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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Get your groceries online jeee


when aspidos and i were engaged, we would meet up on weekends to buy stuff for our hantaran or to hang out. of course it wasn't a weekly thing. once a month ke, or something like that la.
then, when we got married, we would go to weddings or dating at the mall (tak romantic langsung) on weekends.
now, we that we have nadrah, our weekends consist mostly of shopping for baby stuff and groceries.


there were times yang kitorang kelam kabut nak beli barang sebab nadrah dah start menangis. either nak susu, nak tukar pampers or rimas duduk dalam stroller.

alololo muka blur blur baru bangun tido! meh kish sket!

and sometimes kite kena beli barang besar besar

like boxes of mineral water and pampers and more

and as much as we didn't like it, we just had to. it's kinda hard to do heavy duty shopping because the stroller takes up boot space. i know, i know.. nadrah and i should stay at home while hubs do all the grocery shopping.
tapi... itu je la kita punya 'outing'. wuwuwuwuuu.. 

but now we can just buy our groceries and necessities on tesco online je. did you know?
if you don't, meh i tolong.
i think it's very convenient for us all, a housewife, a working woman, or a husband, to buy our stuff online, and use that time to do some family bonding or rest.

so what you do is:
just go to and register. that's it!
you'll find that it's easy to navigate and purchase your things coz it's all organised well on the website.
tengok lah ni:

ok sorry tak nampak sangat. but you get the gist!
under "Chilled & Frozen" contohnya, got loads of categories we can choose from. 

and then contohnya i nak "Drinking Yoghurt"
now, choose!

if you're an online shopper, this is easy peachy too.
very straightforward.

oh, you make payment when the van arrives ye sebab sometimes ada some items yang habis stock or they changed it with different brand because dah habis. you have the option of accepting or rejecting them, so no worries!
convenient sangat!

toksah penat penat cari parking.
toksah bayar parking.
toksah penat penat angkat barang masuk kete, keluar kete.
toksah penat penat pusing sana sini cari barang.

kan? kan? 

then boleh la spend time betul betul as a family kat kidzania ke apa kannnnn! hehehe!
(wearing Calomera Nursing top from Fashionvalet)

so there you go. just thought i should share this sebab i pun baru recently guna service diorang. =)

have a good day!


Hanim said...

thank you kak maria, ini sgt berguna untuk saya n family! ")

wani ezryl * said...

i like to shop at tesco whenever i'm back in shah alam (hometown). but now i'm staying in putrajaya and there's no tesco here. i hope they can deliver the items in putrajaya area :) thanks for sharing!

Farah Waheda Wahid said...

sis i just got the opportunity to see your baby, congrats on your newborn, so cute and so semangat...

Siti Hajar said...

Yup. Tahu tentang tesco online shopping ni. Tapi belum pernah cuba lagi. One day maybe.

Anasyg said...

Woah, izi~brizi. kena kenalkan kat family ni, save duit minyak :) thanks kak Mar.

Cik Da said...

senang kan tapi rasa nk g sana lagi best leh jalan2

Cik Da said...

senang kan tapi rasa nk g sana lagi best leh jalan2

Unknown said...

montel nya baby uuu...

Unknown said...

Gambar pertama Nadrah marah. Haha. Cute.

hanis khiri said...

Beli Online ini Mudah dan cepat..comelnya nadrah♥♥♥

im cik mya said...

x tahu plak ada...ada limid min or mix..kak..?

nur azimah (: said...

Kak maria just incase you dont know tesco supports israel. Many including me didnt know this before. Recently i have read that buying tesco brands or buying other brands from tesco will benefit israel. You can google it kak maria,
Many dont believe that boycott helps, esp young peoples. I hope as a social media icon you can blog about boycott to increase awareness among malaysians.i strongly believe that boycott isnt gonna work without the support of everyone, it seems like no big deal but sometimes small things matters most. There are always alternatives kan kak maria? Countries like ireland which is not a muslim country is taking boycott into serious level, you can read about it too. So we muslims should play a bigger role since palestinians are our brothers and sisters. Sorry kak maria if this is inappropriate just hope that you can enlighten everyone and create awareness since there are so many people idolising you, you gotta use that popularity right :) salam,

noname said...

there is 1 fb user using nadrah pic in the stroler n claimed that nadrah is her daughter. with a caption "ank dara kesayangan mumy kcik2 dlu.cptnye ms berlalu.dah besa rupenye."

Amirah Shaharuddin said...

your nadrah is so cute!masyaAllah but always serious baby.haha