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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

15 december punya story


alhamdulillah, i have safely turned 27 today =')

when i was in uni, i never thought i'd live up to this age.
27 feels like forever away~~

but it's today!


and i usually don't celebrate my birthday. just dinner with family la biasanya.
but today, i didn't have dinner whatsoever. i cooked as usual and mom tapaukan botok-botok, so all i had to cook were nasi and sayur.
it was simple and nice dinner (for me la. for suami, don't know. hopefully sedap jugak la. hehee!)

then husbeng said his friend wants to come drop by to pick up something.
i didn't even sense anything weird about his behaviour. padahal he did several things weirdly.
i just thought dia ni buang tebiat ke apa.. hahahahha!! and about his friend, i just thought it'll be a short while, so i didn't bother preparing drinks or whatever. dah la pakai baju tido je. of course la sarung jubah neyu & tudung instant. buat apa nak melawa?

rupanyaaaa... "kawan" nak amik barang tu, WERE MY FRIENDS!!

no'in, ikram, tasha, adreen and nadim.. korang niii!!! sweet sangat tauuuu! i iz touching you knowww!

tasha played her guitar while they all sang happy birthday song for me, and i was on the sofa with nadrah saying "ARE YOU SERIOUS?? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? SERIOUSLYYY???"
and i cried. out of happiness of course!

i didn't expect anything at all, coz it's monday kot!!


they brought pizza, cupcakes and balloons too! =')

haha! nampak bersepah. memang pun!!

tak tangkap pulak gambar we all together!! wuwuuu..

thank you korang!! love you all!! tak sangka suami pun would be part of komplotting something like this behind my back. i really did not expect anything!

nadrah playing with the confetti. hehe! 

earlier today i got messages too from my friends and families, and even those who commented on instagram, facebook and twitter, even yesterday's blogpost! subhanallah.. i feel so blessed to be able to feel like this!

my mom, aunts and cousins too celebrated me boithday over lunch =')

pretending to blow candles. bahaha!!

nah, please help yourself to my 'birthday cake'!

thank you everyone yang wish, thank you for your prayers! may Allah swt reward you with much goodness! ='D

oh ya! it's our second year anniversary too!!

i sent husbeng a long message, and his reply was short. surprisingly, i wasn't annoyed or whatever (the old me would be annoyed), but i was laughing coz it's typical of him!

2 years of marriage taught me that some habits are really really hard to leave behind, but we should try to tolerate better with each other's bad habits. also, i've learnt to just let loose and don't focus on being a perfect wife, because i can never be one!
so instead of stressing over "why can't i cook like that woman in barefoot contessa??" or "i have to clean this house like crazy and do this, that, those, and ahhhhh!".
i just do whatever i can, at my own pace.

kalau rumah sepah, sorry. i penat. haha!

i learnt to divide my time better too. sometimes even i wondered how i made it this far without ending up in hospital with limbs all detached. hahahaa!
(nauzubillah min zalik!)

i can't wait to finish this last semester!
after i'm done with masters, i can finally focus on business and nadrah better, in sha Allah =D
ya Allah, permudahkan lah! 

anyway, another thing i've learnt from 2 years of marrying to this guy (haha!).
love isn't saying "i love you" everyday and night.
it isn't about holding each other's arms.
it isn't about looking into each other's eyes.
it isn't about feeling all nervous and blossoming when we look or touch each other.

love is willingness.
willing to tolerate, adapt, help each other, listen, accept each other's good and bad, and willing to sacrifice.

so yeah.
i hope we'll be able to stay willing for each other and our family.
insha Allah =')

thank you all for this lovely card!

may the year to come be better than the last. who knows what Allah SWT has planned for us. whatever it is, i hope that i'll have the strength and positivity to accept His qadr. in sha Allah.


Ajim said...

happpy birthday kak maria! happy anniversary too! semoga kak maria diberikan kekuatan untuk bersama2 en sumai dan nadrah yang comel ittu! part limb detached too overnyaaaa hahahaha :)

aswaleyla said...

hepi bufday kak marrrr.

Hafiz Hafizol said...

Happy birthday kak maria gojes .. Semoga panjang umur , dimurahkan rezeki, bahagia dunia akhirat.. Inshaallah...


cik oreo said...

auchh sweetnya akak and husbeng! hehe. happy befday kak mars. ^^

Ayumieka said...

Happy Birthday maria.... i hampir2 nama kan my daughter sempena nama u.. Maria Elena.. haha...

dorsett pink said...

sekarang ni maria buat tittle ikut traikh.. menarik..

btw, jom follow saya kat my blog.. cerita pasal saya besarkan my baby =)) (new mom)

Carleed Danial said...

Happy Birthday my lovely sis!!!..Semoga sentiasa berbahagia dan di rahmati oleh NYA selalu. AMIN..

FadMN said...

happy belated birthday ummi mars..:)
salam kenal.
jemput la singgah blog picisan kita :)


cik mah said...

Happy belated besday ...kita sama umurlah...nadrah dah besar dah ek...

Nona*maNis said...

happy birthday Maria Elena. May Allah shower your life happiness :)

Unknown said...

Sanah Helwah Maria ELena.. Have a wonderful happy,healthy birthday and many more to come!!!

...Juwita Maya... said...

Salam Maria, mana nak beli anak tudung macam u pakai tu?

Unknown said...

SALAM maria saya bulan depan dah 27 but kiter still same age sebab u bulan 12 baru lagi kan hehehe so happy 27th dear huhuhu
visit my blog k tq

Aqilah Azmi said...

birthday iwiwiwiii

@belmelange said...

Happy birthday, lovely post!

penselkayu said...

salam kak ena =)
You look seriously soooo motherly and mature.May you have blessful and blissful in future life.dan smoga adik Nadrah will come soon.=)

Anasyg said...

happy belated birthday Mar. semoga Allah memberkati hidup kamu sekeluarga, semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki :) amin ya rabbal al-Amin :)

Haiqal Qadrini said...

salaam kak maria. akak, ni post akk yg terbaik pernah aqis baca ;') yeah, u taught me smething through this post ,really.

Nur Saleha Jayiddin said...

happy birthday mariaa

Mina said...

comenye Nadrah!! Nadrah main confetti, die x amek masuk mulut ke??