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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Road trippin' with the fam


So i thought i wanna share about what we did for last year's holiday.
Husband took a long holiday from before Christmas till New Year's, so we thought we should go travel and stuff.
I wanted to go overseas. Nak gi Japan.
But of course, realistically, it's too costly and what with Nadrah & me being pregnant (cepat semput), we opt for roadtrip.

Husband pun jenis suka drive, so that's his ideal sort of vacation. Bahaha!

Kita start dari KL pastu gerak ke Seremban jumpa in-laws (family suami) pastu kita reramai gi Port Dickson.
I don't understand why PD isn't as commercialised as Pangkor or Langkawi. Pangkor tu pun lagi famous kot, padahal i think PD is just as good. The beach is nice, food practically everywhere, clean (takdelah clean gila, but not bad la!), and there's water sports too.

Abang jepun otw nak kasi kita makan yong tau fu.

At PD, my in-laws had booked a room at the Avillion. I haven't been there for years, and it was nice to see that the place is just as nice as the first time i went there.
And it's more happening than before! Eventhough the hotel's swimming pool for kids looked nice, but i wanted nadrah to play at the beach. Sand, sensory skill, you know - kid's brain development thing. Heheee =B

I'm glad she liked it. It was probably her first time at the beach.... Eh no. She went already long time ago. But the last time we went to the beach, she didn't like it as much. Takut takut lagi masa tu. 
Since i didn't want to swim in public places (hijabis, you feel me? hehe), i left the swimming part to my husband & ayahfiq (asfiq).

awwwhh =')
Bonding time!

Gua sibok makan ini sandwich =p
sandy sandwich, mmmmmmmmmm!

We went back to seremban that night while our in-laws stayed at the hotel. Next day, it was on to Melaka!
We went there to check on Atuk (husband's granpa) and see how he was doing. Nadrah really did make a lot of difference in a quiet environment. Her screaming and shouting and laughing and running around somehow made atuk happier. Alhamdulillah =) 
We couldn't stay long because we knew Atuk would have to entertain us, so around after Asar, we went to our hotel in bandar. And again, husband took nadrah swimming, while i lepak kat tepi and just watch them. BLISS! Hehe!
Gembira si Nadrah!

The next day, we just walked around Jonker street with Nadrah. Our main objective was to go on the canal ride, Hard Rock Cafe, and cendol je. We checked out the hotel too.

We got on the beca with a lot of difficulty!
Kelakar gila sebab Nadrah was 'surprised' at how the beca was playing Doraemon's theme song (it was Doraemon themed beca duhh), and the three of us plus stroller and bags were cramped like crazy. I couldn't feel my right butt after a while.

Lepak kat mall kejap sebab ummi wants to drink.
Nadrah saw this panda hat thing and wanted it. After paying for it, she wanted a tiger one. I didn't let her. 

We went straight to Muar after that.
Sempat gi tanjong. I wanted to have rojak betis and some fish cake goreng. Bahahaa!

Happening sangat kat tanjong!

We went to Muar to visit & stay with Tokmak (my grandma) and see how she's doing. Alhamdulillah sihat and she said she hasn't had good appetite, until the day we arrived. I had 3 rounds of briyani gam which she got from her friend. Uggghhh sedap nyaaaaa!!!!!

Nadrah entertaining tokmak with her 'bear dance'. =)

The next day, we got up early and left to Desaru. Again, for the beach. Heheeee =)
It was a long drive but gila la Desaru resort! Besar like crazy and so many things we could do. But we only wanted to go to the beach. Nadrah pun wasn't up for swimming in the pool.
So, off to the beach!

Again, father-daughter activity =B

Ummi just hold on to Nadrah's rock collection. Nyehehehe

upside down, but must-have beach picture kan? bahaha

We checked out the next day and went to JB. Dah masuk hotel and stuff, we went swimming first!
But swimming pics takde so biar la. We went out for dinner but were disappointed because jam kat JB is like crazy gak at night, and we were so tired of going around looking for places to eat that was recommended online to find that they were closed (sedih), so we head back to the hotel and ordered room service. Oh well. We had a good rest and we got it anyway, so ok la.

Next day, it was a full day activity! 

We went to Kilang bateri since it was one of the most recommended places to go in JB. I think we were there for 15minutes kot. Sebab memang takde niat nak shopping and makan/mengopi. So just pusing pusing, and let nadrah play on the car thingy.

Went to cat's cafe!

Kesian dia. Tido masa kat sana. But good for me and husband! Dapat layan kucing. Kihkih!
She woke up not long afterwards and started chasing after the cats. 
Kids. Biasa lah.

Then we went to this jumping place.. I forgot the name! 

Nadrah was scared at first, but when husband taught her how to jump on the trampoline, she was able to jump on her own! Good job bebeh!
They went 'swimming' in this foam thing too. Suka betul abah dia. dapat baring. baahahaha!

Family peeekchuuuurrrr~
I wanted to jump with them so bad... But i can't because of my pregnancy. So i just watched them from the sidelines and cheered them on...
Such a good cheerleader, i am.

It was New Year's day that day, so we went to the apa-nama-tampat-tu kat JB.. Danga Bay? And while it was so happening and stuff, we stayed just for a while, and went back to the hotel coz it got too crowded & unpleasant. We had fun anyway at the hotel room watching Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham. Nadrah & i were laughing and dancing together. I love Poo. Hahaha!

The next day, we checked out of the hotel, went to JPO and did some damage shopping (booo!), and then we went to Muar to see tokmak again for lunch, and then straight to seremban.

Stayed overnight at in-laws, and went back to KL the next day.

Gila kan?
We stayed like kejap kejap je kat all this places! It was fun though but very tiring for me.
I thought i was able to handle it, but my semputness got me sometimes. Cehs.

Road-tripping like this isn't that hard though. We found hotels, places to go and things to do by googling. We used Waze, trivago, foursquare a lot too.

So my tips for those of you with kids who wants to go on a road trip:
1. Pack lightly. 
2. There are self-laundry places everywhere now, so find them and wash your clothes so that you don't have to pack so much.
3. You can buy pampers and stuff at mydin or whatever when you run out, so don't have to bring so much.
4. Have big quota internet on your phone so that you can use them anytime, anywhere.

Guess that's it for now!

Good luck road-trippers (with kids!)!


Nor Afidah Bte Che Azmi said...

Ya lah Kak..Nak travel luar negara...tapi kos tinggi..Tapi dapat holiday dlm Negara pun hokey jugak kan...Yang penting dapat spedn time dgn Family..

Fieda Redzuan said...

guest what, my mother in law house (practically my house when it is long holiday :p) is only 10 minutes from desaru, tapi i takde chance nak pergi desaru even cuti raya cina baru ni i cuti 9 hari! so jealous tengouk u pergi desaru :D
btw nadrah cute! hehe

Siti Nurzafirah said...

Nadrah gonna be sister soon... congrats ~

husna zahidi said...

cheeky nadhrah! ;)

Angah said...

tahniah Maria, jaga kesihatan ya..

miss eimanhikmah said...

teringin nk xde sape nk layan..booo

silentdreamer said...

that picture of father-daughter beach activity is really beautiful.
looking at that kinda miss my moments with my dad. sobs.

great to see a happy family!

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FadMN said...

lucky u didn't go to japan.must be hectic for pregnant mum and one kiddo.hehe. btw, road trip pun best watttt :)

kyra perodua said...

comel nye nadrah.. :)

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