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Monday, August 14, 2017

KKM for Home Made Products

Before i forget:

I punya la gigih nya nak dapat kan KKM for my products.
It's all natural, but still, some people are not convinced... T_T
Gais, i don't work with harmful stuff..

So if you're an entrepreneur and doing your own products (and i'm talking about cosmetic/health products), and wondering:
Should i get KKM approval for this?

The answer is:

If it's homemade, they won't comply.
If you have your own factory (or something like a factory.. production place la), then you need to get GMP cert for the place, baru boleh apply KKM.

Kalau orang mintak jugak, bagi your certificate of analysis for your products. Hehe!

Sama kes macam orang buat bisnes jual makanan. They don't have Halal/Jakim sign, but you know it's halal anyway kan.
So yeah.

Sabo je la..
I siap beli "token" diorang, dah install itu ini, isi all the long forms, and in the end, nothing even matterssss~~
I tried so hard
 and got so far,
but in the end
it doesn't even matter
I had to fall
to lose it all
but in the end
it doesn't even matter
- Linkin Park, In the end

Buttttt, just in case you're not convinced, please do go ahead. 
I've contacted them, and wasn't quite clear, pastu they called me back and kind of "schooled" me.

Hope this helps!
(Don't waste your money and time yet).


Raihana Abdul Aziz said...

Owhh..tak tahu pula pasal ni..

Pasni nak buat homemade products tahu la susah nak dapat KKM
Or memang should bermodal besar untuk buka kilang..

How about halal cert?
Sama tak?

Maria Elena Zarul said...

I think halal cert pun sama which is why banyak online home made food businesses don't have the cert.

Raihana Abdul Aziz said...

Erm payah juga macam tu kan..So
means kena ada kilang proper baru boleh request KKM and halal..
So means kena bisnes modal besar la..

Btw hari ni blogwalking ada orang jual breast milk soap online..
terkejut gila..rase macam nak muntah..hahaha
it give me idea to make my own breastmilk soap,
but to buy someone else's....nahhhh..
gonna passed that!