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Sunday, December 14, 2014

13 december punya story. oh ok.


WHAAAA?!? dah 2.30am?!?!

oh well.

i've been sleeping so late these past few weeks, it's no wonder i have panda eyes, even panda-er than ever.

alhamdulillah dah submit my second draft the other day, amidst being busy with La Kayena. counting stocks, beli kain, hantar tailors, in sha Allah 2015 will be a better year =)

anyway, today, eh, yesterday, husband decided to have an early birthday celebration for me (my birthday will be on Monday, and we both know nothing special's gonna happen. padahal it's also our 2nd year marriage anniversary).

takde celebrate mende pun.
just went to one utama, and he told me i can get anything i want, mainly shoes.
sebab dia kesian tengok my shoes.

i've been wearing my converse sneakers since early this year, and i've been wearing it everywhere. to formal occasions, through the rain, to classes, to interviews, everywhere.
the shoes seems to fit anything i wear, and that's why i like it so much.
i can't fit all my other shoes since i gave birth, which is really odd, coz usually kaki kembang during pregnancy, not after.
so i only have my converse, the only ones that fit really nicely. and i'm too lazy to buy more.
coz i did, and they got stolen.
so yeah.

kesian dia.. dah belacan.

so we were at one utama, and went around looking for shoes.
tapi entah la. the ones i really like didn't have my size.
out of disappointment, i went to forever21 and bought some tops and a plain palazzo. muahahaha!

just when i thought i'm done shopping, husband said he wants to look for a wallet to replace his old one. 

in the end, we both bought bags.

which weren't in our list.


oh well. rezeki. alhamdulillah! hhehehee!

after we shopped till husband dropped, we went to chill out at coffee bean. i wanted to go to secret recipe coz i wanna have a slice of 'birthday' cake. tapi sebab malas dah nak turun and it was already late, coffee bean pun coffee bean laaaa.

my birthday cake =')

nadrah dah start tateh-ing, so she's been throwing tantrums when we strap he in her stroller.
she wants to be freeeeeeeeeee~~

it's cute to see her walking like a penguin, with her arms wide open, under the sunlight, welcome to this place, i'll show you everythinggg! woah, lama gila tak dengar lagu tu.

where was i?
oh ya. she walks around with her arms wide open, and the penat part is when she wants to walk out of the place of our interest.
nak tukar direction dia payah sikit coz she's so determined. ahhaha!

she fell a few times, and me being the kind of person who laughs at myself, i laughed at her.
of course i pick her up and pujuk her.
but i'll laugh while doing it. hehe!

sorry nadrah kesayanganku!

want to share so much but my brain dah penat and my eyes are so heavyyyyy..

save them for next time la.

btw, today, 14th december, my cousin ami is getting married!!

ok i really need my beauty sleep pronto. i'm one of her bridesmaids!!


Khaulah Alazwar said...

happy becoming birthday and happy anniversary kak maria ! May Allah shower with His blessings on you dan semoga bahagia sampai syurga ^^ Nadrah cuteeee !

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Ummi Nadrah!!

nZaOdonut said...

Happy Birthday Maria Elena :)
cuteeee nye Nadrah...hehehe

Aretikz said...

Sanah helwah :)

My blog :

MamaAliya said...

happy birthday dear!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Maria! May Allah bless you and your little family:)

dilakochan said...

Happy Birthday sis maria!

Birthday kita dekat2 aje. Mine is tomorrow! :))))

Unknown said...

more nadrah's pics please!
and vids also hihi

Aqilah Azmi said...

alahai comel nya kak maria wiwiw
ples update blog okkk

nadrah why so omey n she started tateh-ing dah?

Nur Saleha Jayiddin said...

happy belated birthday kak maria
suke baca blog nih.

Fara said...

lama tak komen.. i like the part where u laugh at you nadrah before picking her up.. high5..

tak ramai org buat gitu.. and some bila tengok terus pandang parents mcm tak pandai jaga anak.. haha.. oh well..

nak ajar anak tak manja sangat kan.. harus lah tidak terlalu paranoid walaupon setiap mak bapak mmg ade je perangai paranoid.. which.. sometimes is a good thing. ok sudah ku merapu pjg sgt plak.. have fun being a mother!