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Friday, September 9, 2016

My nightly scrub routine


To be completely honest, i've been watching and reading a lot of homemade skincare products and i was inspired to make my own.
But here's the thing..
It's not cheap!

I thought it'll be cheap, since like the stuff we can use for our face can also be eaten like honey, but come on! I can't be buying honey every week, because i eat honey with my oats, and sometimes with tea, so to use them on my face lagi (which isn't a small canvas, know what i'm sayin?), mann... i can't be spending for skincare ingredients every week!

And i'm too lazy to do them.
There, i said it!

I need my time to care for other stuff, like cleaning, cooking and taking care of my kids.
Seriously, by 9pm, i'm always out. I hardly have a good sit.
Seriously. I don't sit properly coz i can't.
My kids are secretly tag-teaming to get me on my feet most of the day.

Anyway, no matter what beauty drinks or whatever available in the market right now, i still strongly stick to taking care of my skin by using the right products and eating right.
And to me, the right products doesn't depend on the brand. It's the effectiveness on the skin.
I use St Ives scrub since i was a teen coz it works on me, no matter what skin phase i go through.

I had oily skin when i was a teen, then when i got into 20s, it got into this weird oily and dry combination, and now it's straight up dry.
And since i found out that i can use the scrub every day, i have been doing just that.
I absolutely loooooovvveeeee the feeling of the water washing off the exfoliants and dead skin off of my face.

I usually use the Fresh Skin scrub, but recently i got the other 2; Blackhead and Blemish control ones, and i am loooovvviiiinnnnngggg the Blackhead one!

It smells great and it makes me feel awesome. Hehe! They take pride in using 100% natural exfoliants in their products with paraben free too.

Just so you know, St Ives scrubs are all natural and safe for the environment, which is why i went with it in the first place. I've read that some exfoliant beads couldn't be filtered and is harmful to their environment. Also, they're not doing animal testing. So yeah. My conscience is good. =)

Mesti you all macam "mende maria bebel pasal St Ives ni dari tadi ni.."
Well, i just thought i'd share its goodness and also to tell you girls about a contest they're having!

Grand prize is a pair of tickets to Bali - flight & accommodation provided!!!
I've been to Bali with hubby on our honeymoon, and it was lovely tauuuu <3 <3
All you gots to do is post a photo of your DIY natural beauty remedy on instagram, like a whitening toothpaste ke, or a blackhead remover, or eyebags ointment, and then share why your natural beauty remedy makes you happy in your caption!
Your entries must feature St Ives scrub products, and include these --> #Stylemy #GoNaturalWithStIves and #ChurpMYWIN

Here's the chance to unleash the beauty guru in you, and win! hehe!

Now here's my old skincare video in case you wanna know what i use =)

Good luck!


Erni Hasmiza said...

St Ives punya skrub best okeh haaa

dorsett pink said...

ok lah tu

Shuriana Khamisan said...

i pakai cleanser dia dah 5tahun. memang sangat best dan takkan tuka produk lain

Liyana said...

sy suka scrub mandian dia - apricot. wangi sangat2! hehe

wani ezryl * said...

i also use the st ives scrub because i can scrub daily. xD
sama la, dulu ingatkan kalau nak scrub muka tu kena selang2 hari, tak boleh hari2 nanti rosak kulit muka. when i found st ives, rasa bahagia je sebab boleh scrub hari2. hahaha

Anonymous said...

OMGGG I kept on reading your blog posts since 11.00 am today till 1.00pm and guess what..procrastinating my work..ok, gotta drop by tomolo to catch up what i've left.bahahaha. Love your writing style btw


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