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Monday, November 29, 2010


who loves traffic jams? especially during weekends when you're on your way to meet someone and you have been very excited before you left your place.
who does?


i really really can't understand how jam can happen on highways.
why? why must there be jams?
whats the point of having new roads built and opening new highways?
whats the point of even creating cars with bigger cc's when they're just going to end up driving at 20km/h anyway?

so i was stuck in the jam yesterday, and i was feeling very
and then i stopped myself. 
it's hot in herrr. i should put my shades on.
done. okay, maybe not.
oh bestnya, the cars are moving one inch at a time.
wah! lagi best!! the motorists are zooming past us drivers thinking we're losers coz we're stuck in this traffic. yay for the motorists!
oh wow! now a car is cutting me *without signaling*. i wanna kiss you but i can't. 6789998212. let's all sing Kiss Me Thru The Phone together!! grr..

after about 1 hour of sitting in the car and doing all this nonsense,

meeting him was probably worth the jam  =)


ps: i don't like jams. have i mentioned that already? oh i did. okay. i still don't like them. hehehe =B


Bella said...

haha, cool babe. u guys are so sweet la :D


maria! buat muka macam mana pun you are still adorable!
anyway kalau u perasan, sekarang ni trend satu kereta satu orang je. mana tak banyak kereta lalu menyebabkan jam kannn. solution- car pooling? naah. tak mungkin. lol

Amirrah Zawani said...

i hate jam too..
maria elena rock lah :D

ask said...


Em said...

maria! haha what a fun post! btw that vest is mad cool, it looks vintage 70s :]

oh farah said...

haha. mmg sucks lah kan nak jumpa buah hati pastu jadi mcm tu. nasib baik tak terkejal je bontot bila keluar dari kereta kan? :D

twinkle twinkle said...

ahha muke mmg tensen nye :D

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

bella, hehehe!! thank you! =D

nadia!! aiseh, adorable ke? hahaha! but you're right la. 1 person drive 1 car. we should just get smart cars yg 2 seater tu. tapi mahal. takde solution kot!! =( heheee..

amirrah, sape la suka kan? grrr.. haha! hey, you rock too! =D

ask, =B

Em, that's exacty why i bought it! and it's cheap too! hehe!! =D

oh farah, bontot i dah kebas kottt. hahaha! jom cendol! =D

twinkle, kan kannnn?! hehehe! =p

MIZZNISS said...

haha.. one of the best way to kill the time.. camwhoring..hehe.. thanx god, no such things here and sometime i miss traffic jam..hehe

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

mizzniss, u miss traffic jams?? tolong la jangan. hahaha!! =p
well, camwhoring does help a bit. hehe! =D

pembaca senyap said...

hye.maria elena.nice name u got ther.i thnk i saw u at pavi on saturday..hehe

amyliz said...

wohhoo sis! kelakar seh,.hehe. btw, still chunn! :)

*meeting him was probably worth the jam =)* ngeee. bergula sungguh!! ^^

cik EPAL said...

heheheh sume orang tak suka trafik jam. orang gila pon tak suka tahu? haha. eh! u pakai shawl cane ea? tertarik plak. nak tutorial! heee

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

pembaca senyap! i was at pavi on saturday! hahaha! but i was having a crisis masa tu.. =(

amyliz, chunn ke? hahaaha!! thanks darling! oh oh.. ayat tu memang bergula caramel with cherry on top kannn! saje nak ngade =p

cik epal!! i nanti buat tutorial ok!! hehe!! =D

hamzah ian said...

lu ni gilagila juga eh.. hahaha..

lotikus disarimankan said...

gila sengal yang chumel

edlidza said...

u are sweet plus a lil naughty hahahahha :P i like it alot !

Johnny Pimples said...

haha picture 5 memang seram doh haha

Anonymous said...

ko ni bertudung, tapi buat malu la wei amik gmbr boyfren mcmni..xyah la post2 vid2 lagi..xelokla camtu