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Monday, August 14, 2017

Viral punya kes


Sekarang ni semua benda nak viral. 
Skandal retis sana sini, drama rumahtangga orang, singers and comedians on instagram, even demam!

Nadrah & isaac dah berapa kali kena demam viral ni -_-"

Today nadrah tengah demam actually. Kesian dia...

Anyway, today punya viral activity for me was:
Beli pinggan mangkuk kat central market. 
Bahahhaa terjebak jua. So i went with mah kids and mah mazer!

Tapi i memang minat all this kind of mismatched table settings, bowls and mugs with personality kinda thing cuma biasanya semua macam mahal and they come in a set. I nak loose loose je kan. Mugs are an exception la. 
Despite the fact that it is unhealthy to eat on the printed parts (due to plumbum or something tak ingat. Viral jugak kes nya), tapi i just wanna have it anyway. Pepandai la pakai camane nanti. Maybe put tissue and then letak makanan goreng goreng kan? 
So i only got this basket full of stuff. There was a sale last weekend and obviously i missed it, but i didn't expect the aunty cashier to still give the discounts to us! Yay!

Yang basket belah kanan tu my mom's stash. 

That's our trolley bag utk angkut all this stuff. 

I got some bowls, big and small, couple of spoons, small petri dish kinda size untuk letak sambal belacan konon, and an oval plate. The small bowls yang i intended to use for soups or eat nasi jepun, i chose yang takde prints kat dalam. Heheee!

All in all, i spent RM 74! Happy la but tak puas sebab tak dapat plates, teapot and mugs behehee..

So the aunty said next stock will be on 20th and told me to check febok. 


She pointed to a piece of paper. 

Ooohhhh facebook! Haha! Ok! Nanti kita check febok la. 
Thanks aunty!

So you guys nak pi sana, check febok dulu k?

Just took this picture sebab i rasa cart dia very homey. Hehehe! Good job la bang decor guna pokok!

Can't wait to use them bowls nowwww!
Nak masak nasi, salmon teriyaki and sayur masak garlic la woooooot!



Sheila Adziz said...

RM74 only... sangat berbaloi sis... n selamat mendeko... hehe

MusfirahAhmad said...

Central market? where is it??? nak beli jugakk

KUIKUI Developer's said...

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