Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Such is life of a housewife, who couldn't speak her mind freely and talking about her child's development like it's such an important topic


Nadrah is now in a new school, Kinderkaizen. I can't believe the activities they do there. It's so.... mentally uplifting! For nadrah i mean. Haha!
I've been eyeing Kinderkaizen for the longest time because i love Dr Putri Afzan and my friend, who's a teacher in one of the branch has been sharing loads of stuff they did in their school. It's just because it's too far from us that i didn't put Nadrah there in the first place. Alhamdulillah they opened one in Damansara Perdana, hmph! Apa lagi!

Nadrah has this new type of curiosity that's on the right direction. For example playing blocks. She used to just put them together and throw them everywhere and then, she'll tell me to play with her (which means, play FOR her. I have to put them blocks together! Cheating..). Now, she will put them together and figure out how to make a shape of something. She learnt about body anatomy, electricity, she even made her own playdoh!

So i'm very pleased with her progress. Baru je tukar, but can see positive developments.
Can't believe she's gonna be 3 in November ='(
Cepatnya masa berlalu!

So anyway, the other day we went to the playground at the Curve (i know... it's in a mall, but oh well. i have Isaac with me kot. Heheee), and i saw something that made me go wide eyed.
The kind that means "HAMAGAAAHHHH".
Not in a good way, by the way.

I saw these kids playing tag. That's good, right?
But HAMAGAAAHHHHH! When they tag each other, they lick their hands first!
So it's like, "TAG! I lick you! Bahaha! So much fun!".

But they're kids, so it's normal for them to play something disgusting right?
I used to play with tadpoles in the longkang.
I used to jump in muddy puddles WITHOUT shoes/slippers/boots.
What's so wrong about licking the hand and wiping it on another person's face or clothes?

Well. Let me answer myself.
Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is on the loose and it's going around like nobody's business.
So yeah. I don't want my kids to get that.
And that's why i freaked out a bit.

And also, there was this one time, this bibik came to me and practically telling me how dissatisfied she was with the child she was handling. Saying the girl was "cerewet macam ibunya". TO ME!
All the girl did was cry softly. She wasn't wailing or throwing tantrum pun. And the bibik told me she'd prefer staying at home "boleh tengok tv. Lebih enak.".

I don't know why she feels like she could rant to me..

So what's the point of me ranting about this then?

Here's what it is, actually:
I hate the fact that i can't say these things out loud.
I wish i could tell the children to not play lick-tag. Just play tag is ok, ye children? =)
We don't want everyone to get unwanted and terrible diseases kan?
Thank you for being careful!
Bibik, kalau bibik tak puas hati, bagitau majikan la ya. Bagitau saya tak elok. Bukannya saya boleh buat apa apa pun. Kalau bibik tak suka budak ni nangis, telefon saja sama majikan, tanya dia kat mana. Saya boleh tolong tunjuk bibik cara nak pergi kat dia.

Menegur is good, but it's hard to do. I can't even tegur my own family members, let alone strangers. I memang honestly prefer writing down what i truly want to say because my brain just don't make sense when it comes through my mouth. I'm out of practice i guess. I hardly talk to anyone on a sophisticated level other than my husband, my cousin and my mom..

Oh well.

Such is life of a housewife, who couldn't speak her mind freely and talking about her child's development like it's such an important topic.



Nadia Johari said...

budak2 memang cerewet..kita layankan jela..haish bibik2

wani ezryl * said...

yeah, i did tegur budak2 at indoor playground not to rush at the slides and tolak tolak. hahaha. so auntie pengawas :P

think the bibik is tired and has no one to talk to. obviously she can't say it to her boss. once ada makcik ni mengadu kat saya dia penat jaga cucu, but can't say it to her daughter. yes taking care of kids might be tiresome. that explains why some ppl just talk about it to release a bit.

shafiza said...

Same goes to me Maria. Haha Kadang2 memang macam tak nak bawah anak pergi kat taman2 sebab takut terjangkit atau menjangkiti kanak2 lain. Such a paranoid mum, but, still bawak anak main kat luar sebab dah boring main kat dalam rumah. True, kalau kita nak mengadu pun pasal penat jaga anak, like at the media sosial pun..who care, I think. At least, we feel better. Kita sama2 berkongsi perasaan. 😂

Julliet Ta said...

Artikelnya bagus, thanks for sharing. Izin sharing gan :)


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Chooyaya! said...

My son shein, each time pergi GYM balik MESTI DEMAM. So ever since that, I dont think the Mall playground is a best choice to bring kids main2. Melambak germ kot? Ada this one time kena HMFD from gym la. Patut dekat every gyms, sapa nak masuk kena spray antibacterial dulu kot? About you cant speaks your mind out, I faham. Susah kan nak tegur at the same time tak hurt anyone feeling. So lebih baik diam. Lepas tu makan hati okbye. Haha


Bermain bersama anak rasanya senang sekali

Bashtiah Nahrul said...

Yo! I feel you, Maria. There are, of course certain topics and thoughts that we could only keep to ourselves. Ranting it on the blog and hopefully it could make some people change their mindset. But anyway, it does need courage to tegur strangers. Hang in there, mummehhhh (mummy). Heh.

aliasataparapaapaapaa! said...

maybe dia tengok you pun macam bibik so macam luahkan perasaan kat you perasaan bibik bibik hahahhaa k just kidding.