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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Review: Scholl's Electronic Nail Care System


Those were the days when i collect nail buffers and bring them everywhere with me to buff mah nails haha! I was a teenager too back when it was a trend!
*remember that time girls?*

I used to buy the funky ones first because, ye la, cool la nak bawak skolah tunjuk kawan, but after a while, i go serious and got myself the plain boring ones, but does better job at making my nails shine bright like a diamond.

*photo credit: Google*

It was an obsession!
I loved getting my nails buffed and then just brush my nails on my lips. Rasa smooth gila. You guys do that too, kan? =p

After a while though, the trend just dies out and i haven't buffed my nails since i got married.
Eventhough sometimes i do have the urge to buy a nail buffer, i just don't because the thought of the process, you know, the energy needed to really really shine my nails, turned me off like crazy.

It has been too long though.
Thanks to technology, nail care is so much easier and faster now!

Scholl Velvet Smooth
Electronic Nail Care System

It's super easy to use!
Just attach the cartridge, using number 1,2 or 3

1 = File

2 = Buff

3 = Shine

And voila!

I was so excited when i got this that i immediately filed and buffed my nails at home and spare the shining so that i get to shine my nails while waiting for my turn at the clinic bahahahaha =p

Gigih kan?

Hubs took this picture of me enjoying shining my nails!

Can you see the shine?

I can sense the obsession coming back now..
Because it's sooooo easy to use! 
I don't have to exert energy pun except to move the device about. 

What i love most about doing my nails is that i get to think and i got some great ideas about stuff, like activities i want to do with Nadrah, my business, and blog! 
Talk about productive huh? =)

Anyway, you can get the Scholl Nail Care System at Lazada, use the promo code: FILE30
for RM30 off! It's only valid from 7 - 31st March, so lekas lekas la ya!
Click -> HERE <- for link at Lazada (and shop!)
Click -> HERE <- for link at Scholl (for more details about the device)
As usual, you're welcome =p

Always love doing this after shining my nails =p


Nor Afidah Bte Che Azmi said...

me to..i also use this for my tapak kaki..hahah..

Shandra Winata said...

Artikelnya sangat menarik, semoga bisa bermanfaat bagi orang banyak, lanjutkan kerja kerasnya yah gan ^_^

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Yatie Owner said...

hehe. shine bright like a diamond ya :)
sweet maria ;)

Rino Wijaya said...

nails were nice and now I get a good nail art ideas, thanks

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Allen Jasson said...

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