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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

We can Do More Lah


this is the 'social media' zaman. it used to be just social. like, physically. but now, people can socialise using media.
how time flies =')
facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr, blog - either you have all, some or one of them. betul kan? hehe!

some people use their social media platforms as a way to generate income. that's clever, really!
and then you have these people who uses it as a platform for dakwah, for showcasing their talents (i like to stalk talented and skilful art-ists and doodlers heeeee), and so much more!

it's amazing~
i feel that more and more people are heading towards a good direction with their social medias. for example, there were some matters which i didn't know about raising a child. alhamdulillah, i have a friend in facebook who is a kindergarten teacher, and she shares so much stuff about kids! so from her, i've learnt a lot and i managed to apply some stuff with nadrah! =D

another example,
you know how sekarang, there are people sharing news about a child who needs financial help to do some operation or treatment?
by spreading it on social medias, in sha Allah, people can donate and the much needed financial aid tercapai. even if tak mampu nak derma, the fact that a person share the news, that's already an act of sedekah.
tapi sebenarnya even RM 1 pun boleh je derma =)
sama ada nak atau tidak je kan.

that's why i refuse to hear excuses like "i can't do much" or "i wish i can help, but.." or "i want to be a volunteer, but i don't know how..".
i mean, really??


everyone can make a difference.
even if it's just by using social medias. seriously!

cuma you have to know what you're standing up for, and really go for it.
no more procrastinating, ok?


there's a campaign going on too on facebook, where people share on what they want to do to help malaysians. it's a hashtag campaign called #DoMoreLah4Malaysia. brilliant. you can see more here.
recently, i saw a post by one of the participants:
"I am happy to #DoMoreLah4Malaysia
for charity and welfare homes that require funds to take care of disabled children and children with special needs
running a Facebook page or other social media channels, and being a photographer for NGO to help create public awareness and explore fundraising opportunities"
 - Jaslyn Loo
so you see?
Ms Jaslyn is a good photographer (i stalked her. bahahaha) and she's using that talent to spread awareness. i was just. wow.
it's so inspiring how she plans to use her ability and creativity to help others! so selfless!! terharu~ hehehe!

i encourage you to read more of the #DoMoreLah4Malaysia campaign, coz it's inspiring. and perhaps it can give you some idea on how you can contribute by using your social medias!

what i want to #DoMoreLah4Malaysia , i want to build an institution for the poor, the homeless, the refugees (eventhough they're not Malaysians, but they live here. so why not?), where they can learn a skill and hopefully be able to use it to earn a living.
in sha Allah..

so nanti ada campaign macam ni lagi, share la your ideas.
mana tau from that one idea, it'll become a reality because i believe that together, we can make a difference via digital media

For more information, visit


Hafiz Hafizol said...

yeah !!! #DoMoreLah

cazamiya said...

yeahhhh betul...nak atau tak nak jerrr,,, we can #DoMoreLah4Malaysia

Nur Saleha Jayiddin said...

setuju kak maria!
lets do moreeee.
we can make a different kannn.

Fatihah Salleh said...

Lets do more Kak Maria :)

Tidur Punca Badan Obesiti

Anonymous said...

Tq for the info ^^

Darleen (",) said...

Subhanallah Maria..
I rasa since entah bila lah I get inspired by your writing and thoughts!!
Well, I pun support #DoMoreLah4Malaysia.
Since my first child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.. Helping disabilities is one of my future goals..

And... I will be so honoured dear if I may get the chance to have at least a short time for a chit chat session with you.. Just for sharing thoughts..

Inn shaa Allah..