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Monday, December 1, 2014



biasa la.


kejap happy, kejap terluka, kejap angau, kejap menangis teresak esak. wahahha!

i told myself once upon not-so-long ago, to blog more often.
coz i have these memories that i want to remember, but then i procrastinate, and last last, i forget.
i have so many notebooks, kononnya nak jadi diary. in the end, it sits on my bookshelf, looking pretty. wahaha!

so anyway,

just now, we had dinner in ikano.
after dinner we went around shopping some stuff, then we went into a video store. hubs and i were looking around for some dvds of movies we wanted to watch but never got around to.
after some browsing, i dah malas, so nak keluar the shop with nadrah.
suddenly, the alarm went off!

i was just about the give the cashier the 'look' coz i didn't take anything, so is your tiang thingy sounding off?? when i saw nadrah holding several dvds in her hands!!

i did not see her grabbing anything!

and then she just looked at me innocently.

so i took the dvds from her quickly and put them on the shelf back, lantak lah salah tempat, and just get out of the shop sepantas kilat!

malu aku dibuatnya ='D

oh well.

people warned me about this phase.
the 'mengemas' stage.


when did you grow up nadrah?
yesterday you were still in my belly!


Azghen said...

Wahaha! Dpt bayangkan u terkejut dan tercegat depan pintu keluar tu. Pernah merasa gak the situation. Tapi i tak cuak sangat sbb mmg beli barang then plastic barang still kat tangan. Alarm kedai tu ntah yg sensitive sgt

Chekgu Azrine said...

Cerdik nadrah ibu terkjut

NadiaR said...

cleber girl!

Afiqah Azmee said...

kak maria buat acc Dayre tak? i also love to have a diary sebab sentimental lah katakan haha. happily updated daily for our own satisfaction.

ummu hasni said...

Cepat kan anak-anak membesar. Ready for more adventure lepas ni mama elena..Good luck. Tapi rasanya will be easier to handle bby girl than mine...boboboyyy...haha

sheAYANG said...

Nakal ye nadrah buat mummy dia kaget. She's growing up so well. Cepat je masa berlalu kann...

latifah maisarah said...

comelnyaaa!!!! XD

Syahidah Rohani said...

omg nadrah's face is soooo look-alike to your husband.. ahaks~~ hahaha