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Friday, September 5, 2014

secret #1 ihiks!


when i was 18 years old, 27 seemed so far. and this year, mashaAllah, i will turn 27 in december!!
rasa macam ohyamjee sangat!
*checks face for wrinkles*

truthfully, i never imagined to be a family person when i was younger. i hardly ever thought of weddings, children and even settling with a guy, coz i thought of being a traveller konon ala ian wright. heheheh!

things are so different now than what i had imagined. i have my own family unit! alhamdulillah =')
so if a person were to ask me about the 1 thing i care most, of course, it's my family =)

Nadrah's aqiqah months ago 

and i was naive to think that having a child would be easy peasy.
boy, oh boy.. was i naive!

it's a lot of work! not just physically, but mental and emotionally too!

i was so exhausted during the first few months after having nadrah and i wondered, "how did every mom handle this??? with babies, toddlers, household chores, cooking, hamagaahhhh!!"

and now.
mothers and mothers-to-be's..

the secret is HEALTH.
macam simple je kan?
like "pssshhh! i knowwww" right?
but please.

bila ada anak sume, memang penyakit malas melanda mendalami jiwa raga dan procrastinate.
reality is uglier than our expectation. hahaha!

anyways, i started doing light warm ups whenever i can and eating supplements regularly.
it did wonders!
not only my body starts feeling better, i can handle pressure better!
alhamdulillah =D

so i STRONGLY STRONGLY STRONGLU STRONGLA encourage you ladies to take good care of your health!
whether you're single, married, have kids, working, whatever, health is not something we should take for granted. this is a nikmat! a gift from Allah SWT!

jom ramai ramai cakap "Alhamdulillah!" =D

dan kakak kakak adik adik sayang, bukan setakat exercise je ye, makan pun kena jaga. i've been training myself to cook with olive oil and eat more vegetables. eeegghhh.... sebab sayang family dan sayang kesihatan, maka ku paksakan diri menelan sayur. *turn on jamie oliver cooking shows*

if you're keen in joining runs (it's so common nowadays, means ramai suka healthy lifestyle!), Allianz Pacer ada buat gak! we are all welcomed to participate =D

if i ask you what's the one thing that matters to you, what would it be?

for me, it's health. because in order to be there for my family, to be able to do things i want, learn, to perform ibadah and travel, i need my health =)

Allianz wants to know too why your health matters to you!
share them with Allianz at their website HERE and the first 300 will get a free Allianz Pacer T shirt! remember to LIKE their Facebook Page too!
you could also share your pictures of the things that matter to you on Instagram and tag #matters2meMY or #matterstomeMY

simple kan?

here's something you should watch =D

hope this helps make you make the right decision to protect the things that matter to you =)


simaasyamimi said...

The beautiful family. MashaAllah.

nayfatimah rasyid said...

I follow ;)

Radin Aden said...

Bukan senang jadi mak. Dulu ingat senang je. Tapi tak cukup tidur, tak cukup makan, tak cukup masa nk masuk bilik air pun. Nak handle housechores, nak main dengan anak-anak. Tapi sementara je kot sebab bila dia da besar semua ni akan jadi kenangan sahaja.

Puteri said...

Totally! As a mom, sometimes I feel that I cannot at any cost fall sick hukkkk! But you don't look 27 at all, 18 y/o top to toe ;)

Come visit my blog. I write mostly about my 2 growing kids and my home business. time freedom financial freedom

aniesa ahmad said...

muka kak maria sangatlah awek muda >.< .. suka sangat tengok akak dengan family. semoga akak kekal bahagia hingga ke jannah :)

eamy milea said...

happy family.. :)

Anonymous said...

Nadrah adorable gila!!

ruqayya said...

True for me, since hitting the 3 series, my body gave that sign of 'aging' (owh no!). Too many things too cope. Family, health, career etc etc. So, I started taking supplements afterwards (as I can't cook healthy meal every single day and exercise 3 times a week - owh gosh this is embarrassing!)

Take care Maria and family!

Ruqayya menulis.... Syoknya Kerja dari Rumah !

..:: WiRdA ::.. said...

lama tak jenguk cik adik ni..
Congrats.. for your cute happy family.

saya pon start punya family masa umur ni. kekok tp redah jugak. haha

ok, jemput2 blogwalking ye -->

Siti Nor Salwa Che Lah said...

assalamualaikum kak hari 2 lecture saya ada cakap if memasak jangan guna olive oil..olive oil bila dimasak akan menjadi lebih bahaya dari memasak menggunakan minyak kelapa sawit..oliveoil hanya boleh digunakan untuk way dressing salad..

Aya Suria said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aya Suria said...

happy family :) suka tgk maria n baby
jemput blogwalking ye

azimah mohd zainuddin said...

Cute sangat family photo tu. May Allah bless you and grant your family with Jannah

Maria Elena Zarul said...

amiin to your doas!!

and me, look young?!?! ALHAMDULILLAH!
i feel 27 though. hehehe!

anyway, baru tau olive oil takleh guna untuk masak. selalu tengok jamie oliver la, chef manentah sume guna. ingatkan bagus.. kena research dulu la. thanks though!

thank you semuaaaa!! kish nah!

puan ekin hoza said...

follow dan singgah sini dear!

Sophia Hany said...

muka akak mcm muka Nuha AF tu..

Natasya mohamed wazir said...

teringat masa i tade anak lagi..ada akak opis ni selalu cakap i can't afford to be sicked..masa tu i tak paham ni bila anak dah ada dua olang..barulah paham ayat akak is wealth")

yuuko uchiha said...

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mamabeauty said...

totally agreed with you if kita dah ada anak and have to carry on with house chores bagai sure keletihan..

supplemen is the best..