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Monday, March 10, 2014

LINE Shopping crazy deals


well hello there my sweety pie, pumpkin pie, cherry pie! - out of habit. i've been saying these words to nadrah all the time recently. she is my sweety pie, pumpkin pie, cherry pie~~ =p


so a few months ago, mom told me there was a crazy sale on LINE. she showed me some of the messages on her LINE, and i was sceptical.
i didn't have LINE then, so i wasn't too sure how legit this "Sale" was.

like, how crazy is it that a Samsung Note 3 was selling at RM 10???
or the instax polaroid camera.
RM 10?!
fo shizzle?!?

super crazy kan.

well.. the super crazy sale was true, 100% legit and again, SUPER CRAZY!

and guess what.

woooot!! i'm so geared up this time, hoping i would get something awesome =B

benda baik and best camni mesti lah share kan?
so meh akak share sket yeeee =p

ok ada 2 jenis sale.
1. Name Your Own price - you enter the LOWEST unique price to the item you wish to purchase at the entry form which you can only get through LINE Shopping Official Account. the entry form will be opened for 3 days and after 3 days, you'll get the result. the trick is to put in the most unpopular or random amount. more chances to win, 'init? =p
don't have to put the symbol "RM" ya, just letak 2 digits.

2. 10 x 10 deals - unfortunately, this one is over. it was crazy though. everything was RM 10! oh, good thing is, they're having 10 Ringgit Super Deal! that's something to look forward to! =D

macam mana nak check LINE Shopping, you ask?
camni jeeeeee~

Bukak LINE, go to "More" kat bawah tu, and go to "Official Accounts"

see that "LINE SHOPPING"

just add it, ok?

kacang putih sambal hijau kan?

do it NOW!!
coz you'd want to grab some awesome deals =D

all the best!!!


Hanis farina said...

eh !!!!! INI MENARIK NIH !!!!!!!!!!

mOoN said...

gagagaga..dah few times join name your price tu tpi x bertuah lagi... :)

Siti Hajar said...

Murahnya! Nak cuba try test la. Ade rezeki, dpt beli barang murah sket ;)

O'gosh Iskandar said...

ooo..kira cam bidding la ni....tq for sharing ya...#Pray4MH370

aishahana afiya said...

Assalam maria :)sorry off topic sket. I dh lama nk tanya tp asik terlupa. I nk tau mcm mana u design ur hand beg ye? Br dpt ilham nk buat handbag cuma x tau nk cr designer ;) hope u can help.

Nur Madihah said...

OMG. bestnya tapi saya takde LINE. hahaha.. XD

ary nor efizah said...


Nurul Husna Ibrahim said...