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Friday, November 26, 2010

Heart wrenching

sorry i haven't been updating since last post. i was kinda having a writer's block. haha!
the video i posted, Teacher Shida Wannabe, was honestly for fun and i didn't even expect it to be so.. i don't know.. accepted? i was kinda ready for the worst. like "ko gila apa minah?", or "you wehdo", or "teacher shida lagi awesome", dan sewaktu dengannya..
i even got my 'biatch' mode on in case i have unpleasant comments! hahaha!
but alhamdulillah, people are ok with it. oh except cutecat100. pfft! =p

i was also featured on Ateyn's blog and Nabila's blog! and the video was also on people's walls on Facebook!
thank you all! lemme give all of you a hug. HUUUUUUUGGGGGG!!!!
hehe! =D

now back to reality!
i've seen videos like this loads of times. on facebook and on youtube. and everytime i watch it, it never failed to make me cry..

do watch this ladies (and men) because these people are our sisters, our kind..

you can find more videos on youtube: HERE

i hope after you watched at least 1 of these videos, you feel what i'm feeling.

1. syukur alhamdulillah we're not where they are
2. syukur alhamdulillah we have our freedom as women
3. syukur alhamdulillah our parents have given us education
4. syukur alhamdulillah we have bright future ahead
5. syukur alhamdulillah men don't mistreat us as badly
6. syukur alhamdulillah we can wear trousers and blouse anywhere
7. syukur alhamdulillah we weren't forced into marriage with an old geezer who turns out to be abusive
8. syukur for everything

9. what can i do for my fellow sisters?
10. how can i help them?
11. why do they have to suffer?
12. why are the men so cruel?
13. when can women in Afghanistan get their rights as HUMAN BEINGS?
14. can i adopt every little girl there and bring them to Malaysia and give them the freedom they need? give them education? give them love?
15. what am i supposed to do now that i know the women there are suffering?

i can't just watch these videos and do nothing. i want to help. i just don't know how and i can't afford to go there and do an 'Angelina Jolie' stunt. my heart aches watching these videos, but what change can i bring?
even Angelina Jolie can't fix the problem which lies in the CULTURE of the people there.
i felt like hiring a thousand hypnotists and take them there and hypnotise every men in the country so that they will change.
but that's impossible and of course, not allowed.

we have it so easy here. we have options and choices.
their options are - life or death. survive or give up. own's life or children's life.

wake up people, we're fortunate! 
we're blessed!

i pray to you Allah swt, please protect the young ones, and give the women a special place in your Heaven, ya Allah. all their pain and sufferings, let it all not be in vain. ya Allah.. please bring justice to them who deserves it.. protect my sisters ya Allah..

let us all pray friends, for the best.. for our sisters.. for changes..

ps: this post is to remind you the fortunes we have. and to remind you that there are people still suffering in the world.
pps: i deleted the other 3 coz i think 4 videos is too much. heeee.. =p


Anonymous said...

Hye maria cantik!
Nk tanye,u selalu buat facial x?is it good to do the facial?just asking for opinions.u have a great skin!just watching ur video.soo cool

NUR HazieRAH said...

aminnnnnnn.... sedeyh gileeerrrr... naseb x tumpah air mate yg bertakung niiiii.... :(

alhamdulillahhhhh kerana Allah memberi kehidupan yang baik untuk saye... saye bersyukurrr....

edlidza said...

hi maria ... firstly i wanna hug u too coz u are really inspired.... secondly i dun dare to watch the video ... goshhhh :( hubby ada beli CD ceramah motivasi ...n its scary ... well i pray for the best for all of us semoga Allah melindungi kita dr mereka yang zalim aminnn...

MIZZNISS said...

hello dear, honestly, ididnt watch the vids, just coz i knew, i'll cry to death.. Praise to god that we leave in this country and having this community where those kinda things are rare to find. kita sbgai muslim, boleh berdoa je, slamatkan dorang, jauhkan dorang dr sgala musibah n kzaliman... btw, da balik perlis, sorry cant meet up, we'll work on it nxt time, stay cool.. u gojes!

Bella said...

ya Allah, kejamnye manusia. hmmpp!

The Hetzel said...

syukur alhamdulillah.. xsggup nk tgok all d vids..

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

anon; errmmm.. thanx for liking the video! (i think you're at the wrong post, but nvm =p) i jarang buat facials. i cant find the time and sometimes i think self facial is better. hee..

hazierah, edlidza, mizzniss, bella & hetzel; i know the videos may freak you out, but watch at least 1.. it definitely made me change into the person i am now (pakai hijab). its an awakening. =)

E.d.Y said...

bersyukur malaysia aman damai..:)


Undi blog "THE BEAUTY IN UGLY" untuk Blog Personal Lelaki Pilihan (nombor 9 dari atas) kat sini

(guna semua browser yg ada..hehe)

Anonymous said...

heylo maria!

that previous post yang u pi bukit tinggi tu kan, on that day ade pi klcc takk? i rasa i saw u on the escalator!

Anonymous said...

maria leh tak, nak tanye out of this topic....please...answer my question..i'm juz want to curious..
u dgn hunny madu tu cousin ke??? jwb ye cik maria yg chantik..

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

anon1, ummm.. yeah i did. haha!

anon2, boleh jawab, tapi u kena jawab my question gak boleh?
anon1 u gak ke? kalau bukan, nape u anon ek? hehehe!! sorry i pun curios gak. if u jawab, then i jawab. boleh ek? thanks anon cute and gorgeous! =D

Anonymous said...

hye maria, i anon yg 2 tu.....i takde blog....that's why le i ni anon...this is my first comment on ur blog...hehehe..bleh jwb tak??. =)

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

ohhhh.. haha! letak la nama. baru best panggil u by name. =)
btw, yeahh. hunny's my cousing =) i love her!