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Saturday, October 30, 2010

(25) things about me that i want to share with you all because i can

1. because Aryana Naziha William tagged me. hehe!

2. you know that Fugly Face contest i entered? well, the talent was polished since i was a little comot girl. seriously!! tak percaya? nah. amik ni:
even though it was simply mengembangkan hidung, but i looked fugly. danggggg~ (pic from 1997 yawww!)

3. i have a black belt in tae kwon do, and i took aikido classes, but i'm still freaking scared of ghosts.

4. i used to have a mole on my right cheek, as in picture above, but it was removed because doctor said it could be cancerous as it was growing. get your moles checked bebehs!

5. i bite my nails. which is why i keep them short often!

6. Dato' (Ir) Maria Elena. amiiinnn~  heee!! =B

7. i just realised that shopping gives me adrenaline rush! hahahahaa!!! alasan.

8. i got 4flat for Manglish ( = malay + english)

9. i imitate people with the most annoying expressions and voices.

10. people always think i'm a snobby bitch bajet bagus memang mintak penampar when they first met me. but i'm not like that at all!!! i just LOOK like a snobby bitch bajet bagus memang mintak penampar. if only you'd believe meeeeeee!!

11. i love writing up blog posts. it's becoming a habit! teehee!! =B

12. saya suka outdoor activities. the dirtier, messier, scarier, challenging, the better!

13. i always wanted a sister. because i like that bond i see among sisters.

14. i want to be HAPPY foreverrrr!!! forev ev eva, ev ev eva, ev ev eva, forevaaa~ oh chris brown, wo tetap ai ni even after u bitch-slapped rihanna. =p

15. i read Harry Potter books, still, when i'm out of books to read.

16. i am OBSESSED with ANTM (America's Next Top Model). teehee!!

17. i will be a GREAT cook. SOMEDAY! *muka penuh semangat*

18. i was a tomboy. the kind that had Moffats hairdo, wore baggy clothes and Charger Outfitter pants passed down to me from my brrrooosss.

19. i don't wear make up but i really take care of my skin. because i want to look good naturally. boleh tak nak confess my narcissism? hehehee!! well, now you knowwwww!!
geli tak? hahahhaahahhaahha! so what. =p

20. i don't hate Justin Bieber. i just don't prefer his songs. except Somebody to Love. sebab ada Usher and Beat Freaks.

21. sometimes i rasa i ramai sangat kawan sampai i tak tau nak ajak sape to hang out. I AM SURE YOU HAVE THIS TOO!

22. window shopping - habit!

23. start couple after SPM ok! before that tak penah ada selera nak ber-boipren. hmph!

24. i am part chinese and part indian and part malay. ibu ada darah bugis some more. means i am a bit of a hot-tempered person. heheee.. =B

25. OK. lastly!! i think i'm 93% of what i write in my blog. if you find me funny, sengal, awkward, lame, whatever, number 10 tu campak jauh jauh! hehehe!! =D

settle pun 25 random things, facts, habits and goals of mine! hehe! ponek den korek otak ni yo. ingat sonang nok pikir 25 porkagho pasal den? haha! demi mengelakkan orang N9 kejar i ngan spanar, i shall not go any further. caghooo~ *sambil tunjuk thumbs up

anyhoos, nak tag orang! saya tag:

and all of you awesome bloggers out there! just cakap Maria tagged you! =D

ps: kalau u ingat i poyo, ampunnn.. memang poyo pun, but at least im not bitchy! kaaannnn?? hehe!


Amirrah Zawani said...

suka gila baca post u..
agak sengal2 kelakar.. :D

Igniz said...

So...u ada tali pinggang hitam in tae kwan do. and u learned aikido. then i guess i shouldnt mess with u. hahaha. :P


dear, u tag me?? nnt i jawab semuaaanyaa okehh!:D all those 25 things..banyaknyaa..nyway, thankss for the tagging:)

NUR HazieRAH said...

hihi... funnyyy...

The Girl said...

hey makcik! sengal okeks.haha..but some points,similar like me lah..hehe..
btw,nak btau ni,picx of the week kt sidebar tu,emsem lah!
hehe..nak ngorat bleh?wahaha~

Anonymous said...

Yeahh!! Thank you Maria! Hehehe... eh can you share about how you take care of your skin? cam menarikkkk!!

can eh Maria? ;)

eeqa~ said...

sokong aryana! :)

u tagged me? hoho~ 25 eyh?
hurm.. 25? wow!

will try. B)

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

amirrah; kih kih! bagus la u suka! ingat, campak number 10 tu jauh jauuhhhh! =B *muuuahhh!

igniz; oh yes, i think it's best for u not to mess with me. hahaha!!

fifiey; you're welcome!! =D

hazierah; jom gelak sama2. 1, 2, HA HA HA! heheee.. =p

cik piah! ensem ek?? bukan macho ke? hahaha!! nak ngorat boleh je. tapi dia cakap british je. bukan english. hahaha!! =p

ari; no no, thank you for tagging! hehee.. nak tau ke my skincare camane? i'd love to share! hehee =D nanti i buat ok!

eeqa; 25 sikit jeeee!! =P

nur hidayah isa said...

hehe klakar ar gmba mase skolah tu :)

petisuara said...

wah!thanx maria..tbe2 terperasan u tag i..tehee

Anonymous said...

maria,muke sebijik dari kecik sampai besor.!

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

hidayah; kelakar ke comel? hahaha!! =p

yana; teehee!! i nak bgtau u at the shoutbox, but slalu error laa! sorry didnt tell u =B

yen; muka sebijik ke? tapi skang lagi smart kan? hahah!!

Nurna Azrin said...

suka entry niii !! :) <3