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Saturday, February 13, 2010

youthful parents

just yesterday, hanging out with my friends,
ins and reen said my parents are quite youthful.

well, in a way they are.

here's a proof.
oh, tadi we had dinner. so in the car, of course we were listening to the radio. duhh. so,

Song 1: 21 guns, Greenday.

one, 21 guns, (betul)
lay down your harms, (its arms, but so far so good)
and up your aight (hancus. give up the fight)

one, 21 guns,
do up your aight, (hahaha!! i dont know how this happened! throw up your arms)
into the sky

you and iiiiii~~

Song 2: Replay, Iyaz

shorty's like a melody (ok la..)
in my head
that i can't keep rolling about (ya Allah, ma.. that i can't keep out, got me singing like)
na na na na everyday
it's like my eyeball stuck on the way. (hahahahaa!! TAK PAHAMMM!!! it's like my iPod stuck on replay)

my parents are 50, and them knowing and at least able to sing a long (ngan lyrics yang main hantam je) with the songs pun da cukup proof that they are, still, young at heart.
meet them and i'm sure you'll think they're not even in 50's yet!

ibu bapa ku, setua mana pun, they are so funny.
oh, they have facebook, and they're quite active!
my mom is addicted to farmville! so sape nak neighbours, please add her up yaaa~

i love me parents.
je'aime le famille. (betul ke? mentang2 baru belajar french =p )


ask said...

n i heard mr zarul ade album black eyed peas.
even i dnt hav black eyed peas album!

.m.e. said...

hehehe.. betul tu! encik zarul mmg cool! =p

natashagideon said...


mudslinger said...

that just cracked me up!

btw, your mum still pays FV ke?