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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

fine, leave me here. hmph!

there's something about this month..
a lot of people i know and care about are leaving our beloved country to either pursue their career or their studies.
apahal korang?
malaysia not good enough for you???

to all of you who are already in a foreign country, are now a foreigner, are missing malaysian cuisine, are missing nasi ganja, are wishing you're in a country where manglish (malay + english) is the first language, etc etc..

well, just suck it up, because you've got what a lot of people would love to do! (and yes, i'm one of them..)

my foot have been itching a lot and kata orang, kalau tapak kaki gatal, orang tu gi jauh. tapi ada gak orang kata, kalau tapak kaki gatal means orang tu nak terajang someone..

whichever it is, i rather hope for the former. heee! tanak terajang orangggggg!!
bukan apa, i nak gi jauh jauh pun because i want to collect experience. be away from my comfort zone. learn new things, meet new people, learn different culture and if possible, new language.

it's my dream which i hope i can make come true.
doa doa kan gak la ya =)

to those who happen to read this, and you're overseas, i wish you all the best in everything and ENJOY YOURSELF OK!!! to those who will be going soon, worry not, sad not, because if others can do it, SO CAN YOU! make most of your experiences and chill yaawwww!!

oh oh! take pictures, post them up on Facebook and make me jealous ok?
so that i will 
1. visit you someday for a holiday
2. get the drive to pursue whatever it is overseas too

haha! entahpape je kan?
oh well. =)

nah! ChillPopia~

i wore this to work the other day. 
top from Promod (sale item ok~), shawl murah tepi jalan, mama's skirt, necklace from Aldo (sale item~) and flats from Cotton On (sale item too~)

conclusion of the day, i love sale.
the end.
ps: posing maut juga adaaaaaa~~~ 
pps: i didn't win the black and white contest. =( oh well, better luck next time! heee..


Farah Justme said...

i love how u mixed and matched those items. yayy for that!! :D

[YeOp] said...

nasi ganja tu amender?

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

oh cik yah, thanx!! hehee! yayyy!! =D

radzi, nasi ganja is nasi terbaek punya only can find in ipoh waaannnn!!! woohoo!

hanabanana said...

i pon jealous ngn my frens yg dpt study overseaa :(

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

apa nak buat, diorang nye rezeki kan..


Ernie Azera said...

I balik bwk kangaroo okay maria? Hehe, miss home(food) T_T

Ernie Azera said...

I balik bwk kangaroo okay maria? Hehe, miss home(food) T_T

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

ern!!! u better bagi i kangaroo hidup ok! hahaha!! =p

jangan miss home food! miss the times you will miss being at perth when you leave! eh, make sense ke..

ern, best tak shopping sana.. (jealous niii)

yaya said...

saya pon jeles dengan mereka.. sobs!

Dayana said...

where do you work?

amirah said...

being abroad is undeniably fun, but being at home is the best part of the world so far..mmg rindu tak hingat punya. padahal taun ni je dah 3kali I balik Mesia..kakakaka..
p/s:come here gimme a visit!!lalala~