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Friday, February 26, 2016

Review: Choose Value at GSC!


It has been years since i've watched Pursuit of Happyness, but despite that, it is a movie that has the biggest impact on me. You should definitely watch it if you haven't! =)

The movie came out in 2006, and it made me realise how much a parent would sacrifice for the sake of their kid(s). I was still just a kid then. A young adult, technically =p
I cried buckets watching it because it really reminded me of how much my dad had sacrificed for myself and my siblings.
My dad never told us about his problems and he always tried to make us happy by taking us out for dinner, even if it's just at the gerai, buying us new pajamas (baju tido power rangers, hahahaha!), and layan kita tengok tv. Watching Pursuit of Happyness really really made me remember his facial expressions and his tired eyes.
He really tried to provide us with the best. =')

Anyway, now that i'm a parent, i understand how strong that love is. I thought i love my husband and family, like super strong. Until i had Nadrah.
It's a different kind of love.
Definitely stronger.

I want to be the kind of mom that would nurture and raise my kids to live up to their fullest potential, which is why i want to 'repair' myself first. So far, experience has been the best teacher, alhamdulillah.

Last time, to watch this movie, it was the time before this GSC app existed, so to get a ticket at the cinema, we had to physically line up and wait in a long line. It was always a long line!
Sometimes, in order to get good seats, we would go a day earlier to buy tix for the next day! Sanggup tu! Hahaha!

Now, dah senang kan. Also, over the years, i'm glad that the ticket price hasn't changed drastically miserably. FYI, i only go to GSC if ever i nak tengok movie.
Blockbuster movie tix is only from RM 12.50, and there're still Wednesday & Student price specials which is just from RM 7.50, specially for people on a break. For seniors, from RM7.50!
Kids? From RM 5!
*Kung Fu Panda 3 coming out soon, so families can watch at GSC with good price kannnnn*
Ada banyak lagi la! I even have the app which makes purchasing so much easier. Save time and energy =)


I mean, don't do this la kan, but i used to use my matrix card to get student price even after i graduated. It's not a good thing to do AND that was only when i was still unemployed. So i kinda still need to save money and i did it to support our local movies. Ok la kan? Hehe!

On my last note, here's one of my favourite scenes from Pursuit of Happyness:

So much feels!!!


Ardilla Noorezan said...

I almost watched this movie last night Kak Maria! But, I fell asleep before sempat to switch on my laptop haha. I'm gonna watch it tonight then! :D

Shandra Winata said...

Artikelnya sangat menarik, semoga bisa bermanfaat bagi orang banyak, lanjutkan kerja kerasnya yah gan ^_^

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Natasha Weinns said...

Boleh juga nih isi artikelnya utk menarik pembaca. lanjutkan kerja kerasnya agan dan aganwatie :)

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wani ezryl * said...

sama la pakai matrix card nak tgk movie lepas habis belajar! haha. muka pulak masih student jadi lepas lah xP but lepas dh kerja ada duit, bayar full.

Khalid Kyle said...

Nasib my student card ade lagi n muke plak maintain sweet 17 lol XD

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camunsif said...