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Saturday, March 15, 2014

kisah kasut


so last week something weird happened.

it was so weird to me because i least expected these kinda things to happen to me (or any other girl) that i just had to laugh and share the experience on instagram =p

see, husbeng pun ingat guys je ada problem ni.

so yes. my shoes went missing. ahaksss!!!
honestly, i wasn't even mad or disappointed or anything like that.
i was just surprised.

i went to UPM earlier than usual that day to settle some stuff, and since i had time before my class, i went to the mosque for prayer.

yang kelakarnya, i sempat OOTD dalam lift. haha!

ceh ceh. nak tunjuk la
"#MariaPakaiApa haritu, pergi UPM pakai jubah Neyu La Kayena @lakayena yang best amat colour olive green. Nampak panjang over tapi sebenarnya ok je. tak tau apasal kalau nak tangkap gambar nak kena bongkok sikit. oh ye. sebab kalau diri tegak, angle gambar akan menampakkan kite pendek. in other words, i dont know my angle. or how to OOTD version selfie. noobnyewwww"

konon nye nak upload gitu le kat instagram.

sekali, kasut hilang.

i remembered thinking while standing at the stairs outside of the mosque, staring at where i thought i left my shoes:
1. eh? tadi macam letak sini.
2. eh pakai kasut apa ek tadi?
3. eh wait. did i wear shoes or not?
4. eh takkan tak pakai kasut. jap. kasut hitam. yeah. ok, kasut hitam. takde. memang takde.

i was confused. confunded. confudus-ed.
mana tak rasa nak gelak je lepas tu? 
meh gelak together. 


so i thought i should wait for a while in case the person mistook my shoes and would return it back.
who knows kan? it was a probability, and i waited for about 15minutes.
after that, i just had to go to class. 

my only option then was to borrow the mosque's terompah yang sedia ada to go to class and return them afterwards. and i did.

memang best la pakai terompah gi class. dah la kuat bunyi dia. lagi mengundang dari pakai heels.
heels bunyi "tak tuk tak tuk"
si terompah "ketekak ketekuk ketekak ketekuk"

dari car park ke kelas tu dah la lalu jalan tar. jalan macam orang mabuk cinta sebab tak stabil. nak masuk kelas lak jalan angkat lutut tinggi sikit so that tak kuat sangat bunyi. rasa cam tengah buat runway walk pulak.
seriously one of my most weirdest experience, this one!

after class ended, i went back to the mosque to return the terompah.

eventhough losing my shoes caused an inconvenience, i was kinda grateful.
i haven't been to the mosque for a while, since i had nadrah. not that i'm blaming her or anything! it's me, really..
and losing my shoes got me to the mosque twice! alhamdulillah =')

apart from that, i saw so many beautiful souls who offered to lend me their slippers on instagram. so sorry i didn't reply to you girls.. i read your offers when i was already on my way to class. but thank you so so much for your generosity! may Allah reward you greatly =)

i wanna thank Puteri too (sorry nama betul lupa..).
dia tegur masa kat luar masjid and when i told her about my missing shoe, she gave me an amazing story.
it concluded that sometimes when our things go missing (in this case, my shoes), doesn't mean it's a bad thing. it could be that Allah SWT is introducing us to something amazing and rare. just chill and tawakal. =)
thank you so much sweety. i hope you know that you have changed my perception =) may Allah swt bless you!

so here it is:
Kasut Of The Day: terompah that saved me =')

PS: it has been days since MH370 has been missing. i may not express it often, but i've been thinking about it a lot.. memang sedih and menakutkan.. hopefully we'll find them all back. may Allah answer our prayers and may we obtain the wisdom from all the musibah that we have been facing lately.
amiin. #prayformh370


Ainnur Shafiqah:) said...

hahaha comel sangat pakai terompah pi kelas . Allah nak uji tu dengan kasut yang hilang :D

Anasyg said...

Can't stop smiling reading this entry. :) nasib baik ada terompah. Terima kasih kat Puteri tu, betul ckp dia :) tunggu jelah something amazing and rare tu :) hehe. Take care kak Mar.

Atiqah Nadhirah Azhar said...

hahah...cayalah kak mar!cool giler kot...:)anyway..hope dapat jumpa kak kat Upm gak...heheh

Shafina Othman said...

Ahaha..can't imagine if i was at your place.

Aien said...

kak, ur punya gaya penceritaan always cute. :) eh boleh ke erk cute melaui gaya kita menulis. ahaks but yes you are. may Allah bless u n ur family kak. kim slam sama si comel nadrah :D

Aien said...

kak, ur punya gaya penceritaan always cute. :) eh boleh ke erk cute melaui gaya kita menulis. ahaks but yes you are. may Allah bless u n ur family kak. kim slam sama si comel nadrah :D

miera said...

<3 it hihi

ONEfiveSIX said...

Hari tu kami ada klas mlm at fac eng. Saw u dari jauh. Semua org tergamam. Like is it maria elena ?. Then trus blah. Semua segan nak tegur. Tapi excited kemainnn ! HAHA.

Ayra Awa said...

helppp!!! heheh Assalamualaikum. Do you think I can have your email? I need to do research for my assignment and I think you are one of the best source. Do email me at if you agree!

Mak Su said...

misteri .... kehilangan

Anith Azeman said...

HAHAHA I thought, after you told your husband about the missing shoes, he will carry you on his back to his car exactly like a romantic couple always do. Saya doakan keluarga akak sentiasa bahagia. Amin :)

~ctaman~ said...

Haha...ini klakar...n u sis so slumber pki terompah! Haha

Lavender said...

I am upm student as well n same faculty like yours..but I do my phd.i went to upm mosque quite often but i never met u anywhere in upm. I hope one find day i could meet u up.. =))

Hafiz Hafizol said...

#PrayForKasutMaria hahahaha.. =p

MeiWaZZ said...

..... Erm xtaw knp but pg td u ad dlm mimpi i... Pelik???? Yupp rase pelik giler ... N lg pelik dlm mimpi tu kita hang out together... :)
Ok wish u great success... In here and hereafter...

Mieza Jhaa K said...

Pernah jugak kena.. balik jalan kaki lintas jalan menuju ke kereta.. buat tak tahu je..haha

Muhammad Taufiq said...

hari tu p0wn kasut saya hilang. Baca di sini

~cAhAyA kEmUL!aAn~ said...

haha..tak boleh nk bayangkan pergi kelas pakai terompah..selalu dewan kuliah mesti lantai jubin kn??saya dulu hilang kasut waktu kenduri..pelik jugak..

zeera lily said...

cute.. pkai terompah aje..

Yan Ty said...

cool la u sis... salute u and ur writing ni mmg kelakar.. thank god ada juga terompah..

wani ezryl * said...

ahaha sy pun pernah kehilangan selipar kat masjid upm tu! time tu belajar kat sana. balik kaki ayam ok :P

Nurlisa Su Sy Ei said...

serius Maria guna terompah tu??ahaha..same size ke?tahniah.

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