugak projek kita untuk collaborate.
Konon nak buat Youtube shoes dulu, but because of circumstances tak membenarkan, we just didn't go on with it.. =(
Oh well!

So our first episode on #UMC (United Moms Club) is about the dilemma we've all faced when we first have our baby (even when just after finding out we're pregnant!):
To work or not to work
That is the question.

So we've discussed about it, and you can have a listen here!

I really believe whichever path you have chosen, whether to pursue your career or to be a stay at home mom, there will always be rezeki.

We have to be creative to find the best way to juggle everything, but inshaAllah ada la caranya!
Kita in Malaysia ni alhamdulillah can hire helpers from our neighbouring countries!

Most of my best friends are working moms, and they have wonderful relationships with their spouse and children. That make it work, and i respect them greatly! Bukan senang nak pergi kerja, leave kids at nursery, sibuk think about work stuff, and then come home and pick up kids, clean the house, and cook.
Fuh respect gila!!

Since i am a housewife, i can only offer my point of view.
Truth is, the time when i decided to be a housewife, i was so so scared and nervous.
I didn't know if it was the right thing to do! My job was ok, my pay was ok, everything was ok. 
But i did istikharah for many many days, and the time i gave my resignation letter, the resolution and my instincts just gave me a sense of assurance that i was meant to do it and it was the right thing.

And now, almost 5 years later, i'm doing what i want and i have the freedom to explore and learn! Of course, with my kids in tow. Hehe! They're my handbags =p

There are so many housewives who are running businesses (including yours truly ehem ehem), doing tuition classes, doing pick up/drop off kids from home to school and back, planning events, and so much more! 

So my advice for all you moms or soon-to-be-moms, if you're facing this momma dilemma, i would recommend that you do istikharah as many times as you can, discuss with your husband, and do your best in whatever you choose at the end. =)

We only live once (YOLO! hahaha!), so the worst thing that can happen becomes the worst if we don't learn from it and try to improve the condition. 

Let me know what you think! Share your thoughts here or you can share it at the podcast channel!

ps: i have to improve my podcasting T_T" 


Ibu Ilyanie(s) said...

Bestnya topik ni! Menunggu untuk yang seterusnya :D

KUIKUI Developer's said...

Will this topic be explored more in depth later ? I really hope it will. I would like to suggest try to look it in both perspective, what is good about being career mom/full time mom and what is bad about it too.

If you guys could share, like you if a certain problems arises, if let's say your kid got sick(for a career mom) or if you have things to attend to (a fulltime mom) how you deal with it, and what other possible problems/issue that could come up if you choose to be either of this two.

Nadiah Suhaidi said...

Jadi mama in the same time ada kerjaya memang mencabar :)

cik yaya said...

memang susah nak buat keputusan, nak jadi stay at home mom ke nak bekerja, lagi2 bila dah mengandung, beranak, memang rasa nak duduk rumah je kan. me too istikharah sebulan lebih, just to decide whether i should work again or stay at home. moga Allah permudahkan urusan kita smua. me la tu, housewife yang mengajar tusyen. hihi